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LEGO City Town Fun in the Park - City People Pack 60134 Building Toy Review



For years, we have followed Lego news and always enjoyed hearing about the different types of Lego sets coming out. We personally enjoy the Lego City Sets, along with the Lego Star Wars Sets, but from time to time, we step outside and take part in some of the sets on the outside. Regardless of what we’re putting together, when we’re putting Legos together, there’s just something about them that relaxes us – this is why it is one of our biggest hobbies. If you have ever had the opportunity to put a Lego set together, surely you must know where we are coming from. At the end of a stressful day, putting together a Lego set, like the Lego 40256 set (a car), if you have a love for puzzles, you’ll see just how good it does at relieving your stress.

If you stepped inside of our hobby room, you’d see shelves full of Lego sets that we have put together and we plan on that amount of sets growing. That is because we put together Lego sets almost every day in order to help relieve stress. If it were left up to us, our entire living room would be decorated with Legos. The latest set we put together was the Lego 60134 set. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the Lego 60134 set, this is Fun in the Park and it definitely show a beautiful and exciting day in Lego City Park.

For a while, we anticipated the arrival of the Lego 60134 set. The baby minifig is one of our favorites and the little wheelchair makes it stand out from the crowd – there are many other features, which we will be telling you about later in this review.

For so long, we wanted this set (starting when we first learned about it) and after putting it together, we must say, we have no regrets about buying it and putting time into putting it together. Yes, it was a little bit on the pricey side, but it was well worth it – we haven’t checked in a while, but the price may be lower than what we originally paid for it.

Overall, the scene that unfolds in front of you as you’re putting it together is amazing. We couldn’t help but to notice there was a large amount of details being put into the design. There’s the hot dog bun siting at the food cart and a bucket for the painter to us just to name a few. Everything on the block is highly versatile – honestly, when it comes to storytelling, the possibilities are almost endless (we will tell you a story in a bit as a minifigure in the set walks through the park so that you can see what we’re talking about. You can even arrange things differently in the park in order to shake things up a bit and make a new and exciting display if you’re tired of the old display.

Here’s a picture of the hot dog stand:



Fun in the Park-City People Pack doesn’t really use anything special on the back of the box – they use the normal blue borders and the city Logo. The scene that is depicted in the box is the opposite. Life really is booming in the park shown. Children are playing soccer, employees are cleaning the grounds, and a grandfather is helping his grandkids on the merry-go-round. On the top, you’ll find a roster of minifigures that is available with the set.

Flipping it over to the back of the box, you’ll find that the designers came up with a genious way of displaying different events of the set through pictures.

Here’s a picture of the front of the box:



Here’s a picture of the back of the box:


Lego Building Instructions

As for the Lego Building Instructions, the Lego instructions are separated into a total of three books. We like how the spread the Lego Building Instructions across three different books, so you can easily work with a friend to get everything done. Yes, all of those Lego Building Instructions could have been built into one, but maybe the Lego team feels as if people (like us) work with a partner to put the sets together. We noticed with many Lego sets 2016, they managed to spread Lego instructions across multiple books and that is good Lego news.

Here’s a picture of the box, along with the Lego Building Instructions:





There are some pretty cool features that you may be interested in as well. Take the merry-go-round as an example – it is very cool. The soccer goal is also a nice addition to the set and we believe you’ll like it, especially if you enjoy soccer. There’s also a stroller that we feel has been wonderfully thought out and can easily become one of the favorite parts of the set. Of course, there’s the ever so popular wheelchair, which really is just as amazing as it’s made out to be. The wheelchair is a great element that has been added to this set and we really could not imagine the set without it.

We couldn’t help but to notice that some reviewers have dismissed this Lego set as being an overpriced minifigure pack with mediocre minifigures. Honestly, we wouldn’t see why someone would say that about this Lego set, but everyone is different and we are all entitled to our own opinions. There’s three other popular sets – Lego 75054, Lego 60095 and Lego 76023 that we really enjoyed, but for some reason, some people didn’t seem to enjoy them as much. Out of those three, Lego 75054 set was our favorite, because we are a major Star Wars fan and who could turn down something from Star Wars? Lego 60095 is a Lego City, while Lego 76023 is a Superhero. All three of those sets can be found sitting on our shelf right in front of us.


An Introduction to the Minifigures in this Set


Now, let’s get down to business and get back to the Lego 60134 set. Seriously, aren’t you curious to see what this set is all about?

It really is a stunning day in the Lego City park. With this set, your tour of the park is being viewed through the eyes of a businesswoman – this woman decided to take a walk through the part to make it to the bus stop so that she could make it to her afternoon meeting.

When she first starts her walk, she starts out admiring the foliage that is in the park. This businesswoman is wearing a nice clean white shirt with a blue blazer – the blue blazer is a great addition, if we must add. Detailing for her clothes is on the back and front of her torso – there’s neat little buttons on both the blazer and the shirt, as well as silver piping on the lapels. Looking at her face, you will see some stylish glasses (this is one of the first things we noticed about her) and she is wearing lipstick, but it’s not too bright, which is a good thing. As for her hair, that is swept up into an elegant hairstyle and she is carrying a briefcase …if she wasn’t carrying a briefcase, we would just assume she’s visiting the park, but since she has a briefcase in her hands, we assume she is going to a business meeting, which would make sense.


During her walk, she comes across the individual that is responsible for the beautiful foliage that is scattered throughout the park – that would be the groundskeeper. The groundskeeper is a female and she has green overalls on that are very detailed – underneath those green overalls, she is wearing a red shirt that is printed on both the front and the back. We really like how Lego put some extra detail in to their minifigures and took time to add details to the front and back of them. The groundskeeper has her hair swept up into a long messy ponytail – you know, the type of hairstyle you would wear if you planned on doing some hard work outside.

How does the groundskeeper keep her grass all mowed in the park? She uses a lawnmower, of course. Once we added wheels to the lawnmower, unfortunately, it wasn’t’ able to roll around on its own, which gave a whole need meaning to the term “push mower.”

Here’s a picture of the employee mowing:


After the businesswoman has taken the time to properly greet the groundskeeper, she passes an older couple sitting on the park bench – these two are watching the scene unfolding in front of them. It’s safe to assume that these are grandparents supervising a couple of their grandchildren that are nearby playing in the park.

Looking at grandpa, he looks pretty elegant with his white shirt with argyle sweater on top. Unfortunately, unlike the first two minifigures we discussed, grandpa here doesn’t have any form of printing on the back. He does have a distinguished horn rim glasses and white mustache.

Sitting next to him, you have grandma. She is wearing a buttoned up cardigan that does have printing on both the front and back. Personally, we don’t understand why grandpa is the one left with no printing on the back. Grandma is wearing a pair of glasses, which are dainty and has a fabulous hairdo going on.

Here’s a picture of the grandparents sitting in the park:



Next, you come to an introduction with the children. The first child the businesswoman comes across is a little boy who is wearing a baseball shirt in a variety of colors and different color arms. Based on the figure on his shirt, he is aspiring to be an astronaut, which is a pretty good goal. Looking at his face, it appear to be a little crunched up, like he is concentrating on something. He has some nice freckles and is wearing a baseball cap on his head.

This little boy is playing football with a little girl that is wearing a pink striped sleeveless top. We don’t recall seeing many people wearing sleeveless tops in the Lego world before, so this may be a first time for us. The little girl is also wearing glasses to protect her eyes from the bright sun that is shining down on the beautiful park.

Here’s some additional pictures of the minifigures:



All in all, we believe this Lego 60134 set is a great choice – it would be something good for you to sit down with the little ones with and put together. There’s so much going on inside this set, so once it’s put together, you’re going to have a lot of fun.


We’re going to leave you with a picture of the businesswoman that took a walk through the park:



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