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LEGO City Police 60045 Police Patrol Review


Lego is a company that was created back in 1940 and since its creation, it has turned into a worldwide phenomenon of far reaching repercussions, especially in the terms of education. Lego originated in Denmark where it first started out as a set of colorful plastic pieces that were able to stack on top of each other and interlock. These pieces could be assembled and re-assembled in a variety of ways, offering infinite possibilities. Lego increased in popularity amongst children throughout the world and today, Legos are even gaining attention from the adult world. In fact, there are many adults out there that are currently calling Legos a hobby. Teachers are even using Legos in their classroom as a way to keep the children interested. Now, looking at the Lego news and seeing everything Lego has become, we find that they have come a long way. We now have Lego city sets like the Lego 60095 and Lego Star wars sets like the Lego 10195 set. Today, we are here to introduce you to an interesting piece that all Lego City sets should have – the Lego 60045 set.

Get ready, it’s time to call in the Police Patrol and catch all of those nasty crooks on the spot. Lego 60045 is Police Patrol and if you don’t already have it in your set, it’s a must have. Currently, if you do not have this set in your collection, chances are, there’s a crook that is making off with some money in your Lego City sets. With Lego 60045, once you get it set up, the police will race around and track the bad guy down with their mobile surveillance station – the mobile surveillance station is pretty cool, by the way.

Here’s a nice picture of the police patrol:


We found that we could detach the trailer, turn the winch and then launch the police dinghy into the water, making for a nice high speed chase at sea. This is a feature you’ll just have to try in order to see what we’re talking about. Before the crook reached the lighthouse to hideout away from the good guys, we managed to catch him. Once he reaches the lighthouse, he’ll stash those goods under the wooden boards there.


Looking at the front of the box, you’ll learn numerous things. For starters, you’ll learn that this set is for ages 5 and up, which is decent. It’s pretty cool because this means your five year old could put the set together – many of the other sets start at the age of eight. Also on the front of the box, we learn that there are a total of 408 pieces, which is plenty of pieces to keep us from being bored.

Here, we’re going to cut to the chase and show you a picture we took of the front of the box:


When you flip the box over to the back, you’re going to discover the different features that you will get to take part in when you have this set in front of you.

Here’s a picture of the back of the box:





The Lego 60045 set comes with a total of three minifigures, which we personally found pretty cool. There’s 2 policemen and a crook. The 2 policemen and the crook minifigures look pretty cool, with the policemen wearing the traditional police uniform and the burglar wearing a jail outfit.

The minifigures in this set really are something to mess around with – if you have a little one, they will surely get a kick out of them. Our favorite, though, since we are a fan of the “good guys,” would be the two policemen. However, this doesn’t mean the burglar didn’t catch out attention – he looks pretty cool and we could easily imagine him running across the city, carrying a big bag of stolen goods that he plans on hiding away somewhere. If you take time to let your little ones play with this set, you’ll see how entertained they will become and hopefully they too will favor the good guys, but we don’t blame them if they favor the bad guy either. We let our children play with this set and while watching them, it became obvious to us at the fun that they were having – it also seemed to get their creative juices flowing, which is a good thing. If you have the pleasure of having more than one child playing with this set, you’ll see real cooperation at work.


The Police Van


When we first saw the police van, we felt that it looks pretty neat. It has chunk tires, an antenna, space where the surveillance station is supposed to go and a detachable trailer with a working winch. Overall, we are happy with the police van and don’t really have any complaints about it.

As we said, the police van has a spot where the surveillance station goes, so you’re probably wondering about the surveillance station. The surveillance stations features a folding satellite dish.

In total, the police van has a pretty good measurement to it. It measures a little over 3” in height, 6” in length and 2” in width.

As for the trailer, that measures over 1” high, 7” long and 3” wide.

Police Dinghy


The police dinghy is something else that you may like. It features a widescreen (of course a widescreen is needed while searching for the bad guy), tip-up engines and a searchlight. We felt the searchlight was pretty cool, because it can easily rotate. This way, when you’re out looking for the bad guy during the night time, the spotlight will help you find him. Get this, you’re not going to believe it, but dinghy’s really float! You can use the winch in order to launch the police dinghy into the water and watch it float around.

In total, the police dinghy with the antennae raised measures over 5” high, 7” long and 3” wide.

The police aren’t the only ones that have a dinghy though. The crook also has a dinghy. The crook’s dinghy measures over 1” high, 3” long and 2” wide.

The other day, a friend asked us why we found Legos so interesting and why we let our children play with them all the time. Honestly, we can think of so many different answers to this – there is so much value to be gained from playing with Legos, regardless of the set you’re playing with. Even if it’s something as simple as the Lego 10182 set, which is a café that goes with the Lego City sets or something as complicated as the Lego 10195 set, which is the Star Wars Republic Drop Ship, there is going to be value. What’s interesting would be the fact that scientists have taken time to study the idea behind Legos and developed some interesting conclusions – yes, even with the Lego 60045 set, the conclusions remain the same. Long story short, there are a ton of educational benefits nesting behind Lego sets like this. Some of those benefits include the fact that you are encouraging your children to discover and explore together and on their own, you make learning fun and enjoyable for them, Legos provide a meaningful contest for little ones to learn concepts and skills, Legos allows children to extend what they’re learning, it allows for the practice of different skills and it provides opportunities for collaboration learning with adults and peers. We also cannot leave out the fact that Legos encourage children (and adults) that it is okay to experiment and take risks.

However, when it came to the Lego 60045 set, we can’t exactly say it taught us to take a risk, because the entire build process was straight forward. This set came with Lego instructions building instructions that weren’t hard to follow at all. In fact, if you are able to read, you won’t have a problem following the Lego instructions that are spread across in a total of four books.


Here’s a picture of the four books:





Lego 60045 set comes with a variety of accessories that we feel are a big hit in this set. Off of the top of our minds, the accessories include handcuffs, a walkie talkie, a crowbar, coffee mug, flashlight, gold bar, two life vests, megaphone, binoculars, two crystals, money note, a wrench and a pair of hearing protectors. As you can imagine, this set certainly isn’t lacking in terms of accessories.


Once the crook tries to run off with the stolen goods, he can hide them under the wooden boards that are in the lighthouse, so it is important that you chase him down and bring him to justice as soon as possible. You can use the mobile surveillance unit in order to keep track of him during the chase.

The lighthouse hideaway measures 3” high, 1” wide and 1” deep.

The surveillance station measures over 3” high, 2” wide and 1” deep.



Basically, what you have here is a set that you must have if you have any of the other Lego City sets. Seriously, why would you want to leave the policemen and the bad guy out of your set? These guys right here make for an even more dramatic experience – the world, after all, isn’t perfect, so why not reflect this in your scene?

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