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LEGO City Deep Sea Explorers 60095 Exploration Vessel Building Kit


Are your kids excited about travelling in a ship floating in the blue ocean witnessing dolphins diving in and out about it? Do they always ask you about submarines? Do they believe in pirates and maps and shipwrecks and deep sea treasures? Well, it’s true that they cannot witness all these exciting things in reality; but what if we suggest you the LEGO City Deep Sea Explorers kit and say that your kids can actually build one of their own exploration vessel? What if we say that by following some simple steps their exploration vessel will be all set to hit the waters and help them keep track of their enemy vessels?

This product from LEGO is one of the most innovative and intriguing one that has been designed specially for those kids who are adventurous and explorative in nature. This is a complete self-build product that comes along with the instruction set to help your kids build their own vessels, winch and submarine using the components provided inside the box and go on a hunting spree for the underwater treasures. In order to provide more convincing deep-sea experience, the kit also contains scuba scooter, life boats and shark cages. Your kids will not just build vessel, but also have a deep-sea diving experience and meet the octopuses, fishes and whatnots under water.

Let’s check out all that we are about to find inside this kit, going through each component one by one.

The Front Cover: Introducing the all new LEGO Exploration Building Vessel that consists of a sea vessel with a winch, a submarine, remote sub, scuba scooter, shipwreck and treasures. This product is suitable for kids aged 8-12 years and would provide them experience like never before. This seemingly complex and difficult structure is actually easy to build if the instruction set is followed exactly. LEGO has managed to display almost every component on the front cover which comes along with this kit. It even shows the treasures and the fishes and octopuses that are discovered by the scuba divers.

This kit actually features an exploration vessel, submarine with domed cockpit, remote sub, scuba scooter, shipwreck with collapse function, shark cage, seaweed, swordfish, octopus, white shark and 2 grey sharks. Additionally, it includes 7 minifigures with complete accessories: 2 crew members, 4 scuba divers and a deep-sea diver. It also includes accessory things like 2 mugs, walkie-talkie, binoculars, life preserver, welder, 2 boxes and16 gold bars.
 lego 60095 box
The Back Cover: This shows even more detailed images of the components that can be found in the pack. The first image shows two crew members in the ship, the next one shows the complete image of the ship, followed by the images of the four divers treasure hunting under water, and then there is the huge shipwreck sitting at the bottom of the ocean floor consisting of invaluable goods such as gold bars. Go grab the scuba scooter and scoot off to the shipwreck amidst the sharks and swordfishes, sitting inside the shark cage and be the first one to lay hands on the gold bars. Be safe as the shipwreck can collapse any moment!
 lego 60095 box

Getting Started

Unlike lego 60047 (which had 6 instruction books) or Lego 60080 (which had 5 instruction books), Lego 60095 intruction had 4 books. In the image given below, there are four instructions set that will help your child to understand the complex structure of the vessel and build it according to the instructions given in them. You can start with the simplest one, the scuba divers or the submarine, and then go step by step to the more complex ones such as the Exploration Vessel or the shipwreck.
lego 60095 instruction


The image below shows the vessel that you are about to build. This complex vessel is the one that is going to set sail on the blue oceans to the lands of your choice. The Exploration Vessel consists of a working winch, large wheelhouse, below-deck cabins and a lifeboat. This also consists of two cabin crew apart from the five other minifigures present in the kit. The ship is used by the scuba divers to travel up till the centre of the ocean and then dive into the waters in search of their treasure.

The kids will have to follow the instruction set present in the kit in order to build this powerful and huge Exploration Vessel in order to launch the submarine and remote sub for the treasure hunt inside the collapsible shipwreck deep below the sea.

LEGO City Deep Sea Explorers 60095 

This active exploration vessel measures over 7" (19cm) high, 12" (31cm) long and 7" (18cm) wide. This vessel is loaded with high-tech diving equipment. Launch the remote sub and scuba scooter, and activate the winch system to lower the exploratory submarine into the water.

