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LEGO City Airport 60104 Airport Passenger Terminal Building Kit Review


Lego 60104 is now Boarding!


There are many reasons as to why we were honestly delighted after learning that Lego has finally made a new airport build. First, plenty of Lego City builds contain a subtheme that didn’t involve firemen or policemen, and second, this was the first set launched after the highly successful Friends builds, which included the Lego 41109 Heartlake City Airport, alongside the Lego 60130 build.



A peek inside the box reveals several numbered bags, with two of these bags holding in huge molded plane parts, as well as two loose plates measuring 16 x 16, a gigantic gray airplane wing, and the usual sticker sheets and Lego Instructions booklets in many sizes. The box did not include a piece of cardboard that helps keep the sticker sheets and bookends from crumpling – This is instead replaced by a brick separator.


Six minifigures are included in the 60104 – This includes three passenger minifigures, two airport worker minifigures, and of course, the star of the show – A spiffily-dressed pilot. With the exception of the pilot minifigure, none of them seem to have brand new torsos.


The first couple of bags are used to build up the tiny truck that holds carts – A common sight in airport runways. The truck even has a printed sign that says ‘follow me’, which we found interesting since we have yet to find an actual truck that has this sign. Also included is a fueling tank alongside a rolling staircase found beside the plane, allowing your minifigs to get on board. The tank and the rolling staircase do serve as extra carts for the carrying truck, although you can’t use these two at the same time.


The plane’s body is constructed with a pilot’s seat, and five additional seats for passengers. The wings of the plane already have filler stickers attached to the top of the wings themselves. There’s also a small galley with an oven and sink found underneath the plane’s cockpit. Only one sticker is used for the cockpit, so it could only show off navigation methods. To our relief, the other stickers have already been printed on, despite it not being a new piece. You can also find a lavatory at the back of the plane. A slightly hilarious bit we liked about the lavatory is that the doors freely swing open – Giving little thought for your minifigures’ privacy concerns.


You can use the stickers that come with the build to decorate the outside of the plane. We enjoyed how these stickers found on the exterior of the plane use the same color scheme with the plane’s piping. Our only complaint here is that the sticker on the top of the door is a tad bit too large to fit. If you arrange the orange found on the bottom side of the stickers with the orange markings of the plane, a small portion of the sticker overlaps on the top.


Stickers used specifically for the nose of the plane are not that hard to apply (unlike the Lego 60125). Despite making the plane look more realistic, we thought the stickers here did look a bit superfluous. The last part of the plane is a tail fin, which incorporates even more stickers. We find it interesting that the plane for the Lego 60104 uses plenty more stickers as compared to the Friends plane, as well as the Lego 60080.


The final part of this build is the plane’s control tower, as well as the airport terminal. The first portion that you have to construct is a metal detector screener that goes right up towards the airport’s waiting and security areas. This part seems taller and might be unrealistic for the average Lego minifigures. A similar effect could actually be produced even with half of the tower’s height, except the tower itself would look as short as it is. But it does seem to sport a similar look to the control towers found in real modernized airports with high ceilings. We assume that this also serves as the luggage counter for the airport, since it’s got a full conveyor belt.


For the terminal itself, the moving parts in the whole build include a tall revolving door that goes from the security area of the airport all the way to the tarmac, and the aforementioned conveyor belt. You can place the control tower on top of the terminal, but there’s no way for a minifigure to get to the top of the tower so it’s only for display purposes.

In general, the Lego 60104 is a pretty straightforward build. It definitely fulfills its promise to provide you with a bigger jet build, a real control tower, and even a truck that can transport your minifigures’ vehicles. We also enjoy the usage of bigger clear pieces found inside the actual waiting area, with the control tower that lets in plenty of lighting.


As mentioned, there are six types of minifigures included in the build. We like the fact that there’s an even number of minifigures included in, giving children plenty of opportunities to play. Plenty of the plane’s major parts, including the tail, body, cockpit and wings, all come in brand new shades. The interior of the plane’s got a smaller amount of details as well, with a galley, a lavatory for minifigures, and five seats. The plane’s exterior looks pretty snazzy once you manage to apply all of the stickers in there.


But when it comes to the Lego 60104’s price point, it seems like you might have to save up a bit if you want to purchase this build – Or at least wait until it goes on sale. The 60104 costs at least $99.99, which is highly reasonable for a build it’s got 600+ pieces. However, people who have purchased this build while it was on sale still had to give out a hefty sum of money at the store. We’re pretty aware that a couple of plane-themed builds such as this one can be accounted for when you purchase brand new wings or plane pieces. But still, it places a dent on your budget for the build that you end up getting.

The Lego 60104 isn’t exactly the type of set that your kid would end up purchasing at the store with a fifty-dollar bill. As we have mentioned earlier, Lego’s City line has released several recurring themes, which, honestly speaking, can get a tad bit old and boring after a while (we’re looking at you, fire department and police department builds). A Lego airport build doesn’t usually happen too often, so we’re really glad the 60104 came into fruition. The last time Lego released an airport set was in 2010 (Lego 3182).

This is the first Lego airport set released in more than five years. To sum it all up, there’s a jet, six types of minifigures, a terminal with its own control tower, and a bunch of equipment to move vehicles around and for airplane maintenance. Those who have purchased this build have had mixed opinions regarding it – For instance, some have commented that the set could use two additional minifigures, such as a co-pilot, a terminal worker, or even another passenger.

If you’re a Lego City sets enthusiast with the right amount of patience to create those humungous Lego builds such as this one, then by all means, head on over to your nearest toy store or hobby store, and purchase it. If this build isn’t your thing, you can dismantle it and use the spare parts for other builds.



Occasionally you’ll end up receiving a smaller Lego set that can provide you with endless hours of fun – And then there are cases in which the build could be grand and filled with details, but with boring gameplay. But we really must give Lego credit for giving their builds plenty of details, since that’s pretty much their expertise anyway.

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