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LEGO City Arctic Base Camp 60036 Building Toy Review



Being an avid LEGO fan for quite a long time now, there have been a lot of releases in the past which have impressed me. The LEGO Minecraft model is one of my all time favourites. However, there comes a model every now and then which although are not too big in stature by their name, are still unique enough to warrant a place on a 'best of all' list.

I cannot tell you about other reviewers and product users out there. However, as far as my own opinion goes on this topic, it is without question one of my favourites. There are many reasons why that is so. For one, the concept of the toy itself is very unique which immediately makes anyone want to buy it at first glance.

It is very similar to the Lego 60095 model and others based more or less around this concept. But enough babbling about how good this set is for me, it is time to judge it from a neutral point of view and whether or not you should consider spending money on it. So here is pretty much everything you will need to know about this LEGO set before being able to make a proper decision.

Product Overview

Name: Arctic Base Camp

Set Number: 60036

Price: $80

Exclusive To:

Year of Release: 2014

As I have just mentioned, the 60036 in very similar with the Lego 60095 in terms of concept and execution. It is very thematic in terms of the way it is made and visualized in terms of its design. This is one of the main reasons why I prize it so much as I do in my collection.

Also, on an overall basis, it is without question one of the most aesthetically fulfilling LEGO sets out there in the market right now. The variety of toys included in the set is excellent and the number of overall functioning props is also very high, especially when compared to other ones out there. The figurines are also of very high quality, making them something to yearn for.

The Concept

You have just read about the high amount of praise I am ready to give this LEGO set for its sense of design and concept. So what exactly is it? Basically, it is an in general visualization of what it would be like to set up an arctic base camp and go around for exploration in pursuit of research and other scientific purposes.

Once you have used the Lego creator to assemble everything together, you will find that you are able to set out on expeditions with the help of your snow scooter and a sled team led by huskies. You will thus be able to find out all the secrets hidden in the ice and thus claim recognition and in turn, also adventure.

And in that pursuit, you will have the aid of several accessories. These include computers, microscopes, solar panels and tons of other things. The personnel that you have in your disposal include arctic explorers, pilots, scientists and also a research assistant. That is basically what your team comprises of and what you will have to conquer this seemingly impossible challenge.

Product Specifications

Here are the overall specifications of this product:

  • Comes with a total of 7 figurines: 4 arctic explorers, 1 pilot, 1 scientist & 1 research assistant.
  • The arctic base camp comes with a single laboratory which has openable walls, a microscope, a magnifying glass, 2 different computers, a circular saw, a pickaxe, a coffee mug, a binocular, a garage with opening roofs, a scooter and also a TV.
  • The base camp also has a radar, an antenna and a couple of solar panels.
  • The exploration vehicle comes with huge tracks, a drill that can rotate, a set of lights, exhaust pipes, an antenna and also a communicable walkie-talkie.
  • The helicopter which is included comes with a cockpit that can be fitted with a figurine, rotors which can turn, a turning propeller, a winch equipped with a net and so on.
  • The sled team comes with 4 huskies, 1 sled, multiple lights, 1 radar, 1 radar display, 1 fishing rod, 3 fishes, 1 chainsaw and 1 camera.
  • Also comes with 1 polar bear, 2 ice blocks and 3 different crystal elements.
  • Accessories basically include the explorer hoods.
  • Dimensionally, the arctic base camp ranges from 7 inches in length to 8 inches in width to 9 inches in depth.
  • The ice driller ranges from 7 inches in length to 4 inches in width to 4 inches in depth.
  • The helicopter measures 5 inches in length to 5 inches in width to 2 inches in depth.
  • The husky sled measures 6 inches in length to 5 inches in width to 3 inches in depth.
  • The scooter is around 3 inches in length to 1 inch in width to 1 inch in depth.

Opening The Box

You probably want to know about what is there inside the box. As such, here I will give you a detailed description of everything you need to look at before making a final decision for yourself.


As you can see, this is the front of the box. The cover picture pretty much covers the major LEGO models inside the box.


This is the back of the box and contains the rest of the figurines and accessories that are missing from the front. As such, you should have a clear idea of what you will be getting from inside the box.


