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LEGO City Trains High-speed Passenger Train 60051 Building Toy


Gone are the days when kids used to rush to the railway stations to take a closer look at the trains, their make, their structure, their huge size and their massive look. Now with the LEGO City Trains High-speed Passenger Train 60051 Building Toy kit it is very easy to build a high-speed passenger train set, and the kids will have a hands-on experience building up their own stuff and also playing with it. In a way it helps improve the child’s do-it-yourself ability and builds confidence in them to experiment with things they see on a day to day basis — most importantly they learn from “doing” than just “seeing”.

Through this kit, your child will be building not just a train but a mini railway station for the LEGO City! Imagine a fully functional, nice, well-equipped and advance railway station built by your kid sitting right in front your eyes! How amazing it would seem. So why not give them a chance of building it and witness their excitement to run the train that they built using the remote through which they can control the entire system.

It is not wrong if we say that LEGO completely focuses on helping your child’s learning abilities and at the same time let him enjoy the stuff he’s built. Here is the detailed review about the LEGO city trains and also a comparison of how better it is from other similar products.

The Front Box: This gives you a complete picture of what you are likely to find inside the box. It also lists the model number (60051 in this case) and the age group for which it is designed.  It displays a power remote to control the speed of the train found inside this pack. The child will completely enjoy building up this real toy train as he has full control over the train, its speed and also the way he wishes to drive it. In order to make him feel like the driver controlling the real train, there is also a provision to set up the station and passengers (as you can see in the picture). LEGO has designed this front cover in such a way that the customer has a complete picture of what he is expected to find inside the box.

lego 60051 front box 

The Back Box: The back box displays how each and every individual component looks once it is built or set in the given way. For example, the LEGO City passenger who is sitting on the bench kept in the station waiting for her train and another man checking for routes, or the passenger inside the train along with the train driver, etc., look very real. It also shows some basic description of the infra-red remote control and shows the functionalities of the buttons. Just follow the instructions and get ready for a high-speed ride around the city in the train or just watch the train fly past you sitting on the bicycle, settling for a slow-paced ride!

In a simple four-step process the kids can build the entire set-up and put the train for a ride across the city. Following the instructions given in the set it will be an interesting task for them.

lego 60051 back box

Now let’s come to the components inside. But before that, take a look at the four different images of the train and the entire LEGO City as shown below. It means that first you need to build the city by laying the track, setting up the station along with the passengers, and fixing the route map. Then you have to build your train and place the passengers and the driver at their respective seats. The cyclist should be made to stand near the crossing along with the cycle so that he crosses after the train has passed by. Place the correct warning signs at the appropriate places to guide your train driver correctly with the Lego building instructions inside the box (there are four Lego 60051 building instructions)

lego 60051 instruction


lego 60051 building instruction

As you see in the above picture, you have the straight and curved rail tracks, the train coaches, a passenger and the remote control system. You may notice that the front and rear cars are longer while the middle one is built short (all in white colour with red streaks).  You also have the other components neatly packed for your excited child to open and get to work.

lego 60051 set

The image above shows you the components that are required for you to build the station, traffic signal, the small platform with the waiting passenger and the cyclist who tries to cross the track in the absence of the train. It also distinctly shows the curved and straight rails tracks (gray coloured) that you will be building for the train and the cyclist, respectively. From among the varied coloured components neatly packed inside, remember that the red ones will be used for setting up the seats for the passengers both on the station and the ones inside the train. The green components are used to support the traffic lights that are to be placed.

lego 60051 bricklego 60051 sets

The image below shows more components like the traffic signal, cycle wheels and other components that are required to lay down the way station and platform. Unlike another lego city set such as Lego 60095, Lego 60097, Lego 60080 or lego star wars sets such as lego 75102, Lego 75095, Lego 75055, the Lego 60051 have smaller bags, here is one of the bags include with it

lego 60051 bag
Notice the way the track is built. Since it is curved at the edges, these will be used for the train to run on them. The track measures over 5” and 2” wide. This track look like Lego 60052 track, we can use this track for both of them

lego 60051 track
The below image shows how the pieces of the curved rail easily fit into each other so that you can easily lay a complete rail track for the train to pass through. Connect all the components of the circular track one by one in a similar fashion and complete the entire process.

lego 60051 tracks

The next image below shows the straight track which measure over 5” long and 2” wide, apart from the curved tracks. The straight track is laid down at the area where the cyclist is about to cross the path.

lego 60051 tracks


lego 60051 tracks

lego 60051 tracks

The Lego 60051 remote control: The infrared controller is used to operate the train at a maximum speed limit of 7. The red button is used for stopping the train. This controller is wireless one which prevents your child from the messy wired connections and thus provides easy control of the train. The image also shows the driver who will be driving the train along the city and also the various signs used on the track to guide the driver.

lego 60051 remote control

The Warning Signs: The warning signs containing the double sided arrows should be stuck on the front car, along the sides of all the three cars and at the way station route map. It indicates the direction in which the train will be moving. The two crosses are stuck above the traffic signals as given in the pictures shown below. This is for the cyclist to see whether the train is about to cross the station and decide whether it is safe for him to cross.

lego 60051 warning sings 

Here are the other components that you will have to assemble in order to build the entire city with its stunning High-Speed Train, the way station, the passenger and the cyclist. You have various components that you need to just refer to the picture and fix it at the required position. For example, the component beside the LEGO City label is the driver’s seat in the first car. So you need to fix it at the front end of the dismantled car, place the driver after that and cover the roof that you had removed for the purpose of fitting in the driver. You have to attach the station seats exactly the way it is shown in the image.    

