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LEGO Creative Tower Building Kit XXL 1600 Pieces 10664 Review



Feel free to be inspired thanks to the Lego 10664 Lego Creative Tower. This is a build filled with over 1,600 Lego bricks, all of which come in a host of brilliant colors. This includes Lego bricks that come with facial decals. This is a perfect set that contains everything else you need in order to build a never-ending world filled with plenty of creativity and fun. You can construct trees, houses, farmyard animals, huge dinosaurs, and everything else in between. The possibilities are simply endless. The Lego 10664 is practically the best addition to your current collection of Lego bricks, or a good starter for a budding Lego collection. This contains a handy brick separator as well as a huge storage box. The box has a lid which doubles as a sorting tray for the bricks.


This particular set comes with dinosaur and farm-themed elements. The tower comes in the form of a cardboard box filled with colorful pictures of bricks, with builds found on the sides. The lid is a plastic lift off lid in a red shade, which resembles the top part of the Lego brick and also works as a tray, as mentioned earlier. In order to get a general idea of the size, the tower that comes with the 10664 measures over 47 centimeters tall, and 25 centimeters wide. Found inside the box are over twelve clear plastic baggies, each filled with Lego blocks consisting of various colors, shapes, and sizes. You can use the box as a storage box too after it has been opened.

There are at least 1600 bricks filled inside the set, and all of them come in loads of brilliant colors. There are flat pieces, sloping pieces, hinge pieces, as well as eyes. The eyes have to be placed inside special pieces with a circle found on each side. There’s a whole number of different bricks that come in plenty of colors. After you have emptied the box, these bricks will gradually fill up the tower in a little over halfway, so there’s still enough room to add the collection of bricks inside as well. Also found here is a brick-separating tool that is given out to separate one brick from another. There’s a wonderful variety of bricks handed out with the 10664 and those who purchase the box will be completely enhanced with the fact that a baseplate is included, as well as two wheels meant for creating vehicles.


The average pricing per piece that comes with the Lego 10664 costs slightly more than $.10 since it was released in 2005, and is priced at less than $.15. At over $80 priced at $1600, this set costs at least $.05 with practically each piece. This set is just excellent for those sets that cost anything less than the average pricing of $160. The 10664 is only one of the handful of sets that are meant to be played by children and preteens. The top comes in the form of a sorting tray. There are ten adorable googly-eyed pieces here as well. There are also build-on-frontal bricks that come in every color, along with hinge-y bits. Lots of landscaping fodder in here as well, since the bricks come in hues of whites, blacks, blues, browns, and greens.

Perhaps one of the few downsides to this set is that there aren’t any wheels included here – Just two transparent pieces meant to serve as a windshield of some sort. The pieces are simple: No trees, bushes, grass, Lego Technic parts, handlebars, steering wheels, or what not. No minifigures either.

There aren’t many unique or exclusive pieces found here either. However, you can still see loads of building blocks. There aren’t any instruction manuals included here, but this is only a minor issue and shouldn’t affect the build. The 10664 is specifically built to provide children with right tools to start constructing bigger builds.


There’s a gigantic collection of blocks included in the 10664, allowing you to construct as many models as you wish. Longtime Lego fans would’ve given it five stars, but a lot of them feel like it only deserved four, especially since there weren’t any wheels and axles included in order to make moveable vehicles. Otherwise, this is an excellent and durable project that incorporates years and years of fun. As much as possible, try not to lose the blocks too much. Keep them safe inside ziplock bags and place them inside the huge Lego box.


The Lego 10664 initially came to the US in 2014, and each piece was sold for over $30. The build comes in a very tall box, while the topside is excellent for dividing the pieces out. You can stack them easily, and after you have taken out all of the packaging from the inside of the box, you can squeeze in at least two towers worth of Lego bricks right into a singular tower.

There’s also a wide assortment of parts. A few fans were a tad bit disappointed with the absence of wheels and axles, but the light blue color that comes with most of the bricks is just amazing.

If you’re a parent, then the Lego 10664 makes the perfect starter bucket for small children who are about to make that big leap from using Duplo blocks to Lego.


As mentioned, the box included with the build is truly amazing. There’s a lot of things you can do with the assortment of bricks found in the 10664 – One side contains a whole host of houses and animals, as well as all of the models that you can construct in one go. Meanwhile, the other side here contains a Jurassic and dinosaur theme, which also includes baby dinosaur figures, older dinosaur figures, and volcanoes. You can construct this on one side of the build, but not at the same time as the other side.

As mentioned earlier, the box is highly useful for storage purposes. And even though a bigger box would’ve been wonderful, this one is just fine.

There are loads of amazing parts here, and all of them come in vibrant colors. The rounded eye tiles are a good combination between the standard basic parts tubs, and the Lego Creator tub. You can even apply SNOT techniques to it as well.

Despite the lack of minifigures, the 10664 contains plenty of googly-type eyes and bricks with faces on them.

There aren’t any instructional booklets included here either, so there’s no build thrown in. You still can, however, construct all of the appropriate models here, all of which provide you with loads of inspiration for some of your future builds from other sets. And then you can also utilize the parts for building homes, towns, and animals. It could be quite tricky trying to find out exactly how these models were made, but this is all in part of the fun.

This is a great way for you to bootstrap an entire Lego collection meant for purely creative methods.

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