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LEGO City Trains Train Station 60050 Building Toy Review



If you’re familiar with Lego news, you probably already know that Lego has had a long history of train stations – they’ve introduced everything from simple platforms to the more detailed facades that we all know and love. Lego 60050 just so happens to be the newest in this tradition, and it is the first actual Lego train station we have had the opportunity to put together, so that was pretty exciting.


An Introduction to Lego city sets

Before we move further with this review, we believe it would be a good idea to give you a brief piece of history pertaining to Lego City. Lego city is a thematic title where you will find most town-related system sets being released – they first started out in 2005. There are numerous sets available that are associated with Police, Constructions, Emergency, Airport, Train, Cargo, Traffic, Transportation, Farm, Coast Guard, Mining, Space and, Vehicles. The European catalogs featured another theme that was called City during the years 1999 to 2000, which was called City Center in American catalogs. World City’s was discontinued in 2004. Unlike its predecessor, it wasn’t limited to sets that involves services like Fire, Police or Coast Guard. In the year 2006, Lego City released the first Jetway since the one released in 1994, along with the first new hospital. These releases were responsible for expanding City to a scope that was only comparable to the traditional Town theme. In 2009, they released the first farm related set, which was really cool.



We’re going to be honest with you here, it’s the box that originally caught our attention. Maybe that’s because we have always been a big fan of trains? Not sure why, but there’s just something neat about trains and up until now, we’re surprised we haven’t paid more attention to the train sets Lego offers. It was a pleasure for this one right here to be our first build as it really pulled us in. Anyhow, the box is really neat – on the front of it, you’ll see a picture of the main train sitting on the tracks.


Here, instead of describing it to you, a picture would be better:



When you flip the box over, you’ll see the excitement start to unfold before your eyes. Here, you’ll see the different features and all the cool stuff.


Here’s a picture of the back of the box we took for you:






We included a picture of the Lego instruction booklets for you to give you an idea of what you’re dealing with. In this case, there are a total of three different Lego Building Instructions. Obviously, with this set, there’s a whole lot going on. We have to admit, we really like how Lego included three books, instead of one big book of Lego instructions, because we have a friend of ours that likes to build next to us. When Lego only includes one big book, we make copies of the areas our friend wants to work in, but we’re happy we didn’t have to go the extra mile to make copies here. Anyhow, the instructions are printed in the traditional print and are easy to read. We didn’t have any problems when it came to following the instructions, they’re pretty basic.



If you are a fan of trains, we’re pretty sure you’re going to be more than happy to get more rails for your layout. Thinking about it, this set didn’t really contain a whole lot of exclusive parts, which is a bummer. The majority of the parts here are commonly seen in a Lego City. Of course, the teal bikes are different …who can deny a teal bike?



As far as the Lego City figures go, they’re your generic figures. We’ll admit, they all look pretty good and we don’t have any complaints about them, but they’re not something you’re going to want to collect a lot of. They’re just generic little human beings living their lives in normal situations.


In this picture, you can see two of the minifigures standing in the back:



The Build



When it comes to the build, we don’t think you’re going to have too much of a problem here. We really liked watching the little rooms of the set as they came together. Even if they were all basic, they were still super fun. We have read reviews were people let their children put the build together and their kids would get impatient when it came to the taxi build. When they became impatient, they put it up for a couple of days, then on a rainy day, they took it back out and the child looks through the instruction booklet to see what he did wrong. Once the child discovered he was building the foundation, he was happy to move forward. You see, sometimes that is what you have to do with Lego sets when they become complicated – just put them away and go back to them later, when you feel your mind has relaxed.

Otherwise, if you just sit there trying to build something that seems impossible, you’re only going to get aggravated and that isn’t going to help the situation. Beginners may have to look over their work with this set in order to get it right, but personally, we didn’t have any problems and zipped right through that build. Perhaps that’s because we’re used to putting those ever so hard Lego Star Wars sets together? Have you ever tried putting those sets together? They are pretty complicated. There’s one, the Death Star, which literally took us a week to get through – it’s super big, but well worth the time.

Anyhow, back to the build of the Lego 60050 set …the station build may take a couple of minutes for a beginner to grasp, but once they get past it, it’ll be a breeze. Afterwards, the build will move forward with ease.


The Completed Model

First, were going to start out by explaining the downside of the completed model. Needless to say, it is a fragile model, but that’s okay, because you shouldn’t be throwing it around or doing any of that weird stuff with it. The main building, however, is very sturdy, but the awning and the tracks come off very easy, without even trying to pull them off. Luckily, if (when) they do fall off, there’s no complicated repairs – it’s easy to put back together, but we really wish Lego would have made a sturdier build here than what they gave us. This is definitely a downfall on the playability perspective of the build.

We didn’t own any trains before this model, as we said before, this was our first Lego train model we got to put together. The downside here is that if you don’t own any Lego trains, you will want to purchase a fleet of Lego trains to visit the station.

Don’t worry, there’s a lot of good things about this set – this model is actually quite brilliant. There’s a tiny automatic ticket booth that is provided with the set, which we found pretty cool. There’s a taxi cab, which adds some extra fun and we must say, it looks pretty cool on the streets of a Lego City. Another good detail would be the little food vendor that comes with the set.

As for the track, there’s enough clearance for official Lego trains and big MOCs to pass through the station. The real highlight here would be the mini Lego store that comes with this set. This is a small room that has a cashier’s desk and a shelf with cool blue tiles with stickers that represent Lego sets. We believe this was a good call made by Lego as it made for brilliant detail.






We really like this set, but we just can’t get over those fragile parts, they really bug us …but we’re still happy with it and glad we chose to put the Lego City set together. The mini Lego store really makes up for the fragile parts and we feel we could go on about that part all day. This is a nice set and will make a great addition to any Lego train collection.

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