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LEGO City Great Vehicles Van & Caravan 60117 Building Toy Review



So many people happen to be huge fans of Lego’s camping-themed builds, and the Lego 60117 Van and Caravan build is no exception. These two were taken from the Lego City sets. A lot of people aren’t too sure why this is so – Especially since most of them aren’t exactly what you would call huge fans of the pastime. However, when it comes to Lego City builds, the company has managed to reveal the draw and fun of the entire building activity, without having to make anything look downright gloomy and frustrating.


The Lego 60117 is a rather impressive build. The box looks like your typical Lego City box design – Which hasn’t really changed much since they released the very first build years ago. The 60117’s box showcases the one in the set in a lovely manner.


The back of the box is the same – It showcases all of the contents in the bag as well as the possible scenarios you can display in the build, after you’re done constructing it. The design of the box looks absolutely wonderful.


There are three numbered bags included inside the set are split in between two numbered instruction manuals. One of them is meant for each half of the vehicles found inside the set. With the first manual, you will receive step-by-step instructions for constructing the van, while the other manual will give you steps on how to construct the caravan itself.


Both instruction manuals look like the ones normally found in Lego City’s builds. There are a couple of cross-promotional images, as well as a lack of minifigure checklists. This is actually normal since Lego City tends to have too many offerings on their plate when it comes to things like these. The front side of both manuals showcases a tiny picture of the completed build, which is superimposed into a tiny forested area found in the heart of a large city. This is excellent when it comes to showing off the things found in the set.


Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of things happening when it comes to the build’s parts. The Lego 60117 is just a box filled with your typical standard Lego parts. There aren’t any rare blocks or elements or portions you have to keep an eye out, as far as MOC fans are concerned. However, there’s a pretty huge assortment of blue pieces made specifically for the Van vehicle. This is a lovely dark and rich blue, which is a rare color to find when it comes to Lego block hues.


There are three minifigures included here: The first one is the male camper figure. Much like plenty of Lego City’s sets, there’s not much attention given to the minifigures included in a particular build. You’ll get to discover standard parts and prints on the two minifigures included in the 60117. None of them carry any accessories. So the male minifigure carries a single-sided dark blue torso with a checkered shirt print. He’s got the usual Lego standard smiling facial expression, and wears a dark brown hairpiece.

Meanwhile, the female minifigure sports a double-sided torso print with an accompanying white undershirt and green jacket. She also dons a pendant swinging on a chain. She wears a single-sided smiling face like her partner, except this face is mostly found on female minifigures instead of just the figures in general. She also wears a light orange Dastan hairpiece, meant to give her a short-haired look. Her overall look is wonderful, but the parts are just your Lego standard.


The van’s undercarriage starts with the bricks coming from the first bag. After you are done assembling the minifigures, they can now start working on constructing the brand new Lego Caravan and Van builds, which will bring them over to the camping site. A lot of Lego City sets aren’t comprised of difficult and repetitive building processes, so there really shouldn’t be any trouble here.

The contents of the second bag allow you to finish up the van build. This is definitely a very satisfying little vehicle build, and the best one out of all the segments that came with the 60117. This is, once again, fairly standard as far as Lego City sets are involved. But it’s always a good thing to be able to get ordinary vehicles to fill up your city build, no matter how tiny or large it might be. If we were to judge by the amount of fans that the build has, then you will know that the Lego City builds have a rather solid fanbase. These builds rarely disappoint. There are also a couple of stickers that were meant to add more details to the vehicle’s license plating. Despite people’s hatred of Lego stickers, sticking these to the build shouldn’t pose too much of a hassle.

The third bag of bricks was specifically made for the caravan build. This is the cute little barbecue set that was constructed back with the first bag. This allows you to build up a beautiful trailer made to be used by your happy little camper minifigures. There’s nothing too difficult or boring when it comes to this certain build – And you’ll only be able to encounter a couple of minor sticker placements to be able to keep these things in mind. However, they aren’t meant to be used on tricky pieces, so applying them to the build is a breeze.


After you’re done with the build, you will see that the van portion of the build stands out among the rest. It’s a wonderful, tiny mini-van build. This isn’t exactly a full-on van, but it does look similar to the vehicle in question, instead of what a real-life van would look like. You can even squeeze in several minifigures inside it: There’s a space for two out front, and one more at the back. The van’s color scheme is one more detail that stands out, and a lot of people actually do quite enjoy its overall look. There’s nothing much else to say here, since the play features can all be found at the second portion of the build.

The caravan, once completed, is a fine-looking model. It is a trailer camping vehicle. It includes some really good details regarding the interior, and is wonderful for a family of two. Removing the build’s locking piece, and flipping the vehicle open will give you access to its interiors, in which you can find a place to lie down on, or to sit. There’s also two types of coffee mugs included here, as well as an accompanying coffee maker model.

You can even fit in the barbecue, with the two hot dog accessories on top. So this pretty much means that you can store everything together. There aren’t really any whimsical or fancy type of playable features you’d find here, unlike the other Lego themes. But honestly, it’s not exactly considered a big loss. The playable options, as well as the display options for both children and grown-ups are already good enough for a set as nice as this one.

The dog accessory is the standard Lego canine character. This guy was first introduced to the public with the Arctic sub-theme. He’s also got a bit of a facial printing on him, and even has his own bone accessory.

In regards to the overall look of a Lego City set, and the Lego 60117 to be more specific, you can rarely go wrong with the builds when you purchase them from your local toy store, Lego store, or online for an average of $25. However, stores such as Walmart and Costco sell them for a much more affordable price, so it’s highly recommended that you buy your sets from those stores instead. The 60117 is comprised of a lovely pair of vehicles, which are very fun to both play and build with. These two vehicles make an amazing addition to display, along with the other elements of a Lego camping trip, including the Lego Creator cabin set from way back, or even a brand new and bigger sort of RV-inspired build. Or maybe you can even pair this up with a release from the future. This set is highly recommended for all fans of Lego City and Lego Great Vehicle builds.

This set is pretty much the perfect example of what Lego is able to do with a supremely talented designer, as well as a tiny amount of essentially simple bricks. This is just classic Lego excellence, through and through. It is a hidden gem and is pretty much worth your money, even at a regular and full pricing. If discounted, it becomes a true downright deal. It’s one thing to build a beautiful set with the aid of 4000 or more bricks, a whole rainbow of colors, and all kinds of different brick pieces. But it’s another complete ball game to think of something great in a relatively small package and a low price point, with the help of simple techniques and parts. Lego is great for producing excellent sets in a whole variety of range.

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