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LEGO City Town 60132 Service Station Building Kit Review



When Lego initially announced that they had plans of releasing an Octan Service Station, also known as a ‘servo’, so many fans were thrilled. A lot of Lego fans have always dreamed of owning an Octan Gas Station (the 6397 Gas ‘N Wash Express build, to be specific) however, this build left the stores too quickly since it was only released in limited quantities.


Luckily, Lego has decided to give these fans another chance by releasing the Lego 60132 Service Station build, which is sure to fulfill their own childhood dreams. If some fans were being honest, they felt a tad bit underwhelmed by all of the recent Lego City builds this past month. This is mostly because of the lack of both commercial and residential builds coming from the same theme. Not a lot of fans are thrilled about the fact that Lego City keeps releasing the same, repetitive, and boring iterations of trucks, cars, and Police Stations.


So is the Lego 60132 able to fill in the void of missing buildings for your Lego City build? And does it live up to the hype?


The Lego contains 515 pieces and four minifigures in total. It was released in 2016, and costs over $89.99.


Despite the fact that so many Lego fans were utterly delighted at the idea of a new Octan Service Station, a lot of them mentioned that they were a tad bit underwhelmed once Lego ended up releasing preview photos of the build online. Some even mentioned that the build was overpriced. As mentioned earlier, the 60132 contains over 515 pieces. Some fans were left feeling confused whenever they tried to make sense of whether the build was completely worth its rather hefty price tag.


However, the most loyal Lego City fans decided to push through with the whole thing and ended up purchasing the build anyway, all because of the fact that it’s an Octan Service Station build. And despite that, the build itself doesn’t even look that bad anyway. Apart from that, everyone was actually curious as to how the whole thing looked like when assembled.


One of the main features of the 60132 was that it’s basically two sets in one – The set also comes with a whole host of instructions, in which you can even construct an alternative model which contains a car wash feature and a repair garage. But the question remains: Do these two builds justify the 60132’s high price tag?

But before we can hop on straight into the build, we will take a look at the sticker sheet first. The good news about this is that there are loads of rectangular and square stickers which you can apply on the bricks pretty easily. The bad news is that there are lots and lots of stickers included here.

When it comes to a set that costs over 100 bucks, the 60132 contains only four minifigures, and none of them are exclusive or possess a unique look to them. There’s a station attendant, a tow truck driver, a mechanic, and a female civilian. These minifigures are the ones that you would pretty much expect from a Lego City set, so it shouldn’t be too surprising.

There’s an improvement in regards to the look of these minifigures – All of them sport lighter blue Octan torsos. All of them come from the brand new 2016 addition to the builds, and look absolutely amazing. The lady minifigure’s torso, despite the fact that it’s a common minifigure part, also looks wonderful on her. Everyone likes how normal and casual it looks on her despite its simplicity, and it even goes well with her white top and green jacket.

All four of them also contain back printing, which is great. The back printing of the gas station attendant is perhaps the best one out of all of them, since he’s got a walkie-talkie peeking out from his belt. Meanwhile, the Octan gas station attendants also show off their company’s logo at the back of their uniforms.


One of the first parts that you’ll get to assemble with the 60132 is a very, very tiny tow truck. This truck looks very small, and could be compared to a child’s toy truck instead of a Lego build. Naturally, since it’s so small, you will only be able to squeeze in at least one person at the driver’s seat, while another minifigure can hang out from behind.

You can find clips on each sides of the tow truck. Meanwhile, a wrench and an axe are connected to the mechanic to fix up several repairs.

Technically, the tow truck build isn’t that exciting, if being honest. In fact, according to one fan, the truck itself doesn’t contribute anything to the set, thanks to its small size. For fans who are still new to the concept of Lego builds, the truck might end up serving its purpose to increase the full playability in regards to the set. However, Lego’s own tow trucks aren’t exactly the best builds out there, if you think about it – This is especially noticeable if you have been collecting or building Lego or Lego City trucks for a very long time now. Trucks aren’t necessarily Lego City’s strongest point. In fact, it’s a big possibility that you might have already constructed or spotted a better Lego tow truck, which you can use as a substitute instead of the one in this build.


The Octan Service Station signboard is the next part of the build itself. It’s a plain yet highly important part of the build – And it’s really effective too. The signboard is very tall, measuring around 13 inches. It carries the Octan lego and the company’s colors. This part requires you to add in a couple of stickers to it, including the station’s operating hours, the Octan logo, and the icons for both varieties of petrol pumps. There’s also a charging station for electric cars and other vehicles.

We now move on to the second bag of bricks, these bricks are supposed to form a dark red car owned by the female civilian figure. Once again, this vehicle is very tiny and compact, which can only seat one minifigure (namely, the female civilian). Much like the truck, this tiny car is very uninteresting, with the exception of its gorgeous color scheme – A rather stunning and rare shade of dark red.

Similar to the tow truck, the car looks very similar to the ones used by the police in most Lego City builds. it’ll also remind you of the convertible from the Lego 60017 build. Although it’s completely understandable that the build associated with this car is a service station, it’ll still make plenty of sense to include in a car refueling itself at the pump. However, in real life, there would be more than one vehicle that could perform this type of function.

That aside, this whole thing still makes perfect sense and completely fits in nicely with the entire build, as compared to the tow truck.


The last vehicle included in the 60132 is the street sweeper – This is actually a pretty common sight in most Lego City builds, as well as around town – Its first iteration showed up in the early 90s. Many fans are thankful that Lego ended up retaining those bright yellow colors, along with the sweeper at the front side.


This whole build is very simple and cute, and totally hits all of the nostalgic spots for those who grew up playing with Lego blocks during the 90s. The street sweeper truly does belong in a Lego City build. It’s the most advanced version of the vehicle so far, especially considering that it’s been more than a decade since Lego has created a proper yellow street sweeper vehicle. This part of the 60132 is really delightful.

We will now be taking a closer look at the finished build. There are dozens of little details that all contribute to it being a really amazing build. There are also features surrounding the gas station, which we will be taking a closer look at.

Hidden at one side of the Octan Service Station is a charging station for electric vehicles. This just proves that the set is forward-thinking, and completely fits a build created in 2016, since electric vehicles are now becoming more common in real life. If you have children at home, then this build is a great way for you to get them familiarized with the good alternatives to fossil fuels, and serves as a fantastic educational tool for parents everywhere.

As for the charging station itself, its overall look is pretty simple. There’s a good number of stickers meant for a display, an icon with an electric symbol on a gasoline pump, as well as a number pad. There aren’t any electric vehicles found inside this set for you to take complete advantage of the charging station itself, so you must improvise a bit to see it in action.

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