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LEGO City Volcano Heavy-lift Helicopter 60125 Review


Lego 60125 Takes you to the Heat of the Action with their Heavy Lift Helicopter Build


We have already discussed plenty of Lego City sets, but we decided that it’s a great idea to talk about the brand new Lego 60125, which is included in Lego’s line of volcano-themed sets. Lego only recently started making these sets (the last one being Lego 60052) – We like to think of it as a mixture of the Lego Power Miners and Lego City Arctic sets. There are six sets in total here, including a tiny polybag that has been out in the market since July of last year.


The Lego 60125 – Heavy Lift Helicopter is perhaps one of the biggest releases so far in the Lego City Volcano sets. This is only the second Lego set that comes with a volcano build, following the Lego 31052. One of the most interesting things that we can find regarding this set is that the helicopter actually has the ability to pick up two different modules – One with a boulder splitter, and one that has its own research base.

A lot of people have said that this is probably one of their favorite vehicle-themed Lego builds so far. The Lego 60125 measures 47L x 26W x 17H cm, so you can expect a pretty big build here. It’s got two spinning rotors that work very nicely, its rotation smooth as silk. Every oscillation is sure to lift up your spirits and wish you were taking a ride in this gorgeous green build.


The helicopter’s got enough space to squeeze in up to three minifigures. Some owners have suggested to simply use the space as a storage for other spare parts of the build.

The 60125 costs around $229.90. It’s definitely more on the expensive side, but once you purchase it and begin constructing it, you will soon realize that everything is worth it. It’s got a pretty solid build and contains a good amount of details, along with the best kind of curves that are sure to keep you amused while building or playing.


Inside the helicopter is a mobile lab, with another one that serves as a type of mobile boulder cracker. When it comes to the vehicle’s interiors, we can take a peek inside the lab using a mobile rest area, a seismic tracker, and a coffee mug.


Another thing included in this amazing build is the mobile lifter, which could come in handy if you’ve got a couple of small rocks scattered all over the place. It looks as excellent from the front side, as it does on the back. We consider this to be one of the main highlights of the entire build – A refreshing change from most of the other Lego cars out in the market right now.

One of the most important parts of a Lego City build – Or any other major Lego build – Has got to be their minifigure sets. The Lego 60125 comes with eight Lego minifigures series 16. These minifigures’ looks are all diverse in nature, and come with all sorts of research and mining accessories. There’s even a camera and a cowboy hat thrown in there.


This set is just amazing when it comes to the quality of builds from Lego. It’s also very handy when it comes to playability, as well as variety. The helicopter itself also has a nice shade of green, which compliments the black and yellow shades nicely as well. It is a bit on the expensive side, we have to admit, but we can’t really imagine a nicer way to spend that same amount of cash, especially if you’re a fan of Lego builds. This one guarantees loads of fun for all those who end up purchasing it.

The volcano has made its appearance in plenty of the other builds in this set – It’s pretty much the star of the show, after all. The volcano found in 60125 is very substantial – Measuring 22 studs square by around 13 bricks tall. It’s also very symmetrical and utilizes two different types of Bug Ugly Rock Pieces (BURPs). Orange portions of the volcano are meant to represent the lava flowing down the side.

We’re not really feeling the usage of lighter gray hues on both the base and the sides of the volcano – They tend to stick out like a sore thumb, in our opinion.

Inside of the volcano is a hollow structure, along with something very cool – Lego has used a mechanism previously exclusive to their Technic builds that ejects rocks from the volcano’s crater. If you press down a hidden lever in the volcano, you’ll end up raising a trap door plate. And if you press down hard enough, a rock placed on top of the crater will be thrown across the room. Too bad you can only place one rock inside the crater at a time.

Lego has made the volcano with the help of eight BURPs, specifically, the Mountain Brick 8 x 8 x 6 design 23996. The same BURPs have made their appearance in two sets belonging to the Lego City Police collection. The volcano has been created so that it matches up with the new type of BURP pieces. Even though combining old and new BURPs are mostly frowned upon by seasoned Lego builders and collectors, we’re pretty certain that this method will eventually become popular in the future. That’s because these two BURPs will provide a brand new type of height when it comes to building landscapes. We love the fact that it comes with an array of regular studs as compared to the more hollow ones from previous builds, so that its main usage in MOCs won’t look too obvious.

Lego’s range of volcano sets are truly enjoyable, as it employs a good combination of living quarters, research equipment, vehicles, and even makeshift homes for your minifigures. These sets do follow a similar cohesive pattern, except the main difference between all of the builds in this set is that they take place in various settings and use different color schemes each time. Even though a lot of people seem slightly bothered by the fact that this set utilizes a completely wide assortment of colors, we think it’s pretty nice to leave Lego City once in a while and focus more on Lego’s other simple builds.

One of the many things we like about the Lego City volcano sets is that despite its diversity, all of these sets have solid designs and are highly playable for both adults and children. So if these builds highly appeal to you, then you should be satisfied with a good chunk of build in this set. You can find the Lego City Volcano sets at your nearest toy store, or hobby store.

As mentioned beforehand, all of the sets in the Lego City volcano collection are filled with loads of playability, and gives everything you need if you want those adventurous minifigures of yours to explore a volcano, move the rocks around, break them open, and find the missing treasure chest. These minifigures do cover a whole range of professionals. This could serve as a sought-after set for children, and not only that, a lot of the builds in this set come at a reasonable price too.

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