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LEGO Classic Creative 10702 Review



Challenge yourself and get loads of inspiration in your builds, thanks to this box filled with special elements and hundreds of colorful bricks. The Lego 10702 Creative Building set, the first of many, includes plenty of doors, wheels, windows, and even eyes. There are three levels of building complexity with this set. This includes the Lego Classic collection of vehicles, animals, houses, and objects. Get ready to unleash a whole new world of imagination and never-ending creativity. This set in particular also makes a wonderful supplement to any rookie builder’s own set of Lego blocks.


The 10702 includes a total of 570 bricks, in 41 various shades. It incorporates a combination of special elements and Lego bricks, which includes eyes, doors, windows, and wheels. There are plenty of ideas for nine potential models, with building instructions included both online, and inside the box. You can log on to the official Lego Website to find all of the building instructions connected to this set, as well as a host of other surprises.


There are three levels of building complexity, which will surely fit builders of every skill level. The cardboard box is also very usable, made from sturdy material.


Even though there’s 583 pieces found inside the box, after you empty your bags, they only comprise at least 20% of the entire box itself. This is most likely because the size of your average Lego block measures 1 x 3, flat, including the bumps. There’s not really enough of those to go by – Despite the fact that they’re common bricks (measuring 2 x 4). There’s also a dozen eye figures (1 x 1), a dozen wheels, a dozen tires, a couple of doors and window figures too. So many Lego blocks are in here that are meant for small builds. However, if you’re planning to create a tiny village of things, then unfortunately there’s not enough bricks in the 10702 to build them with. Even if you combine the contents of the 10702 with another set of Lego Creative Building bricks, it still won’t fill in the entire box.


Lego released the 10702 during the beginning of the year, to complement their line of Lego Classic and Creative Building sets. After you take a good look at the box, as well as the pieces inside of it, you are reminded of those days when you used to have a basic set of Lego bricks and build stuff with your friends. But if you’re much older, you can still use that same concept with the help of a broader imagination, along with whatever’s inside the box.

You no longer have to settle for sized 2 x 2 and 2 x 4 bricks to construct whatever you want. Now, there’s a whole heap of pieces you can pick from to build your favorite things with. Included here are some instructions that are sure to provide us with ideas, along with the instructions online. However, the challenge here is to build whatever you want within a span of five minutes with every repackaged bag.

The first bag contains gray and black pieces. The portions in this particular bag were actually selected at random, but there’s still enough material to create something out of it. One thing that people noticed was the presence of wheels, but the connectors still weren’t included in the right size. You can substitute the skateboard wheel pieces for the wheels themselves. And starting from that, you can now construct whatever you want – Like a rocket-powered bus. The slope pieces found in front were what made the bus go faster, alongside the rockets at the back.

There are pink pieces included inside the second bag. You can also go for the vehicle route with the help of these bricks, since its sloped pieces will provide your build with a sleeker look. Also included were a whole number of pieces that look like thrusters. Interestingly enough, there are a couple of flower pieces found on the backside that fits in nicely with the thrusters, as well as the bottom half of the vehicle for hovering purposes.

The third bag is comprised of yellow and orange pieces. In the smaller bag, there are a couple of eye pieces, which pretty much gives you ideas on what build you want to do next. The portions were still randomized, with a couple of them being used for a fenced house and windows.

The blue colored bag contains plenty more basic bricks in hues of green and blue. There were also loads of sloped pieces that you can use to give your build a bit of a shape. There are actually plenty of uses when it comes to the sloped pieces located at the boat’s back end, so it could go twice as faster.

And for the last bag, there was a decent mixture of brown, red, and orange bricks. This could be a bit of a challenge if you want to create something made from these bricks alone – Especially since the parts are so highly randomized. Nonetheless, you can use them to create a fort with exterior weapons, with the aid of the pink pieces from the second bag as cannons. The red pieces could be used as window openings, while the brown bricks are sure to provide some details right in the front.


All in all, the Lego 10702 is a wonderful set to build and work with, no matter what kind of imagination you might have. Even though there’s a handful of instructions included inside the set, as well as online, there’s a whole amount of other things you can build with just by using the parts in this box. Some people have made some really astounding builds, even if they haven’t mixed up the multiple colors found inside the box.


There were loads of sloped pieces included here, and could probably be used for constructing some sort of brick house. This bag contains plenty of flattened plates, which you could utilize as a base to construct the top part of. The bag that houses the gray and black pieces were admittedly a tad bit more challenging, especially since the portions inside were very randomized.

The orange and yellow pieces did look like they were going to work nicely for math sessions. Meanwhile, the last two bags inside the set include a fall assortment of shades comprising mostly of browns and reds, with the other holding purple and pink bricks.

The Lego 10702 Classic Creative Building set has its own set of suggestions and instructions, in case you want to construct other types of models. A lot of people do like the process of utilizing this set meant for both educational and home purposes. It was quite exciting to be able to sit down with a bunch of bricks and make fantastic builds. This set will be a hit with the children. Its sturdy casing also works wonderfully with storage.

You can purchase the 10702 for $30 at a Lego store, instead of $39.99 on Amazon or any other online store. The build contains 500+ pieces in total, in 41 different colors. This is pretty much seven cents per piece, 73 cents per shade, and 13.9 pieces with every color. The box looks very similar to an old school toy box from your childhood. It is constructed from corrugated cardboard, and includes lots of plastic poly bags that are filled with bricks according to shade. So many of the pieces included in the Lego 10702 are pretty contemporary: Holding brand new colors and shapes alike. But nowadays, everybody is just used to following a set of instructions.

The set has its own manual, probably giving instructions for five various models you can create with the bricks. These are all constructed from a singular colored bag. The manual’s contents will cause you to browse online to look for additional instructions. Some of them are simple, while others will baffle you with their complexity. When it comes to the latter, you should probably treat it the same way as you would with a problem-solving exercise, and utilize these instructions as answers instead. More instructions can be found in the official Lego Website.

One of the great aspects when it comes to this build is that you can pick from a whole variety of scales. This ranges from a set of lilac roller skates, to a chibi-style car ferry.

The builds found inside the ideas manuals are variable in change, especially if you’re planning to construct them without the aid of real instructions. There will be lots of leftover pieces after you’re done with your build. The suggested models must be made all at once. This could be slightly disappointing – If you can’t do this, then you will, unfortunately be forced to break these models apart before you move on over to your next build.

This build is perfect for children, no matter what kind of Lego builds they’re into. If you’re a parent, you can purchase this to prove that Lego is capable of producing sets like they used to.

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