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Lego City - Passenger Plane 7893 Review


A very old set, released in 2006, the Lego 7893 contains 413 pieces. It’s a very small build weighing at only 2.60 pounds when completely assembled. Its box weighs around 0.81 pounds, while the manual weighs 0.16 pounds. The box’s dimensions measure 22-1/2” x 11-1/4” x 3-5/8” (or 57.2 cm x 28.5 cm x 9.2 cm). There are four minifigures in total.

This build, also known as the Lego 7893 – Passenger Plane fuselage, measures at least 76 studs long and 8 studs wide. The plane’s width, with the ends of its wings folded down, is at least 74 studs. The minifigures that come with this build include a baggage and runway crewman, a pilot, and two passenger figures.

The plane’s wings, tail, and nose cone all come in one piece. Inside the build are two seats for the pilots, located inside the cockpit. Of course, you can also find passenger seats as well as a galley with a built-in sink. Found outside the runway is a rolling staircase. There are four types of detailed engines, and rotating seats in the first class section. Upon further inspection, the plane seems to bear a resemblance to a Douglas DC-8 super 70 or even an Airbus A340. Both of these real-life planes are long, intercontinental airliners that can carry plenty of passengers, and have four types of podded jet engines.

We have plenty of thoughts regarding the plane’s door. The mechanism that is used to hold that door firmly in place is actually quite clever. But the door itself, according to most owners, has had some issues closing. Not that it doesn’t close properly, but doing so is actually a bit of hassle. It slightly takes away the fun of the gameplay. But that aside, the plane does provide something of great potential – Some of its parts can be used as a great armor plating on a mecha robot, in case Lego decides to construct one. The plane also adds in another dimension to the moon base build.

There were mixed reactions about the fact that the plane’s wings came in one piece. And no, we don’t mean that each wing is a single piece – The main sections of the two wings are created in one piece that extends right over to the middle of the plane. We can actually see this being used frequently in large space MOCs – However, don’t expect to receive small wing pieces once you purchase this build.

The cockpit is comprised of two pieces – Not really the most useable part of the 7893, which was a disappointment. There’s also a brand new computer slope meant to represent the controls, and we like it. The first class section of the build contains some really nice rotating chairs.

Another perk for first-class passengers of the 7893 are television sets! We also did like the doorway found in between the first class, as well as the cockpit. Even though a minifigure won’t be able to squeeze in through the doorway, we still think it looks great – Reminding us of Lego’s previous train builds.

The rear of the plane has got to be our most favorite part of the entire build. Notice that the plane’s refreshment cart, as well as its two suitcases, can be pulled out. There’s also the upper portions of two 1 x 2 hinges found underneath the plane. The plane has clear windows, and an old faucet located inside the lavatory. A second exit door is found at the back.

We’re pretty certain that someone will soon find a creative use for the plane’s tailfin, although some people might find this particular piece very boring, since it doesn’t require any assembly. There are also two gigantic white wings found on the side of the build.

Regarding the box and instruction booklets that came with the build, everything was explained in a straightforward manner, and was fairly simple to understand.

There’s a huge amount of content packed inside just one booklet – So much so that we wished that there were two booklets included here, instead of just one.

The number of big parts that came with the build can actually take away the fun out of building, instead of enhancing it – But that doesn’t usually apply in most builds. It all depends on the person. There’s also a decent amount of minifigures thrown in, four in total (keep in mind that this isn’t really a large build) however, we would’ve liked it if Lego had included a stewardess minifigure or even a co-pilot minifigure.

Building the Lego 7893 in itself is a pleasant experience. Since it’s a small build, it only takes hours before you can finish it – An estimate of 30 minutes up to an hour. The finished model is decent-sized. We did enjoy the amount of playability and realistic features that Lego has seemingly incorporated into this set. Much like their previous builds, Lego has placed in loads of impressive detail. We think that this is a must-have for loyal Lego fans, since it’s their best City plane-themed build so far.

Pros: One of the things that we dislike about this plane is also the same reason why this set has won our hearts – Its aesthetics and sheer scale. The tail, sculpted nose, and wings all contribute to a fast and sleek look for the build. This actually makes the entire plane look mighty realistic, which is always a good thing if you ask us. We have always wanted large plane builds from Lego, and this one just fulfills our wish. The fact that this particular build exists just proves that Lego does listen to its clients – Even if they come at a later date. At long last, Lego has created a plane that could fit in two passengers or pilots side by side, with two rows of passengers and an aisle in the middle.

Lego did the right thing when it came to the plane’s painted tail and nose parts. They had the stripes and the logos painted on the plane’s nose and tail, instead of getting you to apply them on as stickers. This gives the 7893 a more legitimate look, in our opinion, instead of the one that is forced on by stickers – Which could be a disaster depending on how you stick them on the plane. But the sad thing about this is that Lego didn’t even have the sense to stick with this idea, since all of their airplane builds have had decals or stickers that blend the color schemes onto the plane’s body.

Even though the plane’s interior isn’t as polished as we had expected, it still boasts plenty of nice features – Including a finely detailed cockpit, seats for first class and economy, and even a baggage and flight attendant area with a beverage cart. Since Lego’s past aircraft builds were only wide enough to be able to accommodate just one passenger without any aisle, this new scale is a huge plus when it comes to realism and playability.

Of course there are some disappointments here too: First off, there’s the noticeable lack of minifigures. The 7893 is a plane that’s begging to be filled with nearly every Lego character possible – Unfortunately this one only contains two “ordinary” minifigures, and one pilot. Would it really kill Lego to include a co-pilot minifigure or a flight stewardess minifigure? It seems like Lego has already figured that we can include minifigures coming from other builds, or that we’re willing to throw out some cash if we want to add in more to this set.

There were also problems when it came to the landing gear. We did enjoy the plane’s aesthetics, but we have to mention that its landing gear doesn’t look too pleasing to the eye, especially the main gear located right below the plane’s wings. Lego has long given us plenty of functionality, but at the same time, they have managed to throw out any sort of appeal during the whole thing. There’s also a noticeable lack of gears being used here – As it just hangs there, unable to tuck it up. It doesn’t look great from all angles, we have to admit.

Since it came out in 2006, this particular set is very hard to find nowadays – If you are able to find one on eBay, they could be priced at a thousand dollars. Get ready to launch into a bidding war that could get you paying at least $100 (for a used set) or $200 (for a brand new, unopened box). However, we’re pretty sure that this set is still worth the extra cash that you might end up paying, if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one – Especially if you like airport or airplane-themed builds.

The Lego 7893 is a much smaller plane as compared to Lego’s last plane-themed build. This set works well if you’re attempting to create an entire city build, as other planes are way too big for it. In general, the set was nice to build and was a great experience in total. Perhaps the price is a little bit too much, but still a great plane nonetheless.

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