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LEGO City Space Port 60079 Training Jet Transporter Building Kit Review



The Lego 60079 is a portion of the Lego City Space sub-themed sets. This build is also known as the Lego Training Jet Transporter. The set includes 448 pieces, and is sold for over $49.99. This build comes out to at least $0.11 piece per ratio. The box is comprised of over five numbered bags, sticker sheets, three types of instruction booklets, as well as a loosened chassis piece meant for its trailer.


Three minifigures have been included in the set – Namely, the service person, the driver, as well as the pilot. The driver is clad in blue overalls, which he wears over a light blue shirt. There’s also a black undershirt underneath all that. He’s got a completely bearded face, and dons a red cap.

The female minifigure wears an orange safety vest, which is decorated by metallic silver prints for the vest, which lines up both sides of her torso. She looks happy to be doing her job. Her hairpiece is short and wavy light brown hair.

The third minifigure, also known as the pilot, is wearing the typical Lego pilot space suit that most astronaut and pilot minifigures wear. His torso also has some lovely printing on it, which includes the logo located on both sides. But contrary to his predecessors, he does not come equipped with an airtank piece. Rather, he’s only wearing a visor and a white helmet.


There are four main segments when it comes to building up the 60079. The first one of these deals is with a small yellow service car that looks similar to those service cars that you see inside airports. At the front side are a couple of orange safety lights, in which the sides of the car include aircraft marshalling wands. Meanwhile, the backside of the car has a spot specifically reserved for a wrench piece. And lastly, there’s an area on the car that’s built for an Octane-colored fuel tank.


We move on to the second portion of the build, also known as the truck. It’s got a very lovely look to it, thanks to its blue, white, and red color scheme. Its outer appearance generally matches up to the color scheme found in the Lego Space logo. Meanwhile, the truck’s look bears a rather strong resemblance to the Peterbilt brand of semi-trucks. As much as this truck looks wonderful, there are a couple of things here that even die-hard Lego fans didn’t like. One of the main comments about the truck build is that it doesn’t include any seats for minifigures. So if you want to place a minifigure inside the truck, he’s going to have to just sit on top of the plate instead. Another thing that people have noticed about the 60079’s truck was the fact that the backside lacked some kind of décor to it. Sure, the cool details are all found on the truck’s front and sides, but after you get past that, you try to find the remainder of the details at the rear end.


After the semi-truck build, we now move on to the third segment: The trailer. This is an accompanying piece to the truck. There’s not much details found in this particular segment, apart from the fact that it’s got back wheels connected to it, as well as the area to position the Training Jet portion on. These are all held tightly thanks to orange clamp pieces. Apart from that, this segment feels slightly dull.


The aforementioned Training Jet is the final portion of this four-part build. Much like the semi-truck, which, as discussed earlier looks similar to a Peterbilt truck, the Training Jet part has a bit of a resemblance to the Northrop T-38 Talon jet from NASA. One of the bigger differences between the two is that the Lego version has its own set of wings which you can fold in either an inwards or outwards direction, depending on which mode you want it to be – Whether the plane itself is about to take off, or if it’s being moved somewhere else. The Training Jet’s cockpit windshield can also be opened in a forwards direction, instead of just backwards – Much like in real-life jets, or Lego jet builds, for that matter. There are also plenty of stickers that can give the jet loads of details. These include the ones that you can stick beneath the jet’s cockpit area, on its wings, and lastly, the Space logo on the vehicle’s tailfin.


All in all, the Lego 60079 Space Training Jet Transporter is a wonderful set in general – Because it involved four vehicles in just one build. One of the better parts of constructing this set was, surprisingly, not the Training Jet build because of its set features – But the semi-truck build. This is the one that stands out amongst all of the four builds. The semi-truck possesses a really nice look, despite the shortcomings before. Meanwhile, the Training Jet itself doesn’t look too bad either. However, it doesn’t do enough to make it stand out from its fellow builds, which is a disappointment because it’s supposed to be the star of the show.


The Lego 60079 is only one part of a huge set coming from the Lego City series. This particular build was released in 2015. There are four sets in total. The last time that Lego has released a legitimate space-themed build was in 2011, and it’s actually quite interesting to make a comparison as to how Lego has since dealt with the space theme after this set of builds.


In 2011, Lego also released four space-themed builds: Namely, the Lego 3365 Space Moon Buggy, the Lego 3366 City Satellite Launch Pad, the Lego 3357 City Space Shuttle, and lastly, the Lego 3368 City Space Center. The first two builds were small ones with one vehicle meant for younger kids, while the others were massive. Later on, Lego managed to release an even tinier build: The Lego 30016 City Satellite.


The same number of builds applies to the 2015 version, with the smallest of the lot being the Lego 60077 City Space Starter set. There’s loads of randomized items that were meant for space ground support, as well as four types of minifigures.


An interesting thing that people have noticed when comparing the 2011 builds and the 2015 ones was that they almost bear the same look and feel – Especially the Spaceport and the Space Shuttle builds. Perhaps the only main difference between the two was the fact that this time, the 2015 ones carry a set of booster rockets, as well as an attached fuel tankage. There’s also a mobile launch-pad. So everything is more detailed now as compared to before. These new models are enjoyable in itself, but some people are still uncertain if the revamped details of the build will justify the much-needed pricing. The Space Shuttle build contains 231 pieces, and costs $30 per set (an estimated 13 cents per piece). Meanwhile, the Lego City Spaceport has a total of 596 pieces, and costs 20 cents with every piece. This build actually holds the record for being one of the most expensive sets ever produced by the toy company, as far as the pricing and pieces are concerned.

So many fans of these Lego builds are trying their very best to understand the faults of the company, and have cited the use of dozens of brand new large pieces as the main reason why these new sets just keep on getting more and more expensive. However, other fans feel that Lego is supposed to be the one who’s managing spreading out the cost of the bricks, especially in regards to the brand new specialized pieces better. They should just do this instead of just stuffing these themed builds into one huge set, and make it very expensive. Of course, it’s all up to the buyer to see if these City sets are all worth the cash, or not. If you still want to buy your own Lego sets but is also willing to wait until these sets go on sale, then good – Because it will go on sale sooner or later. A price tag of around $80 would be completely reasonable for sets of this magnitude.

Apart from the pricing, these sets look absolutely amazing, especially the Lego 60079. One of the things that fans enjoy about this build was the stark contrast of the white against the dark orange and black shades, which gives the build the illusion that it’s an actual space shuttle. Another likeable feature of the build is its mobile launching pad. Even though this set comes with highly playable features, it also looks nice when it’s simply on display. This is pretty much akin to a more play-friendly and tinier version of the Lego 10231 Exclusive Shuttle Expedition display set, which also came out in 2011.

The 60079 Training Jet Transporter looks the same as the other transporter sets in the same line, but this time, it’s a training ground meant for astronauts. Even if you’re not planning on installing a complete space station inside your City build, you can still get this build to pass through the city roads.

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