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LEGO CITY Fire Station 60110 Review


Feel the Heat of the Action with the Lego 60110 Fire Station Build


Now here’s a Lego set that’s surely worth purchasing if you’ve got an extra bit of space in your home for another fire station build – The Lego 60110! This is another build from the Lego City collection, and is probably one of their biggest builds from this set so far, according to lots of Lego news Websites and review blogs. It’s got at least 900 pieces, which, apart from the big building, help you to construct a fire rescue truck, a small helicopter, and a small car for one of its minifigures.


This build allows you to load those firefighters on the truck and helicopter, then let them swing into action.


The Lego City Fire Sets in general has nine sets altogether, its common theme being firefighting, firemen, firetrucks, etc. All of the sets here do incorporate fighting fire in both land and see. Apart from the 60110, this build also has the following: The Lego City Fire Starter Set (60106), Lego City Fire Ladder Truck (60107), Lego City Fire Response Unit, (60108), the Lego City Fire Boat (60109), the Lego City Fire Station (60111), the Lego 60125, among others.


Speaking of which, there are five of them in total – Comprising of one ordinary Lego figure and four firemen figures. Plenty of accessories have also been thrown into this build – Including a dog figure and a hotdog cart that seems to be on fire.


A good look at the Headquarters tells you that this portion of the build is filled with loads of detailing. As you can see in the picture, the building is constituted by three various elements, along with two garages with varying sizes. Both of them can be found on each side, in front of the building. Each of them has three floors.


The ground floor of the build’s got a very nice entrance, which includes a revolving door – Always a welcome piece of detail when it comes to these Lego builds. Inside, plenty of space is available for water machines, as well as a small seat. In the first floor, we can see a control room that contains a desk, an accompanying computer, and a large screen on the walls containing a detailed map. And lastly, on the top floor, there’s a room with two beds in it. On the two floors, one of its windows did not contain any glass in it, allowing the firemen to easily slide out of the window using the yellow pump.


A smaller garage has just the right amount of space made for one car – But since it does not contain a back wall, bigger cars can actually be parked right inside before closing the front door. This is the same as other Lego City builds, including the Lego 60104. The front side’s got a smaller door as well as a rack where you can fit in lots of tools. The roof’s also got a huge satellite dish that guarantees all of the proper communications that your minifigures will need.


Since the garage is perhaps the largest portion of this build, it does showcase plenty of interesting details. The build contains a usual structure of a garage, with plenty of columns found all over the build. There’s also a gate located right in front, with plenty of space in it. But apart from the small ramp (we believe it’s created to give better access to smaller cars), there’s also a nice heliport on top of the roof with just the right amount of space for a helicopter. So to sum it all up, there are loads of spotlights, emergency lights, as well as speakers all around the area, giving the build a nice and somewhat realistic vibe.


The garage has a pretty long chassis too, with a nice space that houses a rotating platform. This allows you to not just turn the vehicle around, but you can also place some huge ladders in there – We haven’t seen this sort of detail since the Lego 7945 and the Lego 31052. Since the vehicles for the Lego 60110 were all created using technique pieces, you can expand your ladders for up to fifty centimeters tall, amazing if you’re looking for playability here. Apart from that, the truck found on its left side has its own large hose, and a tiny compartment meant to store some tools in.


The rescue truck is perhaps our most favorite out of all the three vehicles that came with this build. The cabin looks pretty similar to the cabins found in Lego’s past builds, with the exception of two side doors. Inside the cabin is a good amount of space for one seat, as well as the steering wheel found on the left side of the cab. We think the grid looks slightly ugly, but if you want to change this, there’s a tiny step on the top of the doors made for drivers.

One of the vehicles included in the build is the chief’s car, a tiny red car equipped with all of the necessary elements found in an average car. This includes rear mirrors found near its doors. And not only that, there are also a handful of stickers that you can properly stick to the car to give it some additional detail. Much like the car, the helicopter is also a tiny model (which we find slightly odd), but we heard that there were a couple of concerns in regards to placing new details on it. For example, the landing gear and its windshield look pretty much the same, but there are plenty of brand new elements included in the engine, such as blue lights. Apart from the pilot minifigure, there’s also a small stud shooter figure who is just gearing to shoot out some water from the tank placed at the back.


In general, this build is a must-have, especially when you’re looking for a build that looks amazing and is highly playable at the same time. Last year’s fire station build (the Lego 60124) also showcased a beautiful fire department build, alongside a giant fire truck that can give you plenty of fun for hours on end. The firemen minifigures in this build do sport brand new uniforms, and are always a welcome addition to any other Lego City build.


Lego has released two large Lego City builds during the start of 2016, both belonging in the Lego City Fire and Lego City Police categories. These two Lego sets have been around for as long as we can remember – And although Lego fans usually complain about the availability of both past and present Lego City builds, Lego has kept making new builds from these two sets especially for children. That’s because kids will always be fascinated by firemen, policemen, and the amazing vehicles that they drive around the city. Everyone has their own childhood hero after all, and dreams of becoming one too.


When it comes to the Lego City Fire sets, the assortment of builds you can purchase from the store is much larger, with plenty of larger or medium-sized sets – As compared to the builds found in the Lego City Police where smaller sets are more prevalent. Unless you really like to collect Lego City Fire sets, we suggest that you just choose the set that you deem is definitely worth the cash, instead of just mindlessly wasting your money through collecting every single build. A city can’t have too many firetrucks or police cars after all.

We really can’t see that much of a difference between the three sections for the Lego 60110, especially when it comes to the looks of the two buildings. One of the main differences here is that the carparks are split into two sections, found on the right side or left side of the building. This is a lot similar to the Lego 10253 build.


Not only do we get a whole assortment of brand new firefighting vehicles with this range of Lego builds, we also get to witness brand new elements, and minifigures with a new set of torso prints. As we had mentioned earlier, the Lego City Fire sets do have a wider assortment of builds. For instance, there are four types of fully-functional fire trucks, a large helicopter, a fire station, and a fireboat. If you’re planning on collecting all of the builds, we suggest that you simply save up, as you would normally do when purchasing a large build.

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