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LEGO City Great Vehicles 60060 Auto Transporter Review



Not too long ago, when we set down to read the Lego news, we couldn’t help but to find a variety of different sets that we wanted to put together. Some of the newer sets took us back to the time we put together Lego 10179, which was the millennium Falcon and we must say, that was a lot of hard work, but if we had to do it all over, we would without a problem because it was a lot of fun. Anyhow, not too long ago we discovered the Lego 60060 set, which is the Auto Transporter and to our surprise, we discovered that it was pretty interesting. Before we tell you to go out and buy it as fast as you can, we’re going to first be fair and give you a review so that you can determine whether or not it is a set that will fit your needs …



Starting out, here’s a picture of the back of the box:


When we first opened up the box, we must say, we were quite pleased with the results and s expected, Lego put the parts in a bag. We’re not sure if we’ve said this before, but there’s just something about those little plastic bags that makes us smile. If Lego were to put everything in the box in one plastic bag, you have to think, where would we be? We’d be left sitting there, scrambling through the pieces as we’re trying to find what goes with what set. Fortunately, since they separate the pieces across different plastic bags (all of them have numbers), we are able to know exactly what should go where and that really does cut down on a lot of time. In this case, there are a total of three different bags.

Along with those bags, you’ll also find 3 Lego Instructions (the Lego Instructions are easy to understand, by the way). You will also find a small sticker sheet. We were happy to see a tiny sticker sheet, because we’re not really big fans on the stickers that Lego puts inside of their sets – yes, some of them are great, but others could be avoided all together. Applying some of the stickers gets us frustrated, especially when it comes to applying them in small areas …it just seems impossible sometimes. Okay, enough about the stickers, let’s move on with this review …

Here’s a picture of the Lego Instructions:


In bag one, you’re going to find a total of two cars being transported, along with the two minifigures as well as their accessories. To be honest, there’s just something about the two cars that we really like – they stand out from the crowd and we’re not sure if it’s just us or not. We think they look quite stylish. The red and black one is especially stylish. The driver is a generic looking truck-driver figure. The drug driver is wearing mirrored shades and we believe the Lego team did a great job with this. However, we’re not sure what to say about the car dealer. Does Lego not think highly of car salesmen, because the minifigure that comes in this set is wearing a sleazy looking outfit – once you see the outfit, you’ll see what we mean. Maybe they’re just a big fan of Gordon Gekko from “Wall Street” or something along those lines. You can make the clipboard by attacking a sticker from the sticker sheet onto a 2x2 SNOT brick piece, which is a pretty neat feature.

Here, go ahead and look at the car salesman close up and tell us if you would buy a car from this person or not:


Yeah, we’re just not sure if we can trust that car salesman, because there’s just something about him that doesn’t fit right.



There are many pros of building this Lego 60060 set. Mind you, we don’t normally point out the “pros and cons” with stuff like this, but today, we felt the need to do so.

For starters, we would like to discuss the play value of this set – it’s decent. There’s separate vehicles that are naturally good. There’s also ramps that move up and down in order to let the cars on and off – those ramps work really good and didn’t give us any problems at all.

The color scheme is another feature we wanted to list. As we said earlier, there’s just something cool about the cars – the color scheme fits nicely with the cars in this set.

The ladders in this set are being used in a clever way. Once you get the set, you’ll remember us telling you that when you see how the ladders are being used in a unique way.



There’s hooks that are used in order to keep the cars up top safe and sound – no one wants cars falling down on them when they’re traveling, right? The way they use the hooks really are clever. Again, this is a feature you’ll see when you put the set together.

Now, moving forward, there’s bag number 2. When you open up bag number 2, you’re going to find the parts you need in order to make the truck. Well, except for the upper level of it, those are in the other bag.

In bag number 3 (the last bag), you’re going to discover the pieces that you need for the trailer, as well as the upper portion of the truck that we mentioned in the above paragraph (the truck isn’t complete without the upper part). Now, there’s something that we really liked about this and that was the fact that the ladder pieces were used in gray to make the “tracks” that the cars will drive onto. The upper level of the truck and the trailer lowers, making it great for loading.



Take note that in order for you to successfully lower the top level, the lower level will need to be empty. With the top level loaded, you will be able to drive the car up onto the lower level, which is pretty fun to do.



Mind you, this set only comes with two cars to mess around with. However, we used different cars (we had some extra ones from other sets).



Mind you, we’re not trying to be greedy or anything and we don’t mind there being some downfalls in our product. After all, nothing is perfect so when there’s cons, this doesn’t mean we don’t like the product or you should avoid the product all together. It just means that we believe in being honest when we write our reviews and feel the readers need to know the truth.

We might be greedy here because we would have loved for this set to have contained four cars. Yes, perhaps that is because we liked the two we have so much, and we always want more of what we like, right?

Looking at the sides of the cab, we can’t help but to notice that they look a bit strange. The SNOTS are clearly visible and we’re not sure if it’s our OCD (it probably is our OCD) or not, but this truly does bother us. We just wish Lego would have done something to cover that up …trust us, we tried covering it up and no matter what we did, nothing seemed to work properly – our technique of covering it up just made it look tacky and that’s certainly not what we’re going to aim for.



As for the cab, we don’t mean to sound picky here or anything, but we almost feel as if there is enough space so that the cab could have been “tiltable” in order to access the engine. Personally, we feel there is a MOD set in the horizon if you know what we mean.




All in all, we must say, Lego 60060 was a pretty cool set and to be honest, we are glad we chose to put this together when we did. We’re going to be honest with you, at first, we were a bit hesitant when it came to buying this set, but then a friend of ours convinced us that it would be fun and that’s why we got it. The entire set, including the truck, trailer, two cars, briefcase, clipboard and two minifigures look good and really help it stand out from the crowd. We like how the truck looks and as we said many times throughout this review, we love how the cars look. If you don’t already have this set to put together, we highly recommend it. It would be a great side project – you know, when you want to take a little break from the Lego Star Wars sets or Lego City sets we are all known for putting together. Now, we are going to move forward with one of these three: Lego 42042, lego 60047 or Lego 42039 – all three of those really caught our eye and look great. Our only problem is, we can’t figure out which one we would like to put together next because they’re all so good.

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