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LEGO City Police Swamp Police Station 60069 Review



It’s just a typical day at work at the Swamp Police station, when suddenly… A loud crash! And then there’s the alarm! The police later learn that a bunch of crooks have managed to carry out an epic jailbreak, by destroying the jailhouse door with the aid of a chain connected to their high-powered swamp boat.


With the Lego 60069 Swamp Police Station, taken from the Lego City series, you can help the policemen mobilize all of the units, dispatch the 4 x 4 off-roader, and even hop on that patrol boat to join the cops in their mission! It’s about high time that they catch those nefarious crooks and place them back where they belong – Behind bars at the Swamp Police Station.


This build contains six minifigures with all sorts of accessories included – The minifigures include four police officers, and a pair of crooks.


There’s a police station included in the 60069, which contains its own command room, a garage to get some fresh air, a police cell with a breakout function, a connecting bridge, a coffee machine, a radar dish, a police dog, a table, a chair, a fan, and a computer screen.


The crooks’ boat contains its own chair with an anchor attached to it. The police boat also has its own searchlight, alongside two lifebuoys. The accessories that come with the 60069 include two pairs of handcuffs, a crowbar, an axe, three kinds of walkie talkies, a pair of binoculars, a backpack, three banknotes, two snakes, and three glow-in-the-dark flies.


There’s a mechanism found in the build that allows you to rip open the jailhouse door and help the crooks escape. The vehicles can all be mobilized as well.


Meanwhile, the police station build with a raised antenna measures at least ten inches (27 centimeters) high, fifteen inches (39 centimeters) wide, and nine inches (25 centimeters) deep.

Without an antenna, the station has a measurement of over six inches (roughly 17 centimeters).


The police car that comes with the build measures over two inches (7 centimeters) high, five inches (13 centimeters) long, and two inches (6 centimeters) wide. The police boat has a measurement of at least 2 inches (6 centimeters) high, seven inches (19 centimeters) long, and 3 inches (8 centimeters) wide.


On the crooks’ side, their getaway boat measures over two inches (7 centimeters) high, four inches (11 centimeters) long, and one inch (4 centimeters) wide.


Lego fans first came into contact with the 60069 in an issue of the Lego Junior Club magazine. Children, who have always taken an interest in the Lego City series, caught the interest of the 60069 thanks to its overall looks and the fact that it’s so easy to assemble. They were so curious to play and enjoy this set overall. There was a particular fan who has purchased over 100 Lego sets and he was delighted to report that the Swamp Police Station was nicely designed, and carried a highly realistic design to it.


The chief officer’s room contains a computer and a chair – And despite its small size, the two of them were completely detailed as well. it even looks realistic. Even the jails where the prisoners are kept (and eventually escape from) also sport a lovely and well-thought design. All of the jail cells have one side where you can open it up and close it again. However, this doesn’t remove the fun aspect and functionality of the build, since you can always put it on display on a shelf, or get your children to play with the completed build. Apart from that, having one side of the jail cells opened up will also give you the opportunity to take a closer look at the details of the jail’s interior, since you can see it from the open side.


The crocodile accessory has got to be one of the better additions to the 60069. It includes a bit of thrill each time you play with this build or put it up on a shelf for show. The police jeep can be parked nicely right inside a covered porch. Meanwhile, both the police boat and the crooks’ boat contain two well-designed engines. This is actually a wonderful element in which you can break the jail open and help the thieves escape. The sides of the Swamp Police headquarters also contain pieces of rubber (constructed from worn out rubber tiles), as well as anchors to help these boats reach the dock.


This is a generally well-designed build and provides loads of great playing opportunities after you’re done building.

The set is equipped with over a hundred bricks that measure 1 x 4, as well as 1 x 2 bricks with side studs. These bricks are great for reuse and are also meant to be placed on the sides of the building. Tile pieces are contained here as well.

The Lego 60069 Swamp Police build delivers a brand new twist to the Lego City Police District. Aside from the pure improbability of this kind of setup happening in real life, the set in itself is absolutely fun to build, especially if you have children with you.


The build contains over six types of instructional manuals, each one dedicated to the three vehicles that come with the build, while the rest are for the main structure. All of these manuals come with a beautiful design to them, and perhaps last a tad bit longer than required in certain places, with only one portion being thrown into a step.


There are loads of brilliant parts here, which includes the brand new crocodile (or alligator) mold in a dark green hue, as well as loads of dark blue tiles measuring 1 x 2, 1 x 4, and 2 x 4 formatting. You can also find plenty of SNOT bricks in lighter shades of gray, so you can attach all of them nicely. The motorbike comes in a pearl silver and dark blue hue, and looks absolutely wonderful. Found on the right side of the structure are a bunch of 1 x 2 bricks in a lighter gray color, which accompany the garage door slot. The build includes four of them. You might be surprised to know that the slots don’t serve a main purpose in regards to the model, but it’s still one of the best ways to acquire a couple of unique parts. The wanted poster sticker that’s for the computer screen inside the office portion of the build practically includes a figure that slightly resembles bigfoot. Everything makes for a fun touch, and it’s all thanks to the build’s graphic designer.

The minifigures for the build include two robbers and two cops. All of them include great printing at the front and back side. There’s also a female police officer included here, and a female crook with a gorgeous orange hairpiece. The inclusion of both a female cop and a female robber in the build is just wonderful since it’s the best example of a current trend that goes towards bringing the female to male ratio in Legoland so much closer to the norm.

The build is split into four parts. The first one is for the fan boat, which goes together with a tiny chunk of land to store cash in. This is then followed soon after by the 4 x 4 police. Then comes the police station, which begins from the office side then goes on over to the holding cell part. And lastly, the police speedboat is responsible for evening things out. There’s nothing exclusive or fancy found inside this build, apart from the fact that there’s a wonderful trick to connecting the tires to the piers with a set of 5L chains. This whole thing brings about a great touch of pure realism from the build’s designers, and contributes greatly to the overall look of the build.

When you’re done assembling the build, the whole thing actually looks excellent, and is just as large as a police station inside a swamp – If there is such a thing. The whole radio antenna allows to make the set give off a rather substantial and solid feel to it, thanks to the inclusion of a police dog, an alligator, and a couple of snakes that help enhance the playability. Kids will truly enjoy building this set and getting to play with the 60069’s vehicles. The alligator figure also proved to be a major hit with these children. Another positive point here is that there isn’t a helicopter sandwiched right inside this build, which commonly happens in most Lego City builds nowadays.

Thanks to its truck, the two boats, and the motorbike, the Lego 60069 Swamp Police Station does provide plenty of playability, along with the accompanying jail cell with the trap door located in the build’s roof, and the tear-away wall portion at the front side. But even though there are loads of nice parts found inside this build, it does feel a bit on the pricey side – It costs over $90 but there’s only 700 parts included.

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