LEGO City 60051


LEGO City 60051

Now comes the most important component — the three coaches of the train. As depicted in the next image, the High-speed Passenger Train measures over 4” (12cm) high, 30” (77cm) long and 1” (5cm) wide. The front and rear cars each measure over 4” (11cm) high, 10” (27cm) long and 1” (5cm) wide. And the middle car measures 3” (10cm) high, 8” (22cm) long and 1” (5cm) wide.

lego 60051 train
In order to place the train driver you need to lift off the roof to access the driver’s cabin with its amazing dashboard. You can drive the train to way station to pick up the passengers. Take a look at the gray and red components that form the seating area of the train driver.

lego 60051 train driver 

A closer look at the train driver seated at his seat. The wires provide the necessary electricity to keep the engine rolling and help the train run from one place to another in the LEGO City. Although the driver seems to be on a complete control of the train, it is you who is going to run the train on his behalf by choosing the right direction for him.      

lego 60051 train driver
The middle car is slightly smaller in size in comparison to the other two, front and rear, cars so that the structure of the train remains balanced and it will be easy to manoeuvre the  train on the circular track. This also helps the train to maintain its momentum and makes it easy for it to stop as and when required.

lego 60051 train
This becomes the rear car that is also of the same dimensions as the front car. This too has provisions for accommodating passengers in the seats inside. But this model has only one passenger toy along with it.

lego 60051 train

This is how the train will look like, once you connect all the three cars in proper order. Your High-Speed Passenger Train is ready for its trip. Do not forget to stick the double-sided arrows on the train coaches as it will be used by the driver and the cyclist to understand in which direction the train will be moving. Include one on the front side of the first coach too.  

lego 60051 trains 

Here is the picture that shows how your High-Speed train will look like once it hits the track. The circular track supporting it and awaiting the engine’s throttle will surely make you all excited to set the train into motion and watch it zoom past you. Your remote control is waiting for your operation command.

lego 60051 trains
Next comes the building up of the station, the traffic lights, and the vehicle crossing (cycle in this case). Look at the picture below. The way station, which you are building, will the following dimensions: 2” (7cm) in height, 7” (19cm) in width and 5” (13cm) in depth. The passenger along with her luggage is waiting at the station along with the cyclist. This is the exact set-up that you will be making using the components provided in the box. The cyclist will have to wait for the running train at the crossing and start after it passes away in order to be safe.

Note that there are four minifigures in the box — the two train drivers, the passenger with the luggage and the cyclist along with his cycle.

lego 60051 minifigure


The vehicles include the High-Speed train and the cycle that the cyclist will be riding on.

lego 60051 complete set

lego 60051

It took approximately an hour for the in-house LEGO enthusiasts to assemble the entire set and they feel that even the kids will take as much as the same time frame to finish the task. They wouldn’t be facing much of a problem as they can refer to the instruction set available with the kit.

Apart from the front portion of the first car accommodating the train driver which needs to be carefully attached, the rest of the components are very much easier to handle. The instruction set consists of pictorial representations too make it easy for them to understand the actual placement of each component.

Our Verdict

•    This complete light-weight, easy-to-handle, ready-to-build set High-speed Passenger Train 60051 Building Toy is a great way to keep your kids involved and engrossed on something that works on the do-it-yourself concept. They not only learn to build stuff but also become better in deciding the techniques of building the kit. It features fully motorized locomotive with 8-channel, 7-speed infrared remote control, high-speed front profile, removable roof with electricity contact point and driver's cabin with dashboard, plus rear passenger car with removable roofs with electricity contact point, seats and tables and a middle passenger car with removable roof, seats and tables.

•    This lightweight kit is completely safe and would not require your constant supervision. You can simply lay down the components, give them the instruction set and just stay relaxed, while witnessing them build the entire LEGO City Train. You can even request your kids for a free ride on this high-speed city train and see how excited they are to take you on a ride!

•    This kit also includes a cyclist apart from the regular train and station components. This will enable the child to think about how to make the cyclist cross the railway path safely. Next time you take them to real railway station they are sure to explain you all the warning symbols and make you follow them.

•    This set is designed for the age group of 6-12 and will improve their brain activity and thinking capacity.

•    Over all it is an excellent set and we guarantee that children would surely enjoy building it up without a doubt. It is a cost-effective product, too, that would actually serve the worth for your money.

Final Thoughts

This product is guaranteed to entertain and keep your kids completely absorbed. It will improve the cognitive skills of the kids and sharpen their brain capacity. Their thinking and decision-making capacity, too, increases on a significant level.

This product is completely remote controlled and the wireless infrared remote helps in hassle free operation of the city train as it does not involve any wires. The warning signs provided in the kit help the kids to learn the actual signs and their meaning used in reality.

Your child might require some help to place the driver and the passenger inside the train as the roof of the cars need to be lifted up. In order to make the roofs of the cars properly fixed, they are kept a little tighter. So it is advisable to provide some assistance to them in this task, lest they break the roofs of the cars in this attempt. A train without a roof will surely not give an enjoyable ride for the traveller!

Check out our website to compare the prices marked by various sellers of the same product and choose the one that suits best to your pocket. This product is eligible for free shipping and would be delivered within 3-4 business days.

Are you convinced enough about how useful this product can be for your kids? Are you still contemplating on buying it? The stop thinking and just order the product! A single mouse click is what it takes to see that wide smile beaming on your child’s face!

If you like the experience of using the product, do not forget to rate it and write a review. Let other customers know about your thoughts about this product.

See you in another lego product review!

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