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LEGO 40139 Gingerbread House Review



The Lego 40139, also known as the Lego Gingerbread House build, is the second set from Lego’s annual winter exclusive-themed builds. As its name suggests, this build revolves around a nicely detailed and gorgeous gingerbread house.


You can purchase this build exclusively from the official Lego Website, in Lego stores, and the official Lego Catalogue. As with all of Lego’s holiday builds, the 40139 is only available while supplies last. The qualifying purchase must be fully equal or at least bigger than $50 in regards to purchase. There’s only one available gingerbread house build available with each household – Meaning you can’t apply this to past purchases or combine it together with other discounts, no matter if it’s a free gift or an offer. You can’t even trade this or substitute it for another Lego set or a similar cash value. This build is not available for purchase, and the offer isn’t even valid for Legoland Discovery Centers, as well as Legoland Parks. The Lego Group also reserves the right to change or cancel their promo at any time they wish, and without advance notice to their clients.


Even though the 40139’s build isn’t that complex, there’s still plenty of detail included here. First off, there are loads of 1 x 1 flower studs, as well as the usual 1 x 1 studs. These are normally found in modular builds – So if you’re not exactly a big fan of those things, then this particular build might put you off. Despite all of that though, the 40139 is still a good family build.


This entire build is a completely static model – And not a playset. However, the main idea of a gingerbread house build will surely grab the attention of little children, so don’t be too surprised if they ask you to purchase this particular build during the Christmas season. The finished build also carries a whimsical look and feel to it – The people behind this build definitely captured the tone, and it looks completely substantial as well. It’s almost as if there’s so much going on in this particular build as compared to 2014’s Winter Skating Scene build, and even the holiday train build from 2016. The 40139 includes at least 200 bricks, so there’s plenty of free add-ons. However, this causes the build’s price to go up from $50 to $60.


This build is all about the looks, and is only meant to be a display piece, and not a build you can play around with: So the only playable aspect here is the door, which you can either swing open or close. To accommodate this factor, the design located on the left side of the house tends to lose the brick-effect pieces that are mostly meant for 1 x 1 bricks, and yellow bricks measuring 1 x 1 x 3. There are also two bricks that serve as clips. Strangely enough, this brick is available in plenty of previous holiday builds but there’s a minor modification here that causes it to be positioned on the inside corner of the build itself. This allows you to add in a couple of brick-effect pieces that definitely match the right side of the build with only a small amount of effort. The door will still open and close with this modification.


The other issue here is much more difficult to discuss than this one – It involves the overhang of the roof itself at the gable edge. It would have been fantastic to see something like that in the 40139, but half a stud is probably needed here, and even though the flattened finish of the build is a tad bit on the drab side, this issue probably won’t be solved right away without adding to the entire brick count.


The 40139 is still a decent set overall. There are tiny green studs included here which measure over 1 x 1. There’s also the brick-effect pieces that measure 1 x 4, and a solitary rounded flat tile in an aqua hue and measures 2 x 2. This particular piece isn’t present in the box design, but it still stands out among the other bricks thanks to its color. All three bricks make the entire build decent. One of the things that fans like the mostabout the 40139 is the concept. A Lego gingerbread house is such a nice concept overall, and compared to all of the other previously-released holiday sets from Lego, this is probably the icing on the cake for what has been a good year for Lego builds in general.


The Lego 40139 contains over 277 pieces in total. It is crafted on over four rounded plates measuring 6 x 6. Even though there’s a good amount of pieces meant for an exclusive build, it’s because there are so many pieces located all over the set. At the front side, you can find a bunch of columns in pastel hues near the door, along with a mailbox that’s shaped like a candy cane. Meanwhile, on the ground, you can also find a couple of decorative pieces that serve as a walkway with plenty of snacks, including a lollipop and a slice of pie. There are also presents found near the main entrance of the house. Located on top of the door is a wreath that is comprised of a 2 x 2 rounded plate with a red stud. The overall look might be simple, but it definitely serves its purpose.


The house’s windows are comprised of transparent plates that measure 1 x 1 littered with several peppermint-themed decorations on both sides of the window, along with the back.


Meanwhile, the house’s roof is extremely colorful, since it’s filled with plenty of bright-colored rounded tiles measuring 2 x 2, together with round tiles measuring 1 x 1. Both of them are scattered throughout the build. It actually looks a bit different from the design found on the build’s box. However, the roof can be opened up with the aid of hinged pieces which are attached to the house itself.

In general, this is a fantastic set. Kids and grown-ups alike will truly enjoy constructing this build, since the build isn’t too repetitive. The build’s host of tiny decorations are evenly distributed throughout the build, so the house gives off a gorgeous and appropriately Christmassy look, if you’ve ever experienced constructing an actual gingerbread house.

Lego has taken their holiday builds up a notch with the 40139, together with its accompanying build, the Lego 40138 Christmas Train build released in November. This part pretty much counts as a double from last year’s build, while the amount needed for a qualifying purchase remains the same. Perhaps the only thing that was lacking from this year’s holiday builds are the minifigures – But other than that, it’s absolutely fine. As mentioned earlier, the Lego 40139 is only available for a short period of time, so head on over to your nearest Lego store or Lego online store if you want to purchase this build.

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