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LEGO City 60124 Volcano Exploration Base Building Kit Review


Lego 60124 – Explore New Heights with the Help of These Trucks!


Lego’s Volcano Explorers line has got to be this year’s adventure and action-themed build from the Lego City sets series. This series aims to bring out the Lego townsfolk from the comfort of their own homes, and straight into a brand new adventure. The range of builds in this series five regular retail sets, a store-exclusive set, and one polybag. The Lego 60124 has got to be the biggest one of the entire lot. There are 800+ pieces in total, and costs a hefty $119.99.


The build itself comes with loads of playability, alongside a rather diverse cast of character minifigures. However, there are a couple of faults contained in this build.


As mentioned, this build does not come with a shortage of minifigures. There are six of them in total: Three of them come with breathing apparatus and are all set to venture into the deep recesses of the volcano itself. One of them wears an intense heat-resistant outfit and comes with his own tool. A hilarious observation shows that despite the protective gear that he wears, he is still drenched in sweat. His outfit is entirely made of silver, including the torso, legs, and helmet. Monotonous color aside, we think he looks great!

This particular minifigure only appears in both the Lego 60124 and the store-exclusive Lego 1024 sets. The remaining three minfifigures are the base camp workers, including a female scientist with a hard hat on her head and ponytail hairpiece, a driver who also makes a living by cracking rocks, and a drone pilot. The designs found in the torso and figures are detailed in plenty of Lego news sites, and other review blogs.


One of the initial buildings for the 60124 are its drones, which is equipped with its very own camera. We assume that this hopefully indestructible drone is flown on top of the volcano to capture aerial shots. This isn’t too much of a bad effort, although in real life, drones normally come with four rotor blades, positioned horizontally. You can’t position the three blades found here, since they collide into each other during rotation.


A tiny tipper truck is meant to move out the rocks that are freshly spewed from the volcano, straight into the boulder rack.


These four volcanic rocks also come with the set, and all of them do have a rather interesting look. Lego has created plenty of similar-looking rocks in previous sets, both of which consist of a top piece and bottom piece. However, the one found inside the 60124 are made from two identical halves, joined in a vertical position. Both of them also contain a stud inside, that allows you to attach the blue crystal. Apparently, these crystals are supposed to be the ones that the figures are looking for.


Our favorite part of the build is the tracked vehicle, which has its own hammer arm, and you can load its spring with the help of an elastic band, which you can also use to break up those volcanic rocks open. The tracked vehicle also has a pointed tip, which makes its debut Lego appearance in this set. The harpoon spike is also big enough to press down into the hole in one of these volcanic rocks, and break it to two, revealing those sought-after blue crystals inside. Its cab is protected with the help of a brand new piece, the 6138603 Lattice 3 x 6 Module with Knobs.


Last but not the least is the exploration base, perhaps the biggest vehicle in this set – But also the weakest. The entire tractor unit has a rather impressive look and feel to it, despite its uselessness. It’s also very bulky – The backside contains a hoist, which you can use for transporting rocks across the area.


We think this whole build is quite disappointing, though – Especially when you compare it to the mobile base found in the Lego 70912 Police and Agents build. This truck is too small, and there’s not much detail included inside.


But you can still unhitch it from the truck itself and at a held level using a small stand. You can hinge both sides in an upwards direction, allowing you access towards the inside of the truck. Not much can be found there, as we have mentioned earlier. The only details here are a seismograph found on one end of the truck, and a small platform for examining the found crystals.

The Lego 60124 marks the very first time an actual volcano build has shown up in Lego’s City Volcano sets. It does indeed sport a similar look to the Lego 60035 City Arctic Outpost build from the Lego sets 2016. In total, it is the second biggest build in the entire Volcano set. For us, it does represent a lot of the various aspects of the entire theme, along with the many builds included in the set. For instance, there’s a volcano, a mini builder, and an excavator.

The tiny dump truck has a lazy design, in our opinion. Whoever ends up riding this must not move around too much, or they’ll end up falling off the platform. The truck has its own tiny holding area, which also bears a simple design. We’re guessing this has been placed in the build to give it more play value and interaction. The drone has a rather simplistic look and fits nicely with the minifigures.


The excavator begins with the help of some elements used in previous Lego Technic builds, in particular, those found around the base. This process takes a lot of repetition, but when you finish it, it’s all worth it. Placing the hammer arm and the cab together is already an enjoyable experience, and creates a beautiful vehicle once finished. A rubber band gives off an effective motion so that the hammer can break open those volcanic rocks.

The mobile lab is also one of the set’s many highlights. The cab of the truck is first constructed, beginning with the usual base plate, then constructed right up to the front side. It does create a huge truck cab that suits the concept of having it travel on rough, volcanic terrain. The lab that comes with the truck is also easy to build up. For starters, it’s got a plate that’s constructed right in front and at the back of the vehicle, before placing the opening sides. Owning two opening sides for the truck can be quite handy, since it’s so much easier for your fingers to slip into the truck’s interior and put those accessories and minifigures into place. Inside the truck is a desk with its corresponding equipment for analyzing volcanic rocks – And that’s pretty much it.

One of the much talked-about aspects of the entire build is the volcano. Some owners feel like this addition is unnecessary, despite it being a part of Lego City’s volcano line. The reason why the volcano is so controversial is because it has stolen bricks that should have been used for the mobile lab aspect, which, had that happened, made it into a more useful vehicle with lots of accessories. Even older Lego fans would already be content with several gray slopes to represent a volcano. However, the volcano build in 60124 takes after eight of the brand new Lego 23996 Mountain Bricks set. There’s still an upside, though, despite all that – the build does look highly effective when finished. It gives off a bigger scale as a normal Lego build could possibly allow, especially when you compare it to the minifigures. And we do love that erupting function.


It’s quite difficult not to make comparisons between this set and the Lego 60036 Arctic Base Camp build (released in 2014) and the Lego 10214. That particular build was also centered on a command base, and comes with several medium-sized and smaller builds. The command base and treaded vehicles in both sets were the biggest segments in that build, since it does not have a large volcano or glacier occupying a good portion of the box. When it comes to balance, the 60036 is a better deal.

This build gives off a brilliantly solid building experience, and not only that – It contains loads of surprises as well. What it lacks in detail, it makes up for it in play value, giving various sorts of vehicles, as well as minifigures and a good location all put together inside one box. We feel like this is a common element in all Lego City builds. All of its builds contain simple yet effective functions that people are sure to enjoy.


If you want to display it somewhere (say, in your bedroom or a corner in your living room) it really does depend on the setup of your choice. It’s quite unlikely that a lot of owners or collectors have the desire to place a volcano build on top of their coffee table, and even so, the colors are too bright.

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