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Lego City Sets

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LEGO CITY Prison Island 60130 Review

The Lego 60130 Prison Island build really showcases the creativity of Lego manufacturers, and their interest in crime-related scenarios. The 60130 prison build is proof that every builder here does have a childish, whimsical side to them, and they have all taken great efforts to help Lego fans and enthusiasts from across the globe experience the same brand of fun that they’re currently having. Continue Reading View and buy it

LEGO City 60124 Volcano Exploration Base Building Kit Review

Lego’s Volcano Explorers line has got to be this year’s adventure and action-themed build from the Lego City sets series. This series aims to bring out the Lego townsfolk from the comfort of their own homes, and straight into a brand new adventure. The range of builds in this series five regular retail sets, a store-exclusive set, and one polybag. The Lego 60124 has got to be the biggest one of the entire lot. Continue Reading View and buy it

LEGO City Volcano Heavy-lift Helicopter 60125 Review

We have already discussed plenty of Lego City sets, but we decided that it’s a great idea to talk about the brand new Lego 60125, which is included in Lego’s line of volcano-themed sets. Lego only recently started making these sets (the last one being Lego 60052) – We like to think of it as a mixture of the Lego Power Miners and Lego City Arctic sets. Continue Reading View and buy it

LEGO CITY Fire Station 60110 Review

Now here’s a Lego set that’s surely worth purchasing if you’ve got an extra bit of space in your home for another fire station build – The Lego 60110! This is another build from the Lego City collection, and is probably one of their biggest builds from this set so far, according to lots of Lego news Websites and review blogs. It’s got at least 900 pieces, which, apart from the big building, help you to construct a fire rescue truck, a small helicopter, and a small car for one of its minifigures. Continue Reading View and buy it

LEGO City Airport 60104 Airport Passenger Terminal Building Kit Review

Lego 60104 is now Boarding! There are many reasons as to why we were honestly delighted after learning that Lego has finally made a new airport build. First, plenty of Lego City builds contain a subtheme that didn’t involve firemen or policemen, and second, this was the first set launched after the highly successful Friends builds, which included the Lego 41109 Heartlake City Airport, alongside the Lego 60130 build. Continue Reading View and buy it

LEGO City Town 60097 City Square Building Kit Review

The Lego 60097 – City Square has got to be one of the best Lego releases of 2015. And not only that, this also just happens to be one of the company’s largest releases in history, according to plenty of Lego news sites! It contains a brick model of a Lego store with its own Lego delivery truck, as well as a car dealership store and a service center that includes three vehicles and a tow-truck. Continue Reading View and buy it

LEGO City Space Port 60080 Spaceport Building Kit Review

If you’re like us and you enjoy the thought of NASA’s Space Shuttle, love everything about outer space and have a knack for putting Legos together, then we have just the thing for you (something we personally enjoyed). It’s the Lego 60080 set, which is the iconic Space Shuttle orbiter. We first discovered this set while we were reading Lego news and ever since then, this one right here has captured out attention. Continue Reading View and buy it