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LEGO City The Mine 4204 Review



The Lego 4204, also known as the Gold Mine build, belongs to the Lego City theme and was released in 2012. It has since been discontinued by the manufacturer. The build contains 748 parts in total, and is priced at $69.99. There are four minifigures included.


There’s always some form of action happening inside the mine, filled with minifigures trying their luck in finding gold. With this build, you can destroy rocks by using that gigantic drilling machine and move it out of the mine with the help of the train. You can load those mines onto the conveyer belt with the crane, and bring it away with the truck. A safe has also been included to keep those bits of gold safe from thieves. You can get the miners to search for even more gold by blasting the mines using dynamite. The four minifigures accompanying the build include the crew chief, the driller, the crane driver, and the truck driver.


The 4204 has four major elements: The drill, the crane, the truck and the mine. Accessories include three types of dynamite packs, with one of them even including their own timer. There’s also two detonators, two rocks that have six types of gold nuggets, and six small rocks that come in a variety of colors, two gold bars, a storage box, a jackhammer, an explosion warning sign, a fence equipped with hazard lights, a broom, a wheelbarrow, a walkie-talkie, a pickaxe, a shovel, and a coffee cup.


The mine build includes a train track, a train, a mine door, a working conveyor belt, and a safe. The drill has its own spinning function, while the crane includes a moving arm, a lowering shovel, and a rotating cabin. The truck build has an articulated cab that lets you drill and look for prized gold nuggets. You can haul away those rocks using the train, load up that truck, and work on the conveyer with the help of the crane. And don’t forget to store those pieces of gold right in the safe!


The entire build is encased inside a large box – Much like any other expensive Lego set build. These sets have seven plastic bags inside that house all of the parts. It also has four manuals.


We thought this set was a delight to build – Although some of us were a tad bit disappointed with the mountain bricks, since we did expect Lego to include real bricks here, and not some sort of cheaper alternative. The truck’s got a very nice head to it, while the mine train looks amazing for its size. We’re not really too sure why Lego has decided to utilize these unusual parts for the crane, as well as the mountain and the truck’s loading parts. The mine has its own interesting parts too.


The build contains a beautiful safe box and office in which the minifigures can store their gold right next to its tracks. There’s also a crane that is meant to load up the buckets with rocks and gold from the train. A transport track is also included that brings rocks from the truck to the bucket.


Once assembled, the crane looks really lovely – Not a lot of parts are required to build it, but they’re still highly specific. You can move over its axis (or lower) and raise a claw that can grab several rocks and nuggets in one go.


We also like how the train looked in the build. This happens to be a train with narrow tracks, that come with four studs. It does look amazing and resembles the original. Generally, owners of this build have had mixed feelings regarding the truck. It looks amazing indeed, but they didn’t like the way the back part has been made – It could use a bit more detail. In fact, some have even likened it to a Playmobil. But nevertheless, it’s still a wonderful lego truck that’s worth building.


Pros: The build is a mighty big one, and every Lego fan likes a challenging, huge build. The build set looks amazing, and it’s also very playable too.

Cons: Very pricey. The mountain build lacked the right pieces for it to actually resemble a detailed mountain.


Go dig for gold nuggets using a spinning drill, and bring it to the conveyor belt with the Lego 4204 mine build. This is a colorful set that includes a moveable crane, a lock-up safe for storing the captured gold, and finally, a working dump truck with its own cabin. Both children and adults alike will have a blast building this entire set. Four minifigures are also included in the 4204, where they can work the mine. There’s also easy-to-follow instructions made for building, with pictures included in great detail.


You can use the four minifigures included in the set to work the mine. The 4204 has four minifigure workers – Namely the driller, a crew chief, a crane driver, and truck driver. You can put one to four of them inside the vehicles and drive them to various locations around the mine, getting them to perform different jobs.


The realistic accessories that come with the 4204 can enhance a child’s playtime experience. This set is littered with loads of tools and accessories for the minifigure workers. This includes two detonators, three versions of dynamite packs, 38 small rocks that come in a variety of colors, and two gold bars, among others.


You can build up the spinning drill for destroying rocks and load them up into the train. The moving crane has its own moving arm, a rotating cabin, and a lowering shovel which you can use for mining. Meanwhile, the dump truck allows you to both load and unload the golden blocks coming from these mines. It’s got its own cab that can accommodate one minifigure.


If you follow the instructions carefully, you will know that the Lego 4204 is an easy build. The manuals that come with the build are filled with high-resolution pictures, so you won’t feel too bored while building. The Lego pieces fit together like a puzzle as it was intended – And not only that, the stickers are easy to apply as well. The estimated time of assembly will all depend on the builder’s age and skill level.


Inside the box are 748 Lego pieces, four instruction manuals, and stickers/decals for the build for added detail. We conclude that the 4204 is a fun and exciting set with lots of stuff going on.


It’s also got a lot of pieces here, but the build has been divided into seven bags of brick parts – You no longer have to sift through the pieces that the amount that you’ll be using in the far future with upcoming builds. This type of construction is very pleasant, since the only thing you have to do is to reach down and pick whatever it is you need without having to dig through several hundred related parts.


You also get a handful of separate vehicles, all sporting a beautiful design. Nearly every parts here are standard, except for the three to four mountain pieces that are comprised of at least forty bricks. However, the set does add plenty of versatility to the entire Lego collection.


As mentioned earlier, this build contains loads of separate vehicles. There are a handful of other moving parts, like cranes and conveyor belts, that give you lots of opportunities to build scenarios. One of the cooler Lego builds of the year, that’s for sure.


Coming from the standpoint of a professional Lego builder, the dump truck in particular is a very decent build, despite its small size. The mine build has managed to capture the atmosphere and mood of a real working site, all thanks to the little touches that come with the 4204 such as signal lights for the small train, a warning horn connected to the cliffs, and even a small secure room.


We did have one complaint about this build, however, and we’re not the only ones who think this: Lego should’ve included at least one more minifigure. While the main four are busy with driving the train, maneuvering the truck around, and working on the driller, there’s actually no one left to do the main task at hand – Shovelling, mining, etc. Thankfully Lego has since listened to our pleas and are now more generous with the amount of minifigures given out in the sets that came out after this one.

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