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LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box 10696 Review



There’s a new line of products called Lego Classic – are you familiar with this? The set includes all of the basic Lego elements you could want in a variety of different colors, complete with some suggested models that you can build with the set – the rest is up to your imagination. Today, we are here to review the Lego 10696 set, which truly is a classic.

What is the Lego 10696 Set?


The Lego 10696 is a set that comes from the Classic theme. The box contains a total of 83 pieces and has a small guide with instructions showing you how to build different small models. The set comes packed in a nice plastic box. The lid of the box has studs like Lego brick so that you can put your bricks in it. The lid is useful as the set is aimed towards children and something like that would be perfect for them to use to keep the pieces.

There’s a good amount of Lego bricks here, available in many different colors. You can build vehicles that have wheels, because there are many wheels included in this set. The instructions are simple and easy to follow and after you have built all of the suggested models, there are many parts that are unused. You can build plants, trains, cars, animals and even buildings. Some of them have hinges and some functional elements.

Box and Contents


The packing is quite unconventional – the parts come packaged in re-usable containers. This particular container is a 2x4 yellow brick that is wrapped in a cardboard box. On the box (the cardboard wrapping), you’ll have the opportunity to see some of the recommended models as well as some of the parts that are included with the set.

On the back of the box, you’ll find an inventory so that you can see the parts you’re going to be getting before you purchase it. The ages listed for this set are interesting and made us laugh and say “you’re never too old for Legos.” The ages are listed as 4-99. On another note, does this mean 100 year olds are “too old” for Legos?

When you remove the product from its box, you will be faced with an image that is similar to the one on the box. When you remove the lid from the plastic container, you’ll find some bags, a baseplate, and even more bags …it’s obvious that Lego really likes there bags and there’s nothing wrong with this, because bags, after all, help keep things organized and we like that.


How many bags are there? To be exact, there are a total of 5. The parts have been organized in color groups. The color groups are:

  • Green
  • Black/Gray
  • Blue
  • Red/Brown/Beige
  • Yellow/Orange
  • White/Pink/Purple


Also included in this set, you have a green baseplate along with a manual that contains the Lego Building Instructions. When we first saw the box and saw “ideas included,” we were expecting some type of individual pamphlet with some tiny pictures, a link to and some ads for Lego sets 2017 or Lego city sets. We didn’t expect to find a full blown instruction manual.

There are a total of 10 suggested models – five of them have their instructions included. As for the other five, you can go online in order to get those. Take note that there are enough pieces in this set so that you can easily build all 10 of the suggested models at the same time.

Now, it’s time to take a look at the pieces.

Turns out, there's 5. The parts are organized into color groups, these are:

Starting out, we’re going to take a look at the white/pink/purple bag. This is one of our personal favorite bags. We normally stick to more action based themes like the Lego 31012, Lego 41015 and Lego 42025 sets. Looking through all of those sets, including the Lego 60004, Lego 76057 and all of the other Lego sets 2016, we don’t quite recall seeing these colors before. Some of the really nice pieces include the following:

  • 2 transparent pink 1x2 bricks
  • 3 sets of Mixels eyes
  • A white plate that is in the shape of a +
  • 2 reddish-purple 1x4 bricks


    In the red/brown bag, you’re going to find some really nice colors, which we didn’t really expect. Again, looking through all of the Lego sets we have put together in the past, we’re pretty sure many of these colors are new and personally, we feel it is great to get some variety here in this set. The notable pieces include:

    • A turntable base (this insert was in the gray bag)
    • A lot of slope pieces
    • Some beige window-type bricks

    The green bag was a bit on the small side, but don’t let that fool you, because the parts inside it are pretty cool. The interesting parts include:

    • 2 1x2 transparent bricks
    • 2 4x4 plates
    • 1 light green 2x2 tile with a stud that is in the middle (it’s always good when a Lego set comes with one of these).

    The next bag we have on our list would be the yellow/orange bag. When we came across this bag for te first time, we thought one thing: chicken. Look at the interesting parts:

    • A 4x4 plate with a 2x2 hole in the middle
    • Brick separator (don’t you just love those?)
    • The orange pieces (they look neat)


    The last bag is filled with various blue pieces. Most of the parts in this bag are on the basic side, so we’re just going to comment on the colors instead. While Lego tends to use the traditional blue, this bag right here just so happens to be stuffed with an assortment of lighter and darker shades of blue. Looking through the bags individually, they do have some pretty nice parts, but overall, we’re not exactly all that impressed. In our opinion, the distribution of these is horrible. While you would expect there to be a lot of parts in this section, in all actuality, there’s very little, then when you expect there to be a little, there’s a lot. One of the biggest offenders of this would be the 2x4 brick.

    In this set, the ever so popular classic Lego brick makes a small appearance. In a parts pack like this one right here, we would expect a bit more classic bricks and less special ones, such as tires or slopes, but we’re not really going to complain about that because it’s not a bad thing.



    As we stated earlier, there’s a total of 10 suggested models – 5 are listed in the instruction booklet, while the other instructions are available online.

    The first model listed is the crocodile …or maybe it’s an alligator. Either way, once it’s put together, it looks pretty cool. The body is fairly simplistic. The best part about this model right here would be the tie that takes place between the teeth and the back spikes.

    Next is a tiger, the model is basic and there’s not much articulation here, except for the tail. There’s also a ghost, which is a fairly simple character, but we do enjoy the use of bright blue in order to create the cool shadow effect.

    Then, there’s a yellow car – this model is a nice interpretation of a car. It’s simple, block design really screams “Lego.” The next model is a quad bike, complete with all of the curves and nice articulation with the handles. This is a very solid model.

    Next you have a windmill. We’re still trying to figure out if we like this one or not the blades are neat as they spin, but there’s just something about them that make us feel as if they are incomplete. There’s a wide open field in the front of it that seems like wasted space to us. Maybe some simple livestock should have been placed strategically over the baseplate so it could work to its full potential.

    The train is one of our favorites. It’s pulling a nice carriage, which doesn’t really do much, but you’ll fall in love when you look at the engine. The use of arch brick that has been attached to the droid head in order to create steam really adds a touch of realism to this model.

    The toaster is definitely a model we cannot leave off of this list – it’s one of the most realistic models on there. With the dials, curves, and the toast. Yes, there’s even 2 slices of bread and 2 slices of toast. As if that wasn’t enough, the model has a function. It toasts the bread with a simple function. Put the toast on a platform and the platform is lifted up. It’s entertaining to watch the toast as it pops up.

    Look at all of those blocks!



    While the suggested models are pretty good, the best part of the set would be what it is originally intended for and that is creating models of your own, using your own imagination. The biggest factor going for this set would be the Nostalgia behind it. While digging through the bucket, we were taken back to the days of pre-school where everyone would crowd around that container filled with Legos.

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