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LEGO Architecture Studio 21050 Building Blocks Set Review



This review aims to showcase a very unique Lego set, which is a part of the Lego Architecture series of builds: The Lego 21050 also known as the Lego Architecture Studio. This particular build goes in a rather different direction as compared to the past releases from the same series. Instead of showcasing sets that involve famous landmarks that are only constructed once and left behind to collect dust and be stared at, plenty of the builds found in the Lego Architecture Studio deals with only the best of Lego’s design and architecture. It aims to feature nothing but free-flowing and free-building creativity from its loyal owners.


The Lego 21050 is pretty much comprised of a giant box filled with at least 1210 Lego bricks and elements meant for free-building: This includes slopes, bricks, tiles, plates, as well as a bunch of other specialty pieces that are both decorative and functional.


Plenty of these elements come in a stark white color. However, there are also a couple of clear and transparent elements that you can use as doors, windows, and glass walls, among others.


Apart from the Lego elements, the Lego 21050 also contains a thick instruction booklet with 272 pages. It’s a rather thick and heavy book – And it’s not just one of those regular instruction booklets that come with the typical huge Lego set. This instruction booklet is unique since it’s chock-full of creative ideas and inspiration that can boost one’s imagination.


This book includes plenty of design and architecture companies who have shared a common concept utilized by professional architects as well as designers. After every chapter, there’s a small portion there meant for hands-on exploration, in which Lego bricks are utilized purely for exploring the concept stated in the book. There’s also a workshop section somewhere in the book that contains exercises, which could possibly help you master the concept done with the Lego bricks.


The Lego 21050 is recommended for older kids and teenagers aged sixteen and up. It’s the best set to purchase if you want to take up architecture and building design sometime in the future. But this particular build also works nicely when it comes to school-curriculum. So many designers and architectures actually do use Lego to make a rough design of their concepts, and feature their models to their clients. Architects have also used Lego to craft building designs, especially when they’re teaching classes in a university.


The Lego 21050 also contains at least two handy sorting trays, alongside three kinds of durable sorting boxes. These sorting boxes could also be incorporated in the overall look of a build, especially when placed right inside the hands of a completely creative architect or designer. But one of the downsides to the 21050 is that it doesn’t contain any brick separators. This is slightly weird since the 21050 does contain plenty of bricks and plates, so a brick separator is necessary. Nowadays, whenever Lego decides to throw in a brick separator in one of their builds (even the medium-sized ones), not including one in a build of this size basically means that that particular set targets professionals and students. This is a huge oversight when it comes to a build like the 21050. Fans are hoping that Lego eventually corrects this mistake, since it does have the tendency to look unprofessional in an otherwise formal set.


This is the official description of the Lego 21050, according to the Lego Website: “Bring your architectural creations to life in LEGO form with LEGO Architecture Studio. In this amazing set you get over 1200 LEGO bricks and an inspirational guidebook filled with 272 pages of tips, techniques, features, and intuitive hands-on exercises endorsed by leading design houses. LEGO Architecture Studio gives you everything you need to create your very own unique buildings. Let your imagination guide your design!”

This build contains over 1210 Lego bricks, in two shades: White and transparent. There are also sorting trays, as well as the aforementioned 272-page instruction booklet. The booklet contains tips, features, building techniques, and exercises for those who want to hone their building skills. You can utilize the white bricks to allow yourself to learn more about the basics of architectural designs, right inside a Lego context.

You’ll know that a Lego set is the real deal when it’s been endorsed by dozens of professional architects like REX Architecture (New York), Skidmore Owings & Merrill LLP (Chicago), Sou Fujimoto Architectural company (Tokyo), MAD Architects (Beijing), Mos Safdie Architects (Canada), and Tham & Videgard Arkitekter (Sweden), among others.

The instructional booklet has been written in collaboration with the best architects, and edited by Christopher Turner. It was also inspired by the design from real renowned architects from across the globe. The 21050 allows you to channel your inner architect and take a closer look at a world of never-ending possibilities. The build is priced at over $149.95.

Besides letting you build up a brand new concept found inside the Lego Architecture series, Lego has also made plans to achieve something new and unique thanks to this set. They have formed a partnership with popular bookstore Barnes and Noble. This store, which sells digital media, retailer of content, and educational material, recently made an announcement that at least 450 Barnes and Noble branches across the US will be hosting the very first event connected to the Lego Architecture Studio.

The Lego 21050 is pretty much a well-designed and executed concept in general, which is enough reason as to why it truly belongs in the Lego Architecture theme. People who enjoy and follow the Lego Architecture theme basically means that they enjoy exploring building concepts that are connected to professional designs and architecture, while being guided by the best architects in a creative environment. Architecture, design, and Lego blocks have always gone hand in hand – Basically the perfect fit. This isn’t actually the very first time that Lego has attempted to create a build utilized by expert designers and architects. Back in the 60s, Lego has launched a Lego Architecture hobby series which was also meant for free-building. There’s also the Lego Modulex builds that were especially made for designers and architects, since they contained a more appropriate scale as compared to the average Lego brick.

That aside, please remember that the Lego Architecture Studio build isn’t for everyone. This isn’t just your average Lego build that would appeal to most of its fans. And don’t think it’s similar to the Lego Master Builder Academy program as well – In fact, the 21050 focuses on a very specific target audience: Namely adults and teenagers who have taken an interest in design and architecture. It can also be used by architects who are in the business and want to use Lego blocks to enhance their creative process. But even though you’re not a designer or an architect, but still want to use plenty of white or transparent parts for a different build, then you might want to think about buying this set.

The Lego 21050 is available in Lego stores, the official Lego Website, Barnes & Noble, and at your nearest toy store.

One of the things you’ll notice about the 21050 is that the box is huge and thick. Contrary to most Lego boxes out there, this one contains square sides, allowing it to look a bit bigger, especially when it comes to depth. It’s also very sizable, especially when it comes to the height and width. There are a couple of other things you have to remember while you’re opening this box: The first one is that there’s a rather huge piece count, and that it’s meant to be used for people aged sixteen and up.

The box’s contents prove to be a huge mystery. So many fans weren’t actually sure what to expect when the set was first announced by Lego itself, back in 2013. This would also probably be the case for those casual customers, who would take a look at the box when they spot it in a toy store or a hobbies store.

The backside of the box is twice as helpful in letting you learn what this set is really about – And it also gives off a description, along with the pictures. There’s a lack of focus on the real pieces or builds when it comes to this set, which could be interesting for some.

This isn’t really the traditional Lego set. it’s more of a beginners’ guide to Lego and architecture. This is a set that could be compared to those Lego sets that contain nothing but parts and stray bricks. There’s no real set provided here, but making your own creations and being creative with the parts that you’re given is highly encouraged.

This is a non-traditional set, but it still earns plenty of high marks from Lego fans. There’s nothing lacking in regards to this set. a lot of people have complained about the build lacking too much color, but maybe applying two or more shades here will only increase the price.

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