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LEGO CITY Garbage Truck 60118 Review


The end of winter seems to be the perfect time for Lego to release a whole new set of Lego City builds, which include plenty of brand new Lego City utility vehicles. One of the new vehicle releases for 2016 is the Lego 60118 City Garbage Truck build. Everybody knows that a city isn’t complete without a garbage truck doing their daily rounds.


The set contains over 248 pieces, including two minifigures. It costs around $19.99 which is cheaper than the average Lego build.


The Lego 60118 comes in the usual compact Lego City box, which contains a graphic story board at the back. This build is comprised of at least three numbered brick bags, which include the trash skip, the minifigures, the truck, and lastly, the main lifting forks, garbage tipper, and its wheels.

As mentioned, there are two minifigures with the 60118. Perhaps the one that stands out the most when it comes to these two is the head print found in the worker with the orange beard. Otherwise, this whole selection is just comprised of the standard worker minifigures that have appeared in past Lego City builds with different looks and rehashed again and again. Some fans were a tad bit disappointed with the torso’s orange prints. Unfortunately, this part is dull and boring, and doesn’t really stand out against the blue-themed build (although the orange could pass for a lighter brown shade sometimes).


The entire trash skip is, in general, a wonderful tiny build that is meant to be paired up with the set of lifting forks found on the garbage truck build. And of course, the garbage truck wouldn’t be considered as such without the garbage – You’ll also be receiving a wonderful assortment of trash to fill to the skip. This includes broken wine glasses, bananas, fish bones, and a couple of other transparent pieces. The only bit of improvement here would be to make the skip look a bit higher than usual (probably through the help of another brick course), since its current iteration makes it look a tad bit on the shallow side.


The complete build is separated into two segments. The first portion deals with the truck build itself, as well as the cab. This is a simple part all in all, and the cab proportion is just amazing.


The next part involves constructing the trash tipper, which comes in a gorgeous orange hue. Lego seems to be fond of this color in the build. This is also the part where the wheels and the lifting forks come in. Initially, the lifting forks on its first attachment might seem a tad bit on the flimsy side, but in the end, it all comes out looking very stable.

However, the wheels are slightly smaller as compared to the truck build itself, and this makes it look really awkward. They could’ve made the wheels big or the truck smaller, so it fits the proportion of the whole vehicle. Apart from that though, the entire build is excellent and not that repetitive after all. The lifting forks and tipper’s movements are also wonderful.

Overall, this build is just fantastic especially when you consider its pricing. Not only that, you will easily find a home stored inside a Lego fan’s house, or one being built by a small child.

Lego has produced so many garbage truck builds throughout the years. The first one is the Lego 6693 Refuse Collection Truck, which goes all the way back to 1987. Since then, there have been other truck-related releases: Including the Lego 6564 Recycle Truck, which is a tiny build, as well as the Lego 7599 Toy Truck Getaway build from the Lego Toy Story series. This vehicle in particular comes with a whole host of ‘Refuse Disposal Technicians’ as well as a brick-built bin that comes in a green shade.


Found inside the 60118’s box include three portions of numbered bags, several pieces of instruction booklets, as well as a sticker sheet with over nine stickers in it.


The Lego 60118’s Garbage Truck build contains at least brand new elements in a bright orange wall. You can find them in both 1 x 4 x 3 varieties, as well as 1 x 2 x 3. These can only be found inside this particular set, as well as a whole host of bright orange bricks with a horizontal clip, which measures 1 x 2. You can also find these types of bricks in the Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens builds (like the Lego 75140 Resistance Troop Transporter, for instance). Other interesting elements found inside the 60118 include a bright orange plate measuring 2 x 4 x 2/3, and several pieces of hinge plates. There were a couple of fans who were actually delighted with the vertical windscreen, the banana accessory, as well as the fish accessory.

The minifigures that come with the build are completely typical for a Lego City set. The two workers don blue caps and shirts, as well as standard forms of workwear. There isn’t really anything special or unique about them, but then again, it’s always good to have more helping hands when it comes to keeping the entire city cleaned up. After all, a clean city is a good city.


Since the 60118 deals with a garbage truck, the whole build’s playable features are already predictable to begin with. The truck picks up the bin, empties the bin, drives around the city collecting garbage, then eventually empties its contents. The playable features of the build are just wonderful. The motions of collecting trash bins and emptying the truck’s contents is just wonderful, but there are still a handful of downsides included here. First off, when you pick up the garbage bin, you have to tip it straight away since it arrives at the emptying point nearly over the cab itself. Once you are able to get it through the right section of the truck itself, the entire bin becomes wider as compared to the truck’s opening, so the garbage ends up missing the hole and hits the walls of the truck instead. Some garbage will end up bouncing out of the truck. This isn’t really a grave mistake, but it’s not exactly a good thing when this happens in a city that takes pride in cleanliness. This is probably where the minifigures come in along with their shovels and brooms.

Much like all of the six stud wide vehicles, the entire construction does follow a typical formatting. The whole building process begins with the construction of tinier models. When it comes to the 60118, this involves the minifigures and the bin itself. The second bag will see the first part of the vehicle’s construction, with the cab and the wheelbase being made alongside the hinge meant for the truck’s tipping feature.

The third bag concludes the truck build, with the forks as well as the orange segments. There’s only a small amount of effort done here, alongside the fuel tanks being used as outward facing. The forks are a tad bit fiddly, but this is still one of the best ways to introduce children to the whole Lego Technic concept. This part of the build is completely simple and easy. In fact, the most complicated part of the entire 60118 build has got to be applying the stickers and making sure that they’re placed on nicely.

The bin is one of the best parts of the entire build, since it’s easy to construct and carries a simple finished look. It’s a bit on the smaller side and probably needs a lid, but other than that, everything is all good. The truck is just excellent – However, the only flaw that this build has is the fork, whose appearance comes off as a little too complex. It looks like it could pass for a Lego Technic part, and it doesn’t even fit the truck’s aesthetics. The forks that come with the truck can’t hold themselves up either. The small dolly wheel is a wonderful part in itself, but this doesn’t make up for the mistake with the forks. Utilizing those orange transparent pieces as lights on a truck isn’t really the best idea, since the shade is overwhelming, and the truck eventually gets lost in the color. Trading these orange ones for similar pieces in red would have been great, and it’s disappointing that Lego hasn’t thought about this idea.


The Lego 60118 can still be found in your nearest retail store or Lego store. You’ll probably be able to find it on sale at a Lego warehouse store or something. The build’s value is wonderful. There are a couple of great parts found in here too. If anything, the spare parts of the build could probably come in handy in a past or future build. Even though the set’s overall value won’t increase, the entire thing still comes across as cheap and highly affordable.

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