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LEGO City Town 60097 City Square Building Kit Review


Lego 60097 – Take your Minifigures out Into the City with the Massive City Square Build



The Lego 60097 – City Square has got to be one of the best Lego releases of 2015. And not only that, this also just happens to be one of the company’s largest releases in history, according to plenty of Lego news sites! It contains a brick model of a Lego store with its own Lego delivery truck, as well as a car dealership store and a service center that includes three vehicles and a tow-truck. The build does not stop there – Also included are a tram with its own tram-stop, a small coffee shop, and fourteen minifigures that can freely roam around the square and enjoy whatever it has to offer.


First, we need to talk about the Lego shop found inside the build. It’s definitely one of the more interesting segments of the entire set. This actually marks the very first time that Lego has built a replica based on their own store (it was later followed by the Lego 60124).


And it’s not just a tiny stall – It’s a full-sized Lego shop! Another unique feature with the Lego brick store is that the boxes shown in the shop’s windows have their own printed tiles, as compared to previous models where you have to place a sticker on them – The Lego 60010 comes to mind.


Another nice touch to the Lego brick store is the addition of the Lego delivery truck, since plenty of owners, especially little children, will be able to appreciate the entire setup’s play value. And not only that, it also enhances their imagination. You can place in the tiny toy Lego boxes inside the truck and have them shipped over to the shop, or display them at the shop’s window.


It’s not just the entire build that is lovingly decorated with details – We also liked how the minifigures looked. There are fourteen minifigures in total, as mentioned earlier. This includes two store employees with nice printing on both the front and back side of their torsos, as well as a gorgeous Lego Futuron minifigure, with a brand new torso print. For those who are new to Lego collecting, or if you’re too young to remember Lego’s history, Lego created the Futuron set during the late 80s. All of the minfigures from these space-themed builds wore a green space suit which had a zipper print going right across the chest. This was accompanied by Lego’s former Classic Space logo. During its first incarnation though, the minifigures never had green torsos, so the 2015 Futuron minifigure is a pretty big deal. This does remind us of the minifigures from the Lego Classic Space builds from 2011 such as the Lego 60095 and the Lego 60051, and in particular, the Lego 21109 Ideas Exo Suit build. We think that the 2015 Futuron minifigure is going to bring in thousands of bucks if sold on eBay.


Another well-known part of the whole 60097 build is the Lego City Square Tram, along with its accompanying tram-stop. Both of them look absolutely incredible, so to speak. It’s got a stunning orange and black color scheme, with large windows, and a swiveling mid-section.


We also like the fact that you can use this tram to transport several of your minifigures and smaller vehicles like bikes. This makes the truck a good choice for getting around in the entire City Square. Several reviews have mentioned that this tram also works nicely on Lego’s own train tracks, especially if you have it motorized. Meanwhile, the tram comes with its own tram-stop. Accompanying this segment is a tree and a self-service ticket machine.


Moving on to the next portion of the build, which is the car dealership and truck segment. This is perhaps the biggest out of all the parts found in the whole Lego 60097 City Square build. It’s so big, in fact, that it’s got its own two parts – The service station and car dealership build.


The dealership is large enough to be able to handle two vehicles while on display. You can even disconnect it from the service station – It all depends on your preferred setup. A third car is also included here, so you will be able to receive and deal with lots of vehicles inside this segment. As for the build itself, we like how the service station looks. Not only is it simple, it also works nicely and is cohesive when you put it together with other segments.



Another well-designed vehicle here is the tow-truck. In fact, we can’t even think of a single vehicle in the City Square set that was made in poor taste.

One more nice addition to the set is the Lego City Square Coffee Shop. This particular build represents the same coffee shop seen in the blockbuster hit The Lego Movie, released in the same year as the Lego 60097. The coffee shop has its own tiny coffee machine, a seating area, a picnic table, and coffee mugs. The minfigure paired up with this build sports a female version of The Lego Movie barista’s own torso, a small aspect that will surely be enjoyed by both fans of the film and the build.


According to the back of its box, the 60097 City Square build comes with plenty of extras. This includes a pizza delivery minifigure riding a red scooter, a red bicycle, a hotdog cart accessory, and a husky figure that previously showed up in one of the Lego City Arctic builds, such as the lego 60047 and the Lego 60104.



There’s also a small news station helicopter vehicle, which fits one minifigure nicely. Despite its small size, it’s got a nice design and filled with plenty of details.


The back of the box also mentions the fourteen different minifigures that come with this set, and half of them are actually exclusive to the build. For instance, there’s the previously-mentioned Futuron minifigure and Lego store employee minifigures, as well as a pizza delivery guy minfigure, a female barista minifigure for the coffee shop segment, and lastly, the helicopter pilot which you can also use as a driver for the land vehicles. That’s quite a lot of minifigures, but it’s already a given since this set is just enormous. Apart from those, there are two regular children minifigures (represented by their short legs), and three female minifigures.


All in all, we think that the Lego 60097 City Square build has an excellent design, and has been well-thought out by its creators. It’s got a pretty great level of pure complexity and detail, versus other previously-released Lego City models. There are also dozens of brand new elements thrown in, including the huge windows found on the tram segment, or even the brand new style mud-guards found in both the Lego trucks and tow truck builds.


In total, the piece count for the Lego 60097 is 16833 pieces. It costs $189.99, so we suggest that you think twice before purchasing – And if you do, make sure to save up. The number of pieces here is slightly higher instead of the usual ten cents per piece. But when you think about it, that’s not too bad at all – Especially since the build itself looks very modular, and you can build it up in almost any configuration. Another thing to consider here is that the build in its entirety has a high play-value.

The issue here is if anyone is willing to shell out nearly $200 bucks for this set. So if you can get it at a valuable price, or if it goes on sale at a favorite Lego store or toy store, then you have to seize the opportunity and buy it straight away. If not, then we suggest saving up your cash and purchase it during the holiday season, or as a birthday present for yourself. After all, it’s a Lego City set – It’s not like it’s going to disappear from the market after a couple of months unlike other limited-edition builds.

In regards to the fun factor of the whole set, there isn’t much to say – The amount of minifigures in this build guarantees that both kids and adults alike will have a blast with this set. You can also place the minifigures in random places, creating different storylines or situations with every segment of the build.

The 60097 is a solid build with a solid arrangement of minifigures. If you do decide to dismantle the build, you will be able to use the scraps for your other builds.

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