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LEGO City Police 60047 Police Station Set


Back in 1970s when there were no minifigures, the fire and police station sets were still the USP of Lego City range and now 4 decades later they continue the league. The latest in the range is Lego City Police Station set 60047.

We got our hands on this latest Lego police station set. Here we bring you a detailed review of the set and will detail how better it is in comparison to other police stations.

The Front box: First, We will show you about the main of the box (ofcouse, we go one by one until complete the review like many reviews in our blog) . Like many other lego sets, the front degsined with most information regard the set inside the box, can you guess something about the set inside now? Not really ? Ofcouse, the picture on the front box just show the complete buidling set, and lego had professonal decor for the photography in any of their lego set .


The back of box. We cannot guess all of brick contain inside the box if we just show the front box. Now, we will give you the picture of the back box, after that, please thing more detail about the bricks :)

What do you think after see the back of the box? Or the resolution of the picture is not enough to see and attaching anything about it? can you guess with me how many brick bags contain inside the box after see the back of the box? The answer is already display in above picture. There are ten (10) brick bags. Please take a look at this picture bellow:


We put the bags in order high to low number. So there are 10 bags inside the box. The huge box consists of 10 bags. Young kids will find the fun scenes on the back of the box really fascinating.

Instructions. Check it out the picture bellow and you will see what got our attention is inclusion of 6 instructions manuals in the box for Lego Building Instructions. It gives you a hint of the complexity of this set and these manuals make it easy for younger kids to assemble the station.

Included Parts

Parts included ball and chains, a camera, roll-a-door, lots of big windows, prison cell doors, fire ladder and tons of stickers. All in all included parts are ideal for making a modular police station.

Like the Lego 60080 set the parts also offer many possibilities to build alternate scenes.

We wil show you one by one the bick include for the Lego 60047 sets . We put in order by colors of the brick

The first color is bold gray

Then we will go to the gray color parts

Come to the next color is white parts


Then we show the black color parts


So many parts to show ? As we explain review above, there are 10 bags in the box, and there are many many parts in each of them, if we show more by color one by one in next image, the review will take so long, so we will connect more colors part in the same picture.

So come in the next image is Red and Yellow - the two hot and pretty colors :)

And come next are blue and green parts



The Minifigures

In total there are 8 minifigures:

  • 4 Police minifigs of which one is a female officer
  • A Police dog minifig that is finely detailed
  • 3 Criminals-one with stylish leather jacket and other 2 with stripes and numbers


what's look like if the minifigures dont have connect parts together?

The Vehicles figures include:

  • 1 Police Surveillance Helicopter

  • 1 Police Highway Motorcycle. Would you like lego police use this motorcycle on the race like a Lego racer?

  • 1 Police Pursuit Car


  • 1 Getaway Tow Truck for criminals . In the picture bellow, we show the truck and the car together. WHich one lego police will use if they need catching the crimer faster? Lego cars or lego truck? we think they need both of them, that why we put them together in the ame picture :)


Minifigures are well printed with details; however few more police officers would have been a great addition.


The build

For our in-house LEGO enthusiasts it took little over an hour to build the set. What’s important point to mention is your kid will spend all this time in building and not looking for parts all thanks to separate bagging and 6 manual instructions. Like the Lego 60097 set your kid will definitely enjoy the simplicity of this set as well.

The only flaw we found was with the red truck design as it’s very narrow. Your kid will face problem fitting other robbers in the back of the truck.

Completed model

Looks great and even better when accompanied with city set! Viewing it from the back won’t delight you but you can’t complain as it’s a police station.

Big enough at 3 stories high with 4 vertical levels of play this set is worth your money. All 3 sections that make up the police station can be joined together making moving and storing set easier. The exterior and interiors are well laid out, enough space for kids’ fingers for setting. Details like prisoner processing systems with camera and coffee machine and water machine add interesting opportunities for kids to plan a break out.

Now, I guess you are thinking: So what's the picture for the complete building set after read many review texts and see many pictures?

We promise we don't let you down after you visit our blog for review any lego set, because we forcus to customer who are very interesting with each lego set, and we totally understand what's customer need while searching review for the lego set before buy them. It is just 100% complete set, beacuse you can easy find Lego Building Instructions on internet, also easy find many photo pictures available on many online store like big sites: amazon, walmart, bestbuy.. we need the actualy picture so customer can see it before buy any item.

Now, why do we still write? absolutely, we don't type , we don't write more, let your eyes relax before go to next images for completely set after we build it in order to review for our honest visit customer.

Are you ready? here we go :



Our Verdict

Of all the police station sets the Lego Creator has put in good details in Lego 60047. Once again we are impressed by the creative thinking of this Lego set.

A really good police station set it is perfect for building a modular set especially the one that goes in the corner. A great addition to your Lego world the only off factor is the pricing. We find it little expensive for the parts it offers.

Overall it’s an excellent set. It's time for you to buy it ? We recommed amazon shopping for fast shipping and great support.

Please don't forget to leave comment with us, we are appreciate about any future comment

See you again in another review lego set .

Happy reading !


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