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LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box 10698 Review



Create a whole whirlwind of builds thanks to this giant box of Lego bricks, filled with 33 various shades. It’s got plenty of windows and doors, accompanying other special pieces that are set to inspire you. This lets you completely run your imagination. The box does contain plenty of ideas that can help you get started on either simple and complex builds. The 10698 is probably the best kind of creative toolkit made for rookie and experienced builders of all ages, letting them enjoy some classic forms of Lego construction. This set comes in a plastic storage box, and is pretty much the perfect supplement to any of your Lego collections, no matter how big or small they may be.


There’s a whole range of Lego bricks that come in many colors – 33 in total. It’s also got eight various kinds of doors and windows, with its own frames. There are many special pieces that also have two different-sized green baseplates, six wheel rims, and three sets of eyes. This Lego Classic set was clearly made to bring loads of inspiration to open-ended creativity, thanks to the Lego bricks. There are a couple of unique pieces found in the set as well, which could encourage plenty of imaginative building play. Also included is a decent amount of doors and windows, that could facilitate the classic form of Lego construction.


The models found in the box’s design can all be created simultaneously from the same set of bricks. The ideas that came with the set are all taken from the official Lego Website, which you can also pay a visit to in case you want to search for other building ideas. The contents of the 10698 all come inside a plastic storage box. The green baseplates measure at least six inches (16 centimeters) wide, six inches (16 centimeters) long, four inches (12 centimeters) long, and two inches (6 centimeters) wide, respectively.


The 10698 does come with both large and tiny base plates, along with wheels, windows, eyes, flowers, leaves, square, doors, round, triangular, short, long, semi rounded, smooth, and pointy bricks. There were actually a couple of parts that people had no clue what the main use is for. This set did come with its own manual, but only a handful of examples were provided there. You can go look for more samples online in case you want to make more models. As you play, you will learn that the more you play with these blocks, the more you’ll get to know how to use them properly.


The Lego 10698 allows young children to hone their creativity and building skills, as well as innovative thinking at a young age. Lego’s sets provide more than just hours of never-ending fun and creativity. Contrary to Lego’s other themes, the Lego Classic is a set that feels rather generic, letting kids be able to apply their imagination effectively with the aid of Lego’s set of building blocks.

This build comes in 33 various shades. It’s a wonderful educational tool. And what’s more, you can store in all of the spare Lego blocks from future sets you’ll buy, right inside the yellow brick box that it comes in. Basically, the 10698 is worth every single cent.


According to some of its owners, they were able to construct a giant house using every single brick found in the 10698. The ones that measure 4 x 2 particularly come in handy. That’s because these bricks are high enough to be able to cover up an average Lego minifigure head. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough bricks to construct a roof. It’s still possible for you to construct a house using Lego pieces from other builds, but when you think about the 10698’s price, there should be enough 4 x 2 bricks to construct a decent house.

These 4 x 2 bricks are pretty much the main workhorse of unleashing one’s creativity using Lego – It doesn’t even matter if Lego makes several attempts to produce smaller, more specific, and more complex forms of bricks as a brand new mode of building – People will stay loyal to the 4 x 2 bricks no matter what the circumstance may be. Children who have grown up with Lego blocks know that these 4 x 2 bricks are where it’s really at.


The Lego 10698 contains 790 pieces in total – However, there’s only 4 x 2 bricks included. On average, plenty of these colors only have four 4 x 2 bricks, which is slightly weird. 4 x 2 bricks are pretty expensive and large themselves, so Lego has continuously made plans to sell them at a very high piece count – Much like what they did for the 10698. However, the tiny pieces that are practically useless will still end up pushing the piece count. In this case, only eight percent of the pieces measure 4 x 2.

Lego has actually given a rather funny response to people’s complaints regarding the lack of 4 x 2 bricks – They encourage these people to visit their Website and purchase the bricks themselves, for thirty cents a piece.


It’s not even certain that Lego has plans to sell building sets anymore, even claiming that the 10698 was simply produced due to high demand. This is probably due to the vertical sales of never-ending complex model sales that most often incorporate licensed characters, like Batman, Star Wars, Marvel builds, etc. These are much more lucrative, and plenty of these sets aren’t even meant to be built by children, unless they’re highly competent readers who are able to obey comprehensive instructions. And after they’re done building it, the bricks themselves cannot be repeated. Once you construct the model, you’re all done. And what’s more, a good percentage of these model sets are half the size as the pictures found in the box.

A couple of Lego’s model builds are fully phoned in too. This is the case for the original Minecraft sets. Minecraft is a game that involves gigantic one-meter square blocks, and its Lego counterpart was comprised of so many tiny blocks instead of big ones. This was a bit of a disappointment, especially for those who happen to be a huge fan of the online game.

Lego’s strategy when it comes to the 10698 is a huge disappointment in itself. Lego, much like the classic Lego building experience that some of us have had in you, is akin to having your own offspring open up their very first Lego set. These sets are mostly composed of the same 4 x 2 bricks, allowing them to build up large buildings from their own imagination. You could also sell your one-off model kits, but selling at least one set that is made up of 4 x 2 bricks is hard, unless you want to bring back that core experience of enjoying Lego bricks in one’s youth.

This set does include a couple of parts that are deemed important for a core set. Such as doors, windows, and wheels. However, when you notice the amount of filler that the 10698 has, then it’s practically upsetting that Lego has traded its long-standing creativity with simply making builds for the sake of cash.

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