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LEGO Creator Expert 10243 Parisian Restaurant Review



After a long and tiring day of work at the office, or school, there’s nothing more satisfying than visiting your favorite restaurant and eating your favorite meal. The Lego 10243 Parisian Restaurant build was purposely created for that function, so your minifigures can enjoy a quiet dinner and enjoy the city of lights at the same time.


The 10243 was a highly anticipated build. It was first released in January 2014, and was, during the time of its release, the latest set in a line of past modular sets. It was indeed a real treat made for Lego fans. The design of the build was created by the talented Jamie Berard, and is filled to the brim with details and features. This makes it a wonderful build for those who want to start collecting – Or are already collecting – The modular sets. But does the 10243 live up to the hype?


The front side of the box includes a huge photograph of the restaurant’s front side, alongside smaller pictures that include the patio, the backside, as well as the height and length of the dimensions. It’s a very nifty addition.


Meanwhile, the back of the box is also well-liked by the public. Despite it being located at the back, the photographs used here are always great too, as it shows off all of the wonderful and playable features of the build, along with several details to boot.


The left portion shows off the three finished modular components. The first one reveals the first floor, where you could begin working up there gradually, after you are done building it. Occupying at least half of the box’s own backside is the restaurant build itself. The Parisian Restaurant belongs in the same street as the Lego 10232 Palace Cinema and Lego 10224 Lego Town Hall builds. And lastly, encompassing both the left side and the top side areas of the box are the numerous features that you can do with the build, as well as a couple of closeups of the completed build.

The side of the box includes a very detailed list of the parts you would get with the build itself. This is completely welcomed and understandable, thanks to the set having 2500 pieces included. At the far right section, there’s a closeup of the roof’s own little details, which will surely give excitement to both rookie and professional builders. The side of the box also shows off an angular view of the set in its entirety. There’s a bit of blurb at the opposite end, telling parents that Lego bricks are a choking hazard, and that young children must stay away from it.

The right side of the box includes a simple photograph of the minifigures accompanying the build, along with the appropriate surroundings. Also included here is one of the box’s closing latches. This refers to the inner lid of the box, which includes a tab that passes through it, so that the box remains secured and closed even after you open it up. The 10243 is a pretty big box, so the feature is highly convenient. The left side also has the same picture of the build taken at an angular level, as well as a closeup shot of the front side of the completed set – The entrance and the terrace, to be more specific. Another closing latch can be found here too.


There are three instruction booklets with the set, all sporting the same cover. They even use the same picture located at the front side of the box. These three instruction booklets carry covers that showcase beautiful landscapes, and inner pages featuring portraits. This is in contrast to how certain sets have both picture oriented pages and covers, that get switched in between books. There are landscape photographs here as well.

As one would expect, the main images and hues found in the Lