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LEGO CITY Prison Island 60130 Review


Lego 60130 – Catch These Crooks Before They Escape From Prison Island!


The Lego 60130 Prison Island build really showcases the creativity of Lego manufacturers, and their interest in crime-related scenarios. The 60130 prison build is proof that every builder here does have a childish, whimsical side to them, and they have all taken great efforts to help Lego fans and enthusiasts from across the globe experience the same brand of fun that they’re currently having. The number one reason why we always have this belief is due to all of the secret functions that they include in every build, such as floating boats in blue bricks, a secret sewer escape, or even big security cameras that double as a type of bazooka weapon.


It’s really no surprise that the Lego creative team has placed tons of effort in making their builds look as realistic as possible, as they like placing many details in their builds, including tiny mugs and coffee machines in café-related builds.


The minifigures included inside the 60130 are four robbers (three male, one female), and three police officers (two male and one female). Two of the robber figures are clad in prison garb, while the remaining two are dressed in black overcoats, with black and blue shirts and pants. The police are wearing the standard Lego minifigure police uniform, however, one of the minifigures dons leather flying gear over his. The minifigures all have nicely detailed back prints, and some have prints on their legs as well.


There are five parts that come with the 60130 – A rubber boat, a police helicopter, a hot air balloon, and lastly, the prison build. The boats come in two colors: Green and black. The green boat belongs to the robbers, and looks similar to a small dinghy. Meanwhile, the larger boat belongs to the cops, and looks like a yacht or a speedboat.


The police boat build is a small build, requiring only fifty pieces for you to assemble. It takes at least five minutes for you to construct the whole thing. And despite its short building time, it still possesses a highly-detailed look to it, and comes in a pretty big size, with a large black piece for its base.


On the other hand, the robbers’ boat resembles a tiny green dinghy, made up of 13 blocks. This is a tiny boat indeed, but we think it’s got a more realistic look as compared to the police boat. That’s because it’s got its own anchor accessory, and a nice base block. Despite that though, there’s only enough space for two robbers, and there’s not much room to fit all figures.


The helicopter’s got the same with and length, and even has the same size as the police boat. It’s got plenty of amazing details, and highly playable – We recommend this set for children, since it’s got lots of fun and unique features including rotating rotors. It’s even got a tiny space made for handcuffs. However, just like the robbers’ boat, there’s not much space inside the helicopter to be able to squeeze in all of your police or robber figures – Perhaps the only unrealistic aspect of this build.


Next segment is the hot air balloon – In our personal opinion, the hot air balloon looks slightly out of place when it comes to this build, but maybe the robbers can use it as a means of escaping, or the cops can use it in turn, to track the robbers down and put them in jail. Nevertheless, the hot air balloon itself looks spectacular, and has a very accurate look. We have not seen a hot air balloon build since the Lego 60104. Much like most of the segments, it’s filled with loads of designs, and seems large especially when you compare it to the helicopter and the police boat. This is highly accurate in itself, since in real life, hot air balloons are much larger as compared to a helicopter and a police boat.


There’s also the prison, the main highlight of the entire Lego 60130 build. It’s got a wide assortment of features here, ranging from that gigantic radar dish on the roof, to its sewers found below. The additional details of the build, including the coffee machine and even the toilet, make the prison even more realistic – Not to mention, better. One of the only problems we can think of when it comes to this build is that there’s absolutely no room for roll calling, and you can’t even check if the prison cells have occupants in them. Another thing we noticed were the lack of CCTV cameras, which makes it easy for these cunning robber minifigures to do nefarious things while the police aren’t watching.


According to the Lego 60130 instructions, the entire Prison Island set has 754 pieces. The prison in question has two stories, both floors filled with loads of detailing – Almost similar to how a real prison looks like.


The prison cell build has a watch tower, prison cells, a control room, a gym, search lights, and a security camera to boot. There’s also dock, sewer escape routes for the robbers, and even trap doors for added drama in your scenarios. The tiny green boat and the hot air balloon is the main target of your robber minifigures, wanting to reach either one so they can make their grand escape. This is the reason why cops must keep an eye on these crooks to catch them, before they could escape the prison for good.


The main building has its own warning lights and a huge satellite, and is home to the police offices with a giant prison cell found below. The second part has a singular, smaller jail cell with the main escape hatch. Also found here are an electronic control room found on the base below, where the cops can gain access to the power supply and alarm in case the robbers make a break for it. You can assist these cops in helping catch these crooks or make sure they don’t leave their jail cells. And watch out for the hungry sharks when attempting to escape via boat!


In total, Prison Island has six manuals, and we think the set itself is pretty easy to construct. It’s also got plenty of play value amongst all the other Lego City sets, allowing you (or young children) to explore their strategy-making skills and creativity, as you try to find ways for your minifigures to break out of prison. Its price makes it the perfect holiday gift for boys and girls of all ages. It’s also got an interesting and fresh look to it, which can surely grab your attention, even if you’re not even a fan of Lego builds or Lego sets 2017 in the first place.


Prison Island was first launched on January 2016 along with the Lego 60110, and has received plenty of acclaim from both Lego collectors and critics alike. This just proves that it’s a highly-recommended build that makes your children’s imagination run wild.


You can purchase the Lego 60130 build at Amazon or other leading online stores. The cheapest price is at $71.00, but of course it still depends on which store you buy it from. We think it’s definitely worth every penny – It’s got an exclusive building design, and is filled to the brim with all sorts of details. In other words, this build is just fantastic. Lego has truly done a brilliant job in regards to the Prison Island build – And despite its repetitive look and feel (Lego 70912 is another prison-themed build), the details and play value all make up for it.


Dimensions measure 18.9 x 14.9 x 3.7 in inches. The set weighs a total of 4.2 lbs. Prison cell dimensions are 12 x 13 x 10 inches, boat dimensions are 1 x 3 x 3 inches, and 3 x 1 x 1 inches. The Lego Prison Island build lets you keep those nefarious crooks in jail, away from civilization and with cops watching close by. The prison cell has two stories with a yard and a jail cell, alongside a helicopter with its own helipad, a hot air balloon, two boats, and eight minifigures. You can assist the police in catching these criminals in case they make their grand escape plan. And on the other hand, you can help these crooks look for a way to escape, working out in the prison yard and opening up the cell to assist them in their getaway. Both you and the police must be on high alert to be able to catch these criminals as they slip through the smelly sewers and get to the boat or hot air balloon on time. Jump in the helicopter and prevent these crooks from escaping Prison Island.

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