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Lego City Airport 3182 Review



There are so many things you can do with the Lego 3182 City Airport build. Enter the terminal and pass through those revolving doors, get your plane tickets at the front desk, and pass through the security checkpoint through the X-ray machine. While you wait for your plane to arrive, you can sit down and relax in the lounge or coffee shop. You’re all set to take the flight of your dreams once the signal comes through from the Control Tower. The 3182 includes the flight terminal, a jet plane, a control tower, passengers, the crew, baggage cart, and so much more.


Five minifigures are included with the 3182 – The attendant, the passenger, the pilot, the serviceman, and the stewards. There’s an airplane build, a terminal build, a control tower build, a baggage cart build, a crew, and passenger minifigures as well. There’s a really cool feature that allows you to open up the revolving doors in the terminal after you’re done constructing it. The terminal, once complete, measures at least 10” long and over 25 centimeters tall. Meanwhile, the fully-assembled airplane measures at least 20” long and 7” tall.


It’s quite unfortunate that this particular build has been phased out since 2012 – Its initial release was in 2010. A fantastic build such as this one deserved plenty of awards, and awards it did get – Including the 2010 Dream Toy award in the United Kingdom.


As mentioned earlier, the 3182’s full set includes a terminal, an airplane, a baggage cart, a control tower, both arrival and departure signs, a control tower, and passengers or crew minifigures. These minifigures include passengers, a pilot, the steward, a flight attendant, and a service man.


Features of the build include a revolving door, a baggage claim area, a café, a VIP lounge, a soda machine, and a check-in area with its own X-ray machine feature.


After completion, you will realize that this is in fact a highly busy airport terminal that’s all set to welcome your minifigures. There are 703 Lego pieces in total.


If you ask us, we were pretty surprised when the box showed up on our doorstep – It was much bigger than expected. The largest build out of all the items in this set has got to be the airplane.


Without stopping, you can pretty much complete the entire airplane build in two to three hours. Small children who want to construct the airplane can ask for help from an adult in prying several Lego pieces apart.


Apart from the airplane, the airport build is also mighty impressive – Lots of good detail including soda machines, a ticketing counter, a computer right behind said ticketing counter, an arrival and departure screen, several coffee mugs for the staff, a baggage check-in, and an area for security scanning.


Perhaps one of the only cons that we discovered with this build was the fact that it only contained one minifigure in charge of the entire airport – This minifigure is supposed to take care of the baggage counter, the ticketing, a control tower duty, a security, and the cafeteria. Some people even had to rush to the nearest Lego outlet store or toy store to purchase more minifigures to fill up at least half of the terminal.


One more highly noticeable con with this build was the fact that Lego seemed to skimp right out on the stability of their builds in 2010, and this one was no exception. There are several pieces here that get detached easily, and are not as sturdy as they might like you to believe – Including the airplane doors. In fact, the terminal building isn’t that sturdy either. While you play, several parts would fall out or get knocked off easily, including lamp posts and the terminal’s own walls.


On the other hand, the airplane contains three minifigures – The passenger, a pilot, and a flight attendant. When it comes to the ground crew of the airport, only one figure is available here to drive the baggage truck around and even assist the plane while it’s taxiing. You have to purchase at least two or three minifigures to help this guy out.

Children are sure to love this Lego set very much.


Other users loved the details of the Lego 3182, especially the plane. Perhaps the thing that was bigger than the plane build was the airport build itself – We found that slightly awkward. However, we did like the airport and plane’s interior design.


We also liked the design of the cargo train as well as the service area for the passenger minifigures. All in all, these two were exciting additions to the build. The minfigures were also a nice tough – But the ticket guy was perhaps the one that stood out amongst all the rest. But this set did have its own assortment of pros and cons:


Pros: The huge plane, the baggage car, the minifigures, and the service area – Not to mention all of the amazing details and accessories that come with the build. Despite its sheer size, the 3182 is a relatively easy build.

Cons: A rather tiny airport, and only one passenger minifigure. The plane also lacks a bathroom feature.


We think building the Lego 3182 is worth the effort. Even though the plane build only comes with one passenger, it’s really nice to incorporate minifigures from other builds or sets into the 3182 and have them fly out to whatever destination they want to go to. We also like the details found inside the computers. This is a great set all in all, and those who have purchased it while it was still on the market are lucky – An unopened box could go for thousands on sites like eBay.


The plane has the capacity to seat in ten passengers. But it’s got enough space to store in several extra minifigures, although they might have to stand up during the entire ride. The plane also has its own storage and cargo area, with a cockpit.


The whole build measures around 58 centimeters x 48 centimeters x 9 centimeters. The build weighs a total of 1983 grams, while the box is at least 431 grams heavy.


The manuals all weigh the following: 20 cm x 12.3 cm (manual 1), 28 cm x 21.2 cm (manual 2), 27.3 cm x 20.5 cm (manual 3), 13.3 cm x 20 cm (manual 4). When stacked on top of each other, the manuals weigh a total of 309 grams. Each time you open up a box, make sure to not open up both sides at the same time! One side will do – The reason for this is because all of the items will fall out in both ways if you open up both of the sides of the box.


The box art tells you which packets you have to use to make every part of the build. As far as we know, the plane build is the biggest portion of the build – In fact, it’s most likely larger than the plane that came with the Lego 3181 build. 3182’s plane measures at least 52 centimeters long, and its wing span has reached 45 centimeters wide. Not only that, it’s also quite easy to build. Compared to the 3181 plane, this one has its own split first class and an economy section for those who like to fly in style.


There are two engines that have managed to utilize Lego’s actual propeller shapes, which we thought was an excellent touch. The plane’s cockpit looks very roomy and spacious, despite having the main center console having a sticker. The front sliding door of the plane is another interesting touch here, as it really did resemble an actual plane door and even closed in a similar way. A major drawback here was the fact that it only contained two engines.

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