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LEGO City Great Vehicles 60059 Logging Truck Review



There’s just something about those outdoorsy-oriented Lego city sets that we cannot get over, as far as themes go, they are our favorites. If it were a toss-up between Legos Star Wars sets or a city set that was outdoorsy, as much as we enjoy Lego Star Wars sets, we would have to go for the outdoorsy set. Leo 60059 is a nice city set that deserves high marks for their small details, plus, we couldn’t help but to notice that it’s more durable than you may think it is.

Lego 60059 is a logging truck that was released back in 2014. Yes, it may be 3+ years old, but that doesn’t mean it’s not something you can’t enjoy – some of the best Lego sets are from years ago. This particular set right here contains a total of 228 pieces, which isn’t bad for a logging truck. It also comes with a total of two minifigures.

When we first read the Lego news back in the day, this set right here was a “must have” in 2014 and personally, we believe it still is. For this truck, our expectations are high and we believe it can compare with other popular Lego sets from back in 2014 – even Lego sets 2017.

The Box


The box is well-matched, if we must say. We got the measurements of this box, before writing this review, so we would be exact. It’s 26cm x 19cm and stands 6cm high. Looking at the box, we feel it is a box for a standard medium-sized set.

Once you open up the box, you’re not going to find anything oversized in it. When we look at the box, we see just how serious the set is. The tripartite division was well-preserved: cab, chassis and crate. The crate is normally the most important part.

Here’s a picture of the box:


The front of the box:



The back of the box: 


We should never judge a book by its cover though, right? Let’s go into more detail about what’s actually inside the box.

Lego Building Instructions

When you open up the box, you’re going to find some Lego instructions, which is a manual with a rectangular shape. It’s really a typical book – there’s no special statement made here. Inside the book, you’re going to find a total of 46 assembly steps. The first 24 of those steps are perfectly symmetrical design.

The Minifigures


Personally, we feel that the minifigures are a major advantage of this set. We just can’t get over the two smiling lumberjacks, there’s something about them. Each one of them has its own way of being amusing. Both are wearing popular plaid shirts with collars. There’s one that is visually older – he has a funny looking red beard and looks just like a Scotsman. The second one is obviously yellow, has a chainsaw and wears glasses. Looking at the minifigures, they’re so different, but they perform similar operations. They have different heads, different shades of clothes, different headgear, various tools and headphones. The Scotsman has a hammer and pliers in his trousers.

Interesting Bricks

In this set, we found some pretty interesting bricks that we would like to tell you about. Here’s a list of them:

  • 4656483 – Mini Head
  • 4163290 – Ball Coupling Friction/Fork
  • 6022484 – Mini Upper Part
  • 6055313 – Flat Tire 2x2 Round W. Hole
  • 6037621 – Lattice for Frame 4x6
  • 4667888 – Claw 3M W. Grip

No, the basic design of this truck isn’t all that unique as there are a couple of other sets we can think of at the top of our mind that have similar cab designed. However, there are different colors and the specialized parts relating to the logging theme are pretty cool. There’s also an interesting assortment of small accessories that come with this set.


Building the Set


As far as putting this set together, we must say, we had a lot of fun. That is odd for us to say, because we have put together trucks before and found it rather boring to build. The attractive thing here would be the process of putting it together – it does come with stickers, but you don’t really have to use those if you don’t want. The green color really makes the log truck stand out from the crowd, but this could be because green is one of our favorite colors. There’s also two extra saplings in the set. You have a low amount of labels and that is fine, because we feel the set could function just fine without them. We cannot forget to mention the lifting/gripper system – that is something you’re really going to want to play around with.

Once we got the set put together, we did have a couple of complaints that we feel are worth mentioning in this review. One of this has to do with the lifting system – it’s a naïve design and we feel Lego could have done something different with it to make it more interesting, but maybe it’s just us. There’s two balls of trees, which we feel isn’t enough. In our opinion, three should be the minimum in a set like this. As for the mirrors, they’re good, but they stick out a bit too much for our likings. There’s a spot between the rear lights where we wouldn’t mind adding a plate with a hook or maybe even a handle for the trailer.

The Completed Model


Once you have the model put together, you’ll have a sharp-looking log truck sitting in front of you. It has a nice combination of rugged functionality and a tight design. We also like how it isn’t flimsy and doesn’t fall apart. The durability factor is pretty good.




All in all, we believe the Lego 60059 set is a pretty good set. This is one of the nicer log truck sets we have worked with and had a lot of fun putting it together. We feel it would be good for a beginner to start out with. We believe the minifigures are the most interesting thing about this set – you just have to see them to see what we’re talking about. The truck itself is also interesting and we have no complaints about it – the directions are straightforward. If you’re interested in getting your hands on something that is a bit more complicated to build, then we recommend either Lego 21122, Lego 60036 or Lego 10246 sets – all three of those, we found interesting to put together.

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