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LEGO Batman 6860 The Batcave DC Universe Super Heroes Bruce Wayne Review



The Lego 6860, officially known as The Batcave, was officially released in 2012. It’s got 600+ pieces. It’s not really connected to any recently-released Batman film or TV series, but it’s still an official part of the Lego DC Superheroes series. The 6860 is actually the very first build in a brand new wave of Lego DC builds released during that time. The brand new Batcave build provides the Dark Knight and his pals an even campier feel, especially when you compare it to the Lego 7783 Batcave build released in 2006, which had more of a somber, darker mood to it. The set costs over $89.99.


Straight of the bat (hehe) we were first astounded by how the front side of the box looked. It shows off a scenario in which Bane, one of the more popular Batman villains, has made plans to help lady friend Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy break out of jail. However, little did they know that Batman has also made plans to split up this reunion on his Batcycle, with Robin by his side. There are a couple of logistical problems we have in regards to the box, though. If Bane learns where the Batcave is located, then shouldn’t he be able to find out what Batman’s secret identity is, according to the building located just a couple of feet on top of him? And here’s another complaint – When it comes to these Batman villains, they still end up following the same damsel in distress scenario that was strongly present in the Superman vs. Power Armor Lex box art. We know that this Lego set is for kids, but sometimes you can’t help but think about what would it have been like once Batman successfully captures Bane and puts him in jail, while Poison Ivy comes to the rescue with a huge plane in tow.


One more thing found inside the box is a pop-up of the available minifigures in the 6860. There’s also a message about the Comic Book found inside the box. So many fans know that Lego utilizes these minifigures on the box as a type of selling point for their products, especially the Lego DC and Lego Marvel builds, so it’s really great to have a spot here that shows off the alternating expressions on the figures and what not. We also get to see Batman’s alter-ego, Bruce Wayne, for the very first time in the box. This makes plenty of sense as compared to the 7783’s box, in which Batman AND Bruce were running in the opposite directions while someone else operated the Batski. It kinda makes you wonder if Lego also thinks that these Batman comics are a huge selling point in regards to these sets.

Also found on the sides of the box is a pretty neat graphic. There’s an animated version of the Batman minifigure found on the top right corner, together with the Batman logo located on the bottom right. This distinguishes the sets as Batman-centric, as opposed to a Superman-centric build. One more thing we enjoy about this box is that they used a blue cape pattern on top of the box, since it immediately reminds you of Batman’s cape fluttering in the wind while he runs to catch those crooks.

There’s a 1:1 scaling of the same Batman minifigure on the top side of the box. There’s not a lot to say about this, even though this photo has become a huge standard in regards to most Batman sets. On the same side, you can also find a tiny graphic that showcases all of the superhero graphics put together. We have seen a lot of the Lego Superman and Batman builds, but the Joker builds are left to be desired. This is very disappointing since so many fans thought that the Funhouse build would be focused on the iconic Batman baddie.


Meanwhile, at the back of the box, you will find a basic breakdown of all of the build’s amazing functions. We did like the comic panel setup that the build uses. The middle panel is filled with a continuation of the story that began on the front of the box. What happens next here is, we guess, completely up to the owner.


What you’ll find after opening up the box is a wonderful set of brick bags to drool over. It was disappointing, however, that the accompanying instructional booklets weren’t kept in between two sheets of cardboard for protection.


Everything in the build was pretty much folded. The sticker sheet has been left crumpled up, while the accompanying comic book had plenty of creases on them. This won’t cost much if you ended up selling it on eBay. Someone’s going to have to pay for this! And because fans have complained about the stickers getting all crumpled up, some of them had to attach them beneath a stack of heavy books (like school books or dictionaries) to completely flatten them. This was just sad. The 6860 contains three kinds of instructional booklets, and they all carry a similar design as the box art.

Despite what happened with the instructional booklets and the sticker sheets, we were still delighted after seeing the five brick bags in the box. Each bag is nicely filled up, with the exception of bags 3 and 5. Apart from that though, there aren’t any problems in here. It’s pretty normal for Lego to release a build with numbered bags in them, especially in their more recent builds, so it’s nice for doing reviews like this one.


We move on to the build! The first bag is comprised of the parts that make up the Batman minifigure, and his accompanying Batcycle. There’s also a Bane minifigure and his Drill-dozer machine. In the same bag, you can find a whole heap of interesting parts for your collection – Mostly consisting of black and red pieces. You’ll also receive the box for both capes.


There are loads of really interesting pieces found inside this bag. The red truck top is brand new in this color, we would assume. It looks really nice. You will also receive a lovely metallic-hued exhaust piece, which comes in a brand new color as well. This exhaust color is the same as the drill, which looks wonderful, to say the least. What’s interesting is that this particular pieces hasn’t been seen in previous Lego builds, so it’s considered rare. The last time we saw it was in the power miners build. The tread looks nice as well, and definitely worth a mention in this review. The last piece seen in the bag is a brand new brick separator.


There’s a tiny bunch of additional pieces in there too. Lights are always welcome in a Lego build, and there’s also a great gauge piece included.

Once finished, you will see that the 6860’s vehicles are just awesome. The drill machines are a huge staple in the Batman comics, and this one looks really amazing thanks to the red color scheme. We also feel like those flick-fire missiles have been nicely incorporated right inside the vehicle. The Batcycle looks lovely as well – We love its streamlined look. There seems to be some sort of hate directed towards it, coming from a few unsatisfied fans, but if they just forget about the fact that this vehicle wasn’t based after the one seen in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises), then they’ll get to see the build for what it really is – An amazing Batcycle.


We have compared the Batcave Batcycle to the one found in that nasty Funhouse Batcycle build. the one in the Lego 6860 is just superior in each and every way. It’s much more compact, not to mention so much streamlined. The Funhouse iteration looks a tad bit awkward when you compare those two. We also love the look of this thing. It’s completely agile and fast too. Bane, Poison Ivy, and Batman’s other arch-rivals will have a very tough time getting away thanks to this vehicle.


The second bag involves construction of the holding cell, and starting up the work on the transformation function. This looks really promising. Like the first bag, this one also has a really great parts pack. There’s nothing much that stands out after a quick first glance. However, getting a much better look will shed some light on what this bag really has to offer.

There’s some really amazing transparent blue wall pieces in the same bag too. These give the cave a brilliant high-tech feel. We’re actually quite interested to see what kind of use this’ll have down the road. The other pieces worth writing about here are the newly-designed structure pieces, which come in a darker blue color. The brand new pieces are awesome as well, and you’ll also receive a whole stack of them. There’s also a railing piece in black, along with a vine piece in dark green, probably for the Poison Ivy minifigure.

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