The winch system supports the submarine and helps the diver to go deep down amidst many sea animals. This huge and massive vessel remains afloat on the waters in the sea as long as the divers explore the shipwreck and return with large number of treasure. The submarine comes with a domed cockpit, remote sub, and scuba scooter. You can easily lower the submarine into the ocean and launch the remote sub and also take control of the scuba scooter.  

lego 60095 

The complex structure of the Exploration Vessel is shown in the next image. It shows the intricately built deck and the area where the captain of the ship will be seated. The captain gets an amazing view of the sea and can foretell the weather conditions by sitting at his place.

The life boat is kept at the front side of the ship, just in case if some adventurer is in need of it! There should be complete preparation before you head off on to your mission — which is to lay hands on the treasure, 2 boxes of 16 gold bars each!

LEGO City Deep Sea Explorers 60095 review 

The next image shows the minifigures, the sharks, the swordfish, the scuba scoter, submarine, and a life boat.


Minifigures in this kit are totally seven in number: 4 divers, 2 crew members and a deep sea diver. These are the active members of the ship that you are going to build and set sail on the ocean. Make sure that the scuba divers and deep sea diver are wearing proper equipment and have all the necessities for an emergency condition.

Check whether the life boat is in place in the vessel and check whether the winch is working properly before the deep sea diver risks his life by jumping into the waters.

lego 60095 minifigures
Check whether the scuba scooter is working properly before you put your scuba divers into the sea. They should have proper gas supply and proper attire before they jump in side.

The sharks are very dangerous species. They can smell and get attracted to human blood quite easily. Keep your treasure hunters safe inside the shark cage and help them reach the collapsible shipwreck cautiously to explore the hidden place of the 32 gold bars! The booty cannot be attained in the next sea exploration. Make use of the current chance as best as possible!

The complete occupants on the exploration vessel as well as the underwater species are on display in the next image. You can easily spot the sharks (white and gray pieces); you can also spot a swordfish (gray colour). Place the sharks around the shipwreck but not too close to the sea adventurers.

Remember! It is your duty to build the entire deep sea exploration vessel and the shipwreck in such a way that the underwater dangerous species do not harm your army of men, lest they fail to get the treasure that they hunting for.

LEGO City Deep Sea Explorers 60095 minifigures 

Here are your sea divers, all set to jump into the blue waters and get you the treasure that you are waiting for. Give them the command to get those two boxes full of gold bars. They are wearing their equipment. The oxygen tank is attached to their back and the diver’s helmet is intact. They can jump into the waters and dive deep into the sea to get you your treasure.

LEGO 60095 figures

Now carefully look at the collapsible shipwreck. See how big it is. And it is also very, very old. So old, that you can see the sea weeds growing on it. The green and red structures above are the weeds that have to be attached all around the shipwreck to show that it has been sunk to the bottom of the ocean floor long back. You can put the sharks and swordfish nearby shipwreck to make it look more close to reality. Put the scuba divers on and around the sunken ship. You can place the submarine too near the wreck to make it appear that men are at work, exploring the boxes of treasure the ship might have inside it. The shipwreck measures over 5" (13cm) high, 11" (28cm) long and 5" (15cm) wide and the submarine measures over 1" (5cm) high, 3" (10cm) long and 2" (7cm) wide.

lego 60095 review
Below given structure is the octopus. This huge orange-red creature has poison filled in its arms that have powerful suckers to catch the prey. When you let your army of divers near the shipwreck, make sure they are safe from the octopus. Place it at that side of the ship where the divers would not reach or be attacked by this creature.

LEGO City Deep Sea Explorers 60095 figures
Here comes the angry white shark. You can see that it looks very hungry and can swallow any human it comes into contact. The sea is full of such creatures which so not like human interruption as they are swimming from one place to other inside the sea. But if you don’t send your divers to check out the shipwreck, how will you find the treasure?

 Do not worry about the sharks. And do not be scared of the octopus, too. They won’t harm you unless you harm them. The moment you spot them, safeguard your divers; as you know, safety comes first!

 lego 60095 shark

The gray shark looks even more dangerous than the white one. It is all set to chase any of your divers who have come near the shipwreck searching for the treasure. Make sure he is safe, before the shark smells the human and turns its way towards him.  

lego 60095 shark
The image below shows all components that you will be using to build the underwater shipwreck. It shows the sunken ship (which once used to be a beautiful ship floating on the sea). You see the shark cage that you will have to use to safeguard your divers. It also shows the two boxes inside which you will find gold bars. You see a fixed on the ocean bed which once used to be swaying proudly in air, hoisted on the ship. The remote sub has landed safely near the shipwreck that can be used to take the divers back to the exploration vessel.  

lego 60095 review

lego 60095 price 

Now that you have assembled the entire set from the kit as per the instructions provided, you must be waiting to view how your deep sea exploration equipment would look like.

Keep your fingers crossed as the last image will show you how well you have fared in this task. So get ready!

lego 60095 building
Your vessel will look exactly this way (as shown in the above picture). Kudos to you if you could build it this way! You already are an amazing ship vessel builder. All ready to set the exploration vessel to put on the waters and the shipwreck to place at the bottom.

LEGO City Deep Sea Explorers 60095 building

Our Verdict

•    The LEGO in-house product testers reported that the maximum time it takes for an average person to build the entire set is approximately one hour. They feel that the kids require quite some time to understand what each component is meant for and how to use it in the desired space.

•    The exploration vessel is a complex structure, so they need to follow the steps exactly how they have been explained in the instruction set. Only then will they be able to understand where to place the components and how to place them.

•    This kit is definitely a great add-on for improving the learning abilities of the kids aged 8 to 12 years as they are given a lot of scope in this building exercise to think and analyse things before utilising the components.

•    LEGO City Deep Sea Explorers 60095 Exploration Vessel Building Kit is the perfect product for any kid who is keen on building stuff or experimenting with the things he sees around him. Such kids are always curious and wish to know how things work. They are interested in any do-it-yourself, self-build equipment, given the fact that the required components and a set of instructions are available for them to start with.

•    More importantly, the kit is aimed, apart from the entertainment purpose for which it is designed, to focus on improving the thinking ability, the team work process, the analytical skills and the curiosity to learn among the kids. One child will involve ten such curious children and the collective learning process will be hugely beneficial for the kids. It will also help them become more social.

lego 60095 completee

 A Word of Caution

It is advised that parents do not buy this product for children below the mentioned age group as there are high chances that they may hurt themselves in the building process.

lego 60095

lego 60095

Lego 60095 Review

Such as most lego Lego Friends Sets, many customers have brought this product and have expressed their contentment through their reviews and ratings. It is rated with 4 stars out 5 on the website. The customers are extremely satisfied with this kit as they feel that they have seen some improvement in the thinking abilities of the children.

This will hugely help to build the cognitive skills of the kids as they start analysing things and understanding it on the basis of their analysis. It would be best if the kids are allowed to build the entire set on their own as they will not only enjoy it, but they will also feel engrossed and intrigued by it.

Parents can offer some assistance while building the shipwreck portion as it is a collapsible one. While building the sunken ship, your kids will become familiar with all the underwater creatures and can learn to identify and differentiate them.

You will be amazed to see how much your kids like it and how intrigued they are while ‘at work’. Nothing can deter them from their task until they are satisfied with the final model that they can see and feel proud about.

It is the best product to buy and gift to any child in that age group as they will completely love it and will surely feel happy. They can involve their friends too, and have a team work done. They can split the building of both vessels and can see who fares well in the process!

Have you scrolled the product details? Are you convinced that it could be a great gift for your kid? Then why think so much! Just order it right away!

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