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LEGO Creator 31052 Vacation Getaways Building Kit Review


Get Ready to go on a fun Camping Trip with the Lego 31052!

Lego creator have decided to take you to the great outdoors, thanks to this new build – The Lego 31052 Vacation Getaways set!


Of course, the front side of the box includes the main build. The 31052 comes in the form of an RV camper that pretty much contains all of the accessories one would normally expect: A barbecue grill, folding tables and chairs, a tiny boat on the trailer, a bunch of greenery, and finally, a bear. This set is going to be a surefire hit for those who like seeing brick animals in their Lego 2016 sets. The smaller pictures in front of the box will inform you of the other scenarios you could play out with this particular set – Including a yacht and a summer home.


The backside of the box reveals that the 31052 is only one of the three main builds that come with the Vacation Getaways set, the other two being Lego 31053 – Treehouse Adventures, and the Lego 31051 Lighthouse Point. Another similar build is the Lego 75150.


Found inside the box are nine bags without any numbers or labels in them. There’s a bigger bag made for housing the instruction manual. The pages of the instruction manual were delicate, and the manual itself bends easily. Also found in the pack is a brick separator, which will surely come in handy during your build.


This set only comes with two minifigures – A little boy, and a grown woman. The woman sports one of Lego’s newly-made torsos, first seen in a minifigure from the Lego 60124 Temple of Airjitsu set from 2016. Same goes for the boy’s own torso – Initially making its appearance in the Lego 10251 Deep Sea build, also released the previous year. The two minifigures come with wonderful details, especially at the backside, but none of them have alternative faces. In contrast to the sportsman minifigure in the Lakeside Lodge build, the woman and the boy seem really excited to ride that RV and go on a fun camping trip!


Here is the instruction manual, which groups the three various Vacation Getaways builds as advanced (the RV), medium (summer house), and fast (yacht build).

We start off the Lego 31052 build by using Technic plates, which creates the RV’s chassis. This is one of the many builds that we like in which you can gradually see the shape of the RV slowly come to life. You can also start including in a couple of details to the RV, including the front grill and the lower fenders, right up to the beginning of the RVs lower red racing stripes.


Once we’re done with the base, we now move on to one of the main highlights of the RV build – The back parts of the RV, which you can open up. Tall lights are attached in the walls, using transparent bricks. The first half of the RV that you can swing out is a seating area with its own folding table top. The second half contains a small kitchenette, with a mini-fridge storing a tiny ham and cheese sandwich. We’re certain that the people behind this build have used every inch of space in the RV in an efficient way – The backside of the fridge and the backside of the RV itself are connected to each other. They also made use of the 1 x 2 x 3 roof tiles, serving as the vehicle’s front grill.

Additional details found on the inside of the RV include a small stove, skillet, and sink accessory, a TV with its own adjustable screen, and a bigger sandwich. The entire backside of the camper does get plenty of natural light thanks to four of the RV’s windows. Also found here are several storage compartments made for paper maps, and tiny suitcases. A commode can be found behind the driver’s seat, with mugs kept on top of the sink and stove.


All in all, the Lego 31052 looks pretty amazing – There are plenty of great details included here, with excellent living space made especially for minifigures who want to find a home away from home.

The second major detail here is the bed compartment, which includes one more surprise detail found inside the RV – A storage space found beneath the bed. You can hinge up the bed itself allowing you to gain access to a wide storage space. The bed compartment is also connected to the RV itself, much like all of the other objects. Pulling the compartment out isn’t too difficult either, and you can use it without facing any jamming or storage issues.


Once we’re through with the interior, we now focus on finishing the RV’s exterior. Its sets of racing stripes come together with a tinted wind shield. This is another excellent feature you can find with the Lego 31052 – The tiny windshields of the RV itself slides right into the front, and you can clip them onto the vehicle at a single point.


The RV also has a detachable roof, which comes in two segments. Both parts have a decent amount of storage capacity as well. We do appreciate the color that they chose for the interior section – The navy blue compliments the red racing stripes of the RV’s body, and is, in our opinion, a more imaginative color than just plain gray or white.

When you include the awning – Which, once again, is another enjoyable feature of the 31052 – It’s quite difficult to fit in the holes inside the fabric, right around the hooks found on the vehicle itself. There’s also the bonus feature of the awning being as secure as it can be. However, some users have encountered obstacles in trying to make it fit, which resulted in tearing up the fabric. But if there’s one thing that we love about the RV’s awning, it’s the fact that you can both furl and unfurl them without difficulty. Just another added touch by this build’s brilliant designer.


So now that the build is complete, we will now add the small finishing touches. First, there’s the RV’s storage – An amazing folding table plus two chairs that you can store up the RV’s roof. You can click on the table into place, and securely fold up the chairs using a 1 x 2 clamp on a hinge. The grill accessory can also be attached easily in a separate portion of the roof. The final accessory here is the skateboard located at the back of the RV, as well as throwing in a ladder so that your minifigures can climb up the roof’s storage area.

Apart from the RV itself, there are also a couple of accessories that come with this build, including a boat, the aforementioned bear figure, and pieces of foliage.


The boat has a rather straightforward build, with excellent rear lights for safety measures. The boat sports a lovely bright yellow color, which we think is a shade that compliments the RV’s colors. It also includes six brand new inverted bow pieces in the same color, measuring 1 x 4 x 1. As of now, the only other set that contains these inverted bow pieces are the Elves sets. You can put these to excellent use as the boat’s bow. The final touch here is a little motor boat – It might not fit the two minifigures with this set, unless one chooses to stand right in front. Perhaps the boat does only have space for one figure, since there’s only one life preserver included in.


The bear brick figure also has a very interesting construction – Judging by the look on his face, he doesn’t appear too scary, and won’t pose a threat to the two minifigures. There’s a hinge piece in between the figure that doesn’t really have a purpose – We can only assume that the other two models need this piece as well. We initially thought he was going to be a small guy, but if you compare it to the average minifigure, he comes in a decent size. The bear gets a plus point for those who really like brick built animals – However, Lego does need to put those ball joints in a color apart from the usual grey. The bear lacks a mouth as well – How is he even going to eat the salmon that he catches for prey?


All in all, the people behind the RV build, as well as the two other builds in the series, did an amazing job with this set. The RV itself is a really fun build, and we enjoyed constructing it piece by piece. The alternate models are excellent as well, and you can even sell them as models. We also love that the two minifigures, as well as the bear figure, have lots of details in them.

The designer has gone out of their way to utilize some of the most interesting aspects of the build – Not just in the RV, but in the two other parts as well. These uses all flow together perfectly, and none of them seem very out of place. There’s a good play value when it comes to all three builds, especially since there are many ways you can access the models too.

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