Here is a picture of every separate model in their completely assembled form put together. Of course, they are not in their correct environments or with their corresponding accessories which is why it looks so disorganized. However, it should give you an overview of all the contents inside. Also keep in mind that there are Lego creator instructions inside which will help you assemble the whole thing.


This is the tracked exploration vehicle that you will find inside the box. As you can see, it contains a huge rotatable drill along with other things like an antenna, a walkie-talkie and also multiple number of lights on all the sides.


This picture above is probably my favourite aspect of the whole model, the Arctic Base Camp. As you can clearly see, the walls are openable from pretty much all the ends and features tons of small and detailed accessories. I had hours worth of fun and enjoyment making and assembling the whole thing together. If you too are into it, you will be pleased as well.


Here is another overview of all the different figurines and models included in the box. It features the open ended base camp, the exploration vehicle, the helicopter, the sled with the huskies pulling them and also the crystal elements.


This is another view of the picture above. You can get a clearer view of the polar view in this one compared to the one above.


As you can probably guess, this is the husky pulled sled team. There are 4 huskies in total (which are identical to look at) and an Eskimo riding the sled. A pretty cool model in my opinion.


This picture covers the front side of the Eskimo riding the sled pulled by the huskies. You will also find another one riding the snow mobile on the right hand side of the picture. The polar itself is even distinctly clearer than any of the pictures above.


You will find an overview of the arctic explorers with the chainsaw, the one on the snow mobile, the polar bear (yet again...) and also the arctic base camp at the back. The conveyor belt which is attached to the base is also visible here and something which adds a classy touch to the overall model in my opinion.


This is the frontal view of the arctic base camp with the antenna attached, the figurines placed in their respective stalls, the conveyor belt connected in the right place and also the helicopter on the right hand side.


This is an aerial backside view of the picture above. As you can see more clearly in this shot, the helicopter is attached with a net which you can use to carry heavy objects of scientific importance back to the lab. In my opinion, it is the small touches like these which help enhance an already wonderful product. Clearly, it shares a lot in common with other conceptual sets like the Lego 60097.


This is probably the best shot of the huge drill attached to the exploration vehicle. You also get to see the huge tracks attached to it, along with the antenna and the variety of lights on the sides.


As you can see, this is the place where the chairs are fitted. The conveyor belt at the bottom brings up the tools and equipments to this place where they can be stored safely.


This is obviously the aerial view of the picture above. You also get a clear view of the solar panels attached to the right hand side of the base camp. Not only that, a part of the arctic explorer riding the husky sled is also visible here.


The rear side of the base camp looks pretty much like this. There is not much going on here, as the picture evidently suggests. However, the insides are filled to the brim with content and that is what makes this set extremely exciting for me to build.


This another view of the arctic explorer vehicle. There is not much left to say about this part of the set than what I have said already. So enjoy the photo I guess!


Here is an upper view of the sled that one of the arctic explorers is riding. The huskies are not visible here, however you get a better view of the cart being pulled by them. The helicopter is pretty neat and without question one of the best aspects of the set overall.


This is just a picture of how all the different accessories look when picked apart from the box right away. You can see the figurines, the base camp accessories, the net for the copter and many other things as well.


Here is another view of the arctic explorer riding on the snow mobile. Isn't he a cutie? You also get to take a look at the garage behind him where the vehicle is stored in the first place.


The Pros

  • The building aspect of this set is one of the finest. It reminded me of making the huge rocket in the Lego 60080 way back. Even for the best of veterans out there, this can prove to be quite a challenge.
  • The overall playability of this product is also extremely high. As mentioned before, there are tons of figurines and accessories available in this set. As such, you will get a huge variety of things to play with in this set.
  • The quality of the materials used for making this set is also high. As such, you will not find yourself breaking the toys or damaging them in any way. Durability is pretty high and that is something you can say for most of the LEGO sets released.

The Cons

  • The 4 huskies which come with the set all look identical to each other. As such, this is something I would have liked to be different, especially considering the amount of work and detail put in the rest of the set.


It doesn't matter if you are a Lego Friends Sets kind of guy or a more Star Wars themed kind of person, whatever your preferences are, there is no doubt that this set will definitely hit your sweet spot as it did mine. So if you are looking to purchase it for yourself, make sure you do it especially if you are a LEGO fan in the first place.

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