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LEGO City Police Helicopter Surveillance Building Set 60046 Review



We really like putting Legos together – apart from the Lego Star Wars sets, another one of our personal favorites would be the Lego City sets. We don’t quite know what it is, maybe it’s the fact we like having the ability to build our very own city from the ground up, but Lego City is extremely fun. For those of you that aren’t familiar, Lego City is a theme that Lego building sets are released under and they’re always popping up in Lego news. As you may have already guessed, Lego City sets are based on, well …city life. Each model depicts emergency and city services, like fire, police, construction, train, airport and even civilian services. Since the year 2005, Lego City has had various themes. While there are many amazing pieces released for the city, today, we are here to talk about Lego 60046 set, which is Lego City Police Patrol.

When we first saw this kit, we couldn’t take our eyes off of it – it has a little over 500 pieces and what we really like about it would be the fact that it offers a lot of playability. We were lucky enough to get this kit when it was on sale – if you’re looking for a good place to buy this set from, we recommend Amazon as they normally have it on sale, and sometimes, they even offer free shipping, which is a major bonus in our book

Now, let’s move forward to our review on the Lego 60046 set …



Looking at the box, we find that it is long and thin – it is obvious that there’s something good inside it.

Looking at the front of the box, if you’re a fan of Lego City sets, the picture is going to instantly captivate you. Flying above a building, you have a Police helicopter and right below it, you have a minifigure pushing a wheelbarrow full of something. There’s a police officer hanging from a rope outside of the helicopter – our guess is he’s getting ready to jump down on the burglars. There really is a whole lot going on in this picture - just look at it for yourself so you can see what we’re talking about.


Now, let’s flip the box over and see what’s going on on the back. On the back of the box, you’ll have a close up of the helicopter – we have to admit, it’s the helicopter that really won us over …there’s just something about it. Perhaps it’s because we have always had a thing for helicopters, ever since we were little. Anyhow, on the back of the box, you’ll see all of the action taking place. Here, you’ll learn about the different functions and all of that cool stuff.

Here, we have a picture just for you so that you can see what the back of the box looks like.


Inside the box, there’s a total of four numbered booklets containing the Lego building instructions. We really like how they included four separate books in this set for the Lego Instructions. Sometimes, Lego only puts one big book in a set and we don’t really like that, because we have a partner that likes to build next to us and working out of the same book is kind of hard. During these times, we make copies of the area he plans on working in. Fortunately, we don’t have to make any copies, because like we said, there’s four different books here and each one is packed full of instructions.

Here’s a picture of an instruction booklet:


To give you an idea, book one covers the pickup and two of the minifigures. Book two covers the hideout and the other three minifigures, while books three and four cover the helicopter build. Yes, the helicopter build takes two separate books and that is where the real fun begins for you.

The instructions are printed in the usual style, which we like, so there’s no complaints there – it’s just the right size for us to read – it’s neither too big nor too small. This set does come with a sheet of stickers and unfortunately, for some reason, Lego didn’t bother to protect it or tuck it into any of the booklets, so it’s kind of just there when you open up the box. Fortunately, it wasn’t crinkled for us, and was still in good condition, so we got lucky.


Digging in and looking at the parts, we can’t help but to notice many “classic” parts. We’re talking about 1x2x4 blocks, the wheels, the window bays and so on …you know, stuff that we remember from our childhood, but that’s fine, because it does a good job at taking us back in time and we believe that’s what they were aiming for. As for custom parts, you’re going to find quite a bit of those. Take the blades, for example, that’s a pretty cool custom part that you just have to see. A lot of the parts in this set are very useful.


Here’s a close up picture of the blades:



As for the minifigures, they look pretty cool and if we recall, they are unique to this set right here …we don’t remember seeing these minifigures in other sets. We can’t get over the pilot, who has some pretty cool aviator glasses on. As for the criminals, they’re wearing the classic striped prison garb and to us, they have that neat cartoonish look with beards/stubble and scars. The minifigures are really fun to mess around with.

The Build

Moving forward, we have the build, starting with the pickup, which is a straightforward build, but it does make a pretty cool little vehicle. It does a good job at fleshing out a City scene.

There’s also the hideout building, which we believe every city setting should have – right? The hideout building here is a solid build and it has some pretty neat play features, like a sliding door and opening door. Inside the building, there’s also a safe, which contains gold bars as well as $100 bills (those are the only printed item you’ll find in this set). We personally like how we can open and close the safe.


As for the actual building, that may take some concentration because the bricks will need to be placed a certain way and in a certain order. Personally, we found this a bit boring, but that’s okay.

Finally, we get to build the helicopter – we have been waiting for this the whole time as it really is the main component of the set. There’s a lot of stickers involved with this one and some of them can be extremely awkward to apply, like the “Police” across the tail or the “06” on the nose. If you have a little one putting this together, you may want to take over and apply the stickers, because seriously, some major concentration is needed in order to make sure the stickers are applied correctly.

The helicopter makes for some nice playability. On the left side, there’s a neat sliding door and at the back, there’s a folding ramp which is fun to play around with. There’s a knotted rope, so you can re-enact the classic hero pose of the hero hanging on a rope from the helicopter (something we saw on the cover of the box).

Unfortunately, we do have a couple of complaints, but nothing major. Let’s start with the wheels - the wheels are small and look as if they would collapse under the weight. Above the cockpit screen, we couldn’t help but to notice the two gaps – they don’t look good and we believe this could have been improved.





This is a really great build – the kit has some surprising weight to it and a nice design. The build is challenging, but at the same time, it’s engaging, which is good. For those of you that would like to take things a step further and continue building cool things after you build this set, we recommend Lego 60095, which is another Lego City. If you like Star Wars, then we recommend 75054, or if you feel like putting together a Superhero build, then we recommend lego 76023.

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