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LEGO City Demolition Site 60076 Review



The Lego 60076 Demolition Site is a part of the Lego City series collection. It was released in 2015, and contains 776 pieces. There are also five minifigures included here.


Of all the Lego and Lego City sets released in 2015, the Construction subtheme is perhaps the best one of them all. Why? There are so many things going on in one build, plenty of tools found, and loads and loads of destruction to be had, if that’s your type of thing. The Lego 60076 is also Lego City’s biggest release so far, and there are so many things to discuss when it comes to this set.


Right outside of the box, you’ll discover six bags filled with parts, four types of instruction manuals, two gray plates measuring 8 x 16, as well as a sticker sheet.


The set is filled with so many parts, and a lot of them are exclusive to the build. So many of them come from that giant demolition crane. Two examples are the crane arms and the cross axle, along with the wrecking ball, which is crafted from a softer kind of plastic material. There are also a couple of brand new parts here which you can utilize for the build’s vehicles, including the rear wheel covers for your tipper trucks. Same goes for the front-end loader.


All of the exclusive parts come in a brilliant yellow color. The wrecking ball is also a brand new piece, as well as exclusive to the 60076 – So if you want to get one for yourself, then the only way you have to do it is to buy this particular build. The other interesting parts here include a couple of string lengths, one of them featuring knobs and one without. You can also find more caterpillar tracks, along with a host of other building materials. You can even find a rat character.

In regards to the spare parts that come with the build, there’s also a good smattering of decent stuff. This includes 3 x 1 tiles in a tan color, a printed timer tile, loads more caterpillar tracks (which technically aren’t considered spares) and plenty more. There’s just so many things to list down.

There’s just so many things going on in the Lego 60076. There are so many things to look at here, along with loads of playability. We will take a look at the building being demolished.

The left side portion in reddish bricks can be knocked down in a rather smart way with the aid of a yellow lever located on the right side of the build. Beneath the structure, there’s a string with knobs included that runs along the baseplate.


The string comes beneath the strain, so pressing down on the lever at the right side of the build will manage to pull the cord upwards. A fancy mechanism constructed from strings and a few Lego Technic parts will show up. This will push the walls outwards, and then bring them down. The whole thing is actually a brilliant setup, with yellow and green tiles that you can pair up, since this is where the walls are meant to be placed in. As mentioned, there’s a rat accessory in this segment, along with a leaking toilet.


The next segment to build here is the brown portion, which has especially been made for the wrecking ball crane. The assembly is pretty simple, and the only thing you have to do here is to knock it over using the wrecking ball. The ball itself is quite heavy. And lastly, there’s the chain found at the corner of the building itself. Grab the bucket on the front end loader, and give it a good pull. The door and the corner will be put into place with the simple jumper plates, so it remains in position. However, just a little movement is enough to send them flying.


The next part is the vehicles. The first one on our list is the front end loader, which is a great vehicle in itself. It’s got huge tires, a large bucket, and excellent articulation right in the center. All in all, it looks nifty and smart.


The second vehicle is the dump truck. Much like the front end loader, the build of the truck looks mighty simple, but carries smaller tires as compared to the loader. It’s also got a nice dumping mechanism. If you’ve played with Matchbox, Hot Wheels, or Tonka trucks when you were younger, then the vehicles in the 60076 will remind you of those.

The last vehicle is the crane, perhaps the most impressive one of the trio. It carries a smooth and nice winch for the ball. It’s also got an excellent height to it, and once again, it looks mighty articulate. Nobody is really certain as to why the cab is only held in with the aid of a tiny Lego Technic pin, but it still looks amazing.


All in all, this set is just incredible. It’s a fun and easy build despite its complexity, and you can enjoy constructing it with a group of friends, or by yourself. The playability of the Lego 60076 is just genius – The string mechanism is brilliant, while the vehicles give the build a nice touch. However, a set like this comes at a pretty hefty pricing. At $95, it would be nice if Lego City fans could get a bit more, for instance, additional playable features in the building itself. However, the minifigures themselves are great.


There’s no denying that Lego City has had its share of disappointing builds and problems with the structure. Sometimes, it seems like at least 40 percent of the buildings found in the town are some sort of brand new iteration of a thief or burglar hideout. There are plenty of vehicles included in a Lego City build as compared to the citizens, but each one of these citizens still owns a car. Meanwhile, Lego City’s cops do nothing but catch the same crook over and over and over again, whose crime is repetitively trying to escape from jail to commit more crimes. The fire station and its firemen respond slowly during actual disasters, perhaps because the streets of Lego City are all littered with other firetrucks and cars. You can only find one ambulance if you’re lucky enough, but unfortunately for the city’s residents, there’s no nearby hospital. Sure there’s a recycling pickup, but the concept of recycling is completely laughable. For instance, why are the biodegradable garbage cans filled with fish? Plenty of the buildings in Lego City don’t even have a fourth wall. Transport isn’t easy to come by since there’s only one train station amongst the hundreds of cars, and the line just goes around the city in one huge circle. Not to mention that the track could only be crossed safely in one spot. The list of faults is endless.

The worst part of all of this is the one that Lego City’s residents choose to ignore – Sometimes you drive a tad bit faster in the neighborhood. And if the opportunity comes, you would lock your car’s door if you could. You try to not think about this problem, but it’s there, surrounding you – A dirty spot on Lego City’s beautiful and pristine skyline. But thanks to the brilliant minds of the Lego City government, they have now decided to do something regarding the whole host of abandoned buildings surrounding the city, as well as the random toilets that are connected to the water supply for some strange reason. This is the job of the Lego Demolitions Department, which centers on this fleet of strong, cutting-edge tools of dismantlement.

If you’re a person who lives in the real world and not the practically perfect plastic paradise of Lego City, then the Lego 60076 is the best set for you.


The 60076 isn’t really a good if you’re the type of person who collects minifigures. There are five worker figures needed here to work on the vehicles, which includes a selection of hand tools, or maybe just to shake each other’s hand or something.

There are no unique minifigures found inside this set, so there’s nothing worth noting about them. Three of the five figures included here are also found in one other set each, so they’re probably a bit rarer than what you have originally thought. But when it comes to the general blue collar workers of Lego City, they seem like a pretty common character. Those who are into collecting tiny red safety hats for whatever reason would probably love this set, though.

This is easily one of Lego City’s best sets, and one of the best Lego sets of 2015. Every inch of this build is filled with tons of playable features, making it a wholly interesting addition to any Lego City set. The entire theme of demolishing things is a wonderful departure from the repetitive police and firetruck holding pattern that Lego City seems to release year after year.

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