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LEGO City Trains Cargo Train 60052 Building Toy


Trains have always fascinated every kid who surely is mesmerised by it; the massive engine, the lengthy coaches, the loud horn when it enters a platform and the number of coaches that are attached to it. But there is a significant difference in the normal city passenger trains and the city cargo trains. The cargo trains are meant to be carrying cargo and thus, it wouldn’t have a pleasing appearance like a normal passenger train.

LEGO has come up with LEGO City Trains Cargo Train 60052 Building Toy that gives you a real feel of a cargo train would be. Your kids can build a cargo train by following the simple steps given in the instruction set and can see the cargo train making rounds to carry the cargo of theirs and their friends and circle the LEGO city with its powerful engine and lovely coaches.

What the Box Contains

  • A cargo train station featuring a crane with a hook to load and unload heavy-duty cargo.
  • A cargo train measuring 3" in height, 35" in length and 2" in width.
  • The cargo train station measuring approximately 7" in height, 10" in width and 9" in depth.
  • The locomotive measuring 3" in height, 11" in length and 2" in width.
  • A cattle wagon measuring 2" in height, 5" in length and 2" in width.
  • A fuel wagon which 3" high, 9" long and 2" wide.
  • A cable drum wagon measuring 3" in height, 8" in length and 2" in width.
  • At truck that measures 2" in height, 5" in length and 2" in width.
  • A Forklift measuring 3" high, 4" long and 1" wide.
  • Curved rail tracks each measure over 5" long and 2" wide.
  • Straight rail tracks each measure over 5" long and 2" wide
  • Instruction Booklet.


Front Cover: The image given below shows the LEGO city cargo train station which actually depicts how your final build-up will look like. It shows a busy city in its hustle-bustle with the cargo train, the locomotives, the cattle wagon, the fuel wagon, etc., in short a city in its full swing of daily activities. In order to make it seem a real, functional city station, LEGO has also included mini figures of men and cattle. The crane shown in the cargo train shows how it is used to lift or place heavy cargo on the cargo train.




Back Cover: The back cover shows each and every component more distinctly and more clearly. Like for example, you can see the engine of the heavy cargo train more clearly; you can also see the cargo carrying vehicle manoeuvring its way to its location, the cattle neatly settled in the cattle carrier, etc. The crane is set ready to lift or place the heavy cargo in the cargo carrying wagons of the train. They can be easily transferred to the forklifts. You can also use the sliding overhead crane with hook to move heavy cargo between vehicles or onto the ground.

The cargo train along with 2 cargo wagons and 2 cattle wagons can be run in the circular track of the city to ensure timely and safe delivery of the heavy cargo to and from different parts of the city.


The image below shows six instruction booklets. Each booklet is a step by step guide to build the various components of the LEGO city cargo train station. The booklets include pictures on how to build and assemble the various components and place them at the appropriate places in the station.



The entire components of the LEGO city cargo train station is shown below in the picture. You have the circular and straight tracks in gray colour, the blue and yellow engine, the cargo wagon, the cattle wagon with the cattle seated in it, the cargo delivery truck, the remote that you will be using to manoeuvre the train and the fuel wagon along with the cable wagon drum. The instruction booklets are also present that are numbered 1 trough 6, in order to help you build each and every component in the entire kit.


The LEGO city cargo train is an awesome one as it is a motorized train with 8-channel with a 7-speed infrared remote control that will enable to transport almost anything. The train has two cargo wagons and two cattle wagons to pull through the city. The heavy power engine that is designed by LEGO is going to pull the wagons attached at a great speed so that your goods reach their destinations quickly and safely. The cargo dispatching trucks can be made to stand ready nearby the cargo segregating in order to quickly transport the cargo onto them so that they zoom off to the customer site for delivery.



A close-up picture of the heavy duty engine that’s getting ready for its trip is shown below. The powerful engine is capable of transporting the wagons carrying tonnes of goods and also transports cattle from one place to another. Cargo Train features a motorized locomotive with 8-channel, 7-speed infrared remote control, driver’s cabin with opening doors and dashboard, plus a cattle wagon and 2 cargo wagons.


The cargo wagons are attached to the engine. You will find two cargo wagons in this set. These heavy cargos are lifted using heavy crane in order to remove them from cargo wagons and place them on the cargo transporting vehicle. The cargo can be really heavy and only a crane can come in aid of moving them from one place to another.

The image below shows the cable drum wagon features 2 large cable drumsin holders and a lifting chain. The cables are used for the various purposes in the city like for example, laying down cables for electricity or telephone.



The image below shows the close-up look of the cable drum.






You will notice that there are 8 pieces of straight track, 20 pieces of circular track and 2 sets of track dividers that aid the train to easily change track while running. All these pieces are shown in the picture given below. The instructions to lay down the track as given in the front cover can be found in the instruction booklet.



The different wagons that are going to be used in the LEGO city cargo station are shown below. You can spot the fuel wagon that features a fuel tank, pallet with wheelbarrow and a forklift. A mini figure can be seen at in the forklift. The cattle wagon features a cow and a trough and a strong fence with 2 gates. A mini figure can be seen seated in the wagon with a bucket. The remote is an 8-channel one that control up to 7 levels of speed of the cargo train. The red colour button on the remote is used to stop the vehicle at its destination.


Let’s have a closure look at the cattle wagon (as shown in the below given picture). The cattle wagon is seen with the cow standing in it. You have to transport the cow from your place to another place. Maybe it is required to provide milk in the new area. You can see the mini figure of a farmer with a bucket of milk. You need to transport them both to another location in the city cargo train. Make sure the wagon is attached to the cargo train soon and they commence their journey at the right time.

The farmer seems to be in a hurry to reach some place. Help him by assembling the train soon and transport him to his destination.


Next you see the cargo transporting vehicle with a board on top of which you can see the word ‘CARGO’ written in bold. This pretty little green and black vehicle should be made to stand nearby the crane that will be removing the cargo from the cargo van and placing on top of this vehicle. You can see the smart truck driver is getting ready for his daily duty of riding the truck to the location in order to collect the cargo on time.

Make sure the truck driver reaches safely on time. The cargo train with its freight may come any time and the train driver will not wait for a long time in the station. He has to cover many locations today!



The image below shows how the van looks from the front side. The nice little green and black cargo vehicle can be seen with its number board which shows that it belongs to the LEGO city only. It is used for carrying goods that are delivered in the LEGO city.


The truck driver can be seen getting ready with his handy equipment such as the orange color ladder that he might require for climbing up.


In image below, you can see the cargo is kept beside the truck so as to lift it up and place it on the cargo truck. The crane has just transported the heavy cargo from the cargo wagon of the train and has placed it on the ground, waiting for the van to pull up and place itself in such a position that it becomes easy to set the cargo on top of the van before it drives out.



This image is shows the cargo neatly placed on the truck. The driver has placed the work ladder on the truck and has seated himself inside the truck and is slowly manoeuvring the vehicle out of the station.




A clear image of the fuel wagon is shown. Did you notice the company supplies fuel to the LEGO city? Yes you are right! It is Octan. This company supplies fuel only in the LEGO city. Notice the company logo and remember it in the future. You will also see the forklift and its driver standing close to the fuel wagon.



The forklift and its driver are seen below in the image. The driver seems to be in a relaxed mood as he has not got his duty call yet. As soon as you assemble the train and set it into motion, the cargo will reach the city soon and then the forklift driver can come to aid to transfer the cargo on short distance and help in the faster delivery of the goods.





Once you build the crane set, you will notice that it looks similar to what is shown below in the image.


The image below shows the close-up picture of the cargo wagon that is attached to the engine as soon as the train ploughs inside the station completing its ride. Cargo train station features a sliding overhead crane with hook to load and unload heavy-duty cargo, office with computer and cup, sack barrow, trash bin and a fire extinguisher. You can use the forklift operator to aid you in load and unload the cargo with the powerful forklift. You can move cargo from the train wagons to the truck at the cargo train station.



The LEGO city cargo train is a great model for kids to have an experience seeing and learning about how the cargo transport and delivery happens through train routes. They get hands on experience as they build the entire structure from scratch and can learn a lot in that process.


  • LEGO completely understands what is required for creative, experimentative and inquisitive children who like to learn stuff by building them and has always focussed on getting such stuff to them. The designers of the LEGO team do a complete study about the requirements that the children need and design stuff accordingly.
  • The products are completely do it yourself kind and they come as a package with the instruction set provided in the package.
  • To make the building experience more real and fun, the designers have included mini figures, too, in the set so that the kids have the experience of building and also deciding how to use the mini figures in order to get a real feel of being and seeing a proper cargo station on roll.
  • The box contains a variety of stuff to build like the cargo van, the fuel wagon or the cattle wagon just to give better exposure to the kids and not just limiting them to the cargo wagon. An overall mental and cognitive growth happens when the kids get to try building lot of stuff in a single setup.
  • The LEGO designers took roughly 3 hours to build this entire cargo station setup and thus they claim that the kids might also take approximately the same time. In fact, if the kids work as a team, they will enjoy the entire building process much better and might also finish it early!

Word of Caution

It is advised by the LEGO design team that the set should not be handled by kids below 3 years of age as there is high choking hazard because there are many small pieces used in the material provided for building the cargo station setup. It is advised that an adult’s supervision is necessary in case children below the age group mentioned on the box are handling the set.

Final Thoughts

  • The LEGO City Trains Cargo Train 60052 Building Toy is a perfect gift for every kid aged 6-12 as it provides an amazing and fun filled experience to them while they are engrossed in the task of their own cargo station.
  • The product helps to develop their cognitive skills and also helps them think out of box as they have a great scope of improvising the given model and design using their own creativity. It can also be encouraged as a weekend group activity to in order to build healthy relationships with other kids around you.
  • The price of the product is also quite reasonable and it includes free delivery on Amazon store for all the prime members. The users can select one day delivery too in case they want it delivered quickly.
  • It is the best thing to gift for your kid’s or any kid’s birthday and see them jump with joy as soon as they see what it is! In fact, they will get to work immediately and present you with a fully functional cargo train station with all the wagons and vehicles in place.
  • You can also go for other famous LEGO products such as LEGO City Trains 7895 Switch Tracks in case your kids want to build an extensive station by using more tracks. Also, you can opt for LEGO City Trains Train Station 60050 Building Toy or LEGO City Trains High-speed Passenger Train 60051 Building Toy for more variety.
  • LEGO also has other products such as technic crawler cranes or the spaceships used in Star Wars which can be an even more interesting stuff to build.

Let your kids experiment with these products and see their creativity and other skills improve amazingly!

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