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LEGO City 60102 Airport VIP Service Building Kit Review



Get ready to go to your destination with the Lego 60102 Airport VIP Service build. This includes a private plane with a completely accessible interior, as well as a turning nosewheel, a private limo with some ice cream in it, as well as an airport service vehicle and extra accessory elements. There are four minifigures included in the build.


The four minifigures here include a pilot, a businesswoman, an airport service worker, and a limousine driver. There’s also a private jet in which you are able to access the interior as well as the turning nosewheel. There’s even a private limo which also has accessible interior, and a private airport service vehicle.

The accessories that come with the 60102 contain a glass, a piece of croissant, a laptop, some ice cream, and a walkie talkie.


You can freely drive the limo around and make sure that the businesswoman gets to her job on time to the airport’s loading area. The set will surely provide a proper building experience for both children and adults.


The private plane has a measurement of over four inches (12 centimeters) high, twelve inches (31 centimeters) long, and twelve inches (33 centimeters) wide.


Meanwhile, the limousine build carries a measurement of one inch (4 centimeters) high, eight inches (21 centimeters) long, and one inch (4 centimeters) wide.


When a few Lego fans first acquired this build after it came out, they were pretty certain that it was going to be the same old repetitive and dull Lego City build, especially after they had just finished doing a review for the Lego Volcano Explorers set that contained some amazing moving parts and cool vehicles. The 60102 contained a jet as well as two vehicles that couldn’t really accomplish anything but just roll around. However, a lot of these fans were eventually proven wrong. After constructing the set, some of them thought that this build was the type that would only appeal to small children who are fascinated by the concept of aeronautics and airplanes in general. However, the same fans started to notice all of the smaller details found inside the limo and private jet builds, and gradually changed their minds.


We will talk about the builds first: The builds for the Lego 60102 are a gorgeous box filled with imagination and fun. It’s just practically waiting for you to open it up. Fans were actually surprised to find out that this bag contained three booklets and five baggies filled with bricks. Even the Supply Helicopter set only had two booklets and three baggies filled with bricks.

The first part begins when you take out the bricks that are meant for the first segment of the build. Like most builds in the Lego City series, you will be guided by the instructional booklet which correspond to a portion of the build. The respective vehicles are utilized to bring all of the bricks from one place to the other.

The next part is to begin hammering the limo’s chassis.

Then you now have to start wielding the back lights as well as the license plate in its correct placing. You finish up the limo’s light fixtures as well. The next parts to attach to your car are the wheels and the motor. Some fans have taken to painting the limousine once they’re done building it, which was a pretty neat thing to do. After you’re done with the wheels and motor, your airport traffic vehicle is all set to start leading the airport traffic surrounding it.

The second portion comes in the very first half of the private jet. After you have released the second set of bricks from their bags, you have to place all of them into neat stacks so you can build it easily. After that, you can now start constructing the underbelly of the jet.

As the plane’s underbelly gets bigger and bigger, more bricks will be then added. The jet’s wings come after this. You no longer have to remove a few portions of the wings to make it look smaller.

A lot of fans did enjoy the fact that the entire private jet build wasn’t as complex as the other Lego airplane builds around it.

We now move on to the third part of the entire build, and the bricks here are needed to finish up the jet plane. Once again, you have to stack the bricks altogether so assembling this would be easy. The jet is officially complete after you have wielded the glass onto its walls and put them in its right placing. Screw the cockpit windows into its proper place. Like the limousine, certain fans have decided to repaint the finished jet with the color and design of their choice. Put in some really cool patterns on it if you like.

Position the jet’s roof and cockpit in its right location, but don’t put them on too tightly since you might have to take it out soon enough for easy access. The jet’s wheels should be in its proper placing, since this is important in case it has to land somewhere. More details are placed at the backside of the plane.


The last parts of the jet are now locked into place. These include the twin engines and the tail piece. Fans have taken to exercising their creativity skills by painting a VIP logo on the tail and wings. After that, the jet is now complete.

The pilot minifigure fits nicely right inside the cockpit. He is able to easily keep a close watch of how the flight goes, thanks to the computer onboard.

Meanwhile, inside the main cabin, the businesswoman quietly works on her laptop while listening to today’s news reports at the same time. She is also busy eating her favorite bread and drinking freshly-squeezed juice. She holds her cellphone in her hand just in case she ends up receiving an important email, text, or call.

At the back is a screen where she is able to keep track of the jet’s current whereabouts, so that she knows exactly just how many hours remain before the jet arrives at its destination, and she can finally attend that all-important meeting of hers.

After landing, she now moves from her swanky private jet to a limousine. During this part, you begin to sort out the first half of the bricks used for the limo. Next part of the limo is the chassis, followed by the limo’s interior and the doors.

We have now reached the final part of the limo build, which deals with the home stretch. This involved preparing some welding work on the limo’s windows. You have to start hammering in the engine afterwards, and weld the remaining windows into its place. Then, it’s time to install the limo’s mini-fridge.


The limo’s roof then gets jackhammered, while its exterior gets painted. And with that, the stretch limo is fully assembled and can now transport guests all over Lego City, including our businesswoman friend.

Speaking of which, the businesswoman can now begin to watch her favorite business shows and eat a delicious lemon-flavored popsicle in case she needs to munch on something refreshing.

The three completed builds from the Lego 60102 all provide pure ease of travel and comfort for the businesswoman, and some other VIP residents. There are little details found inside both the limo and the jet that would probably convince Lego enthusiasts to make a go for it and purchase this set right away.

Yes, everyone knows that Lego City builds, or just Lego builds in general, mostly appeal to children, especially those who are into constructing planes, cars, or trucks. However, as mentioned earlier, there are tiny details here that just about convinced several people to give this set a try – The tiny pieces of food, in particular. The thought of eating a lemon popsicle while sitting in the back of a fancy limo, or bread in a private jet just sounds appealing. The jet’s interiors can handle at least two or more minifigures comfortably (or you could even squeeze in at least five or six more minifigures inside it) but the same cannot be said when it comes to the limo, which is a shame, because a minifigure party bus would’ve been cool (not to mention, hilarious). At least this one minifigure will be able to eat all of the lemon popsicles stashed inside the vehicle.


The box will showcase the set, which includes over four minifigures (including a car driver, a businesswoman, a pilot, and an airport worker), the limo, the private jet, and the airport vehicle on the front side. The back side showcases all of the things that you can do with the set once it has been completely assembled. The Lego 60102 is listed for children ages 5 to 12.

The contents of the build all come in five baggies, all of which have numbers. There are the three aforementioned instructional manuals, placed right inside the box. There’s also a sticker sheet, as well as the bottom of the nose of the fuselage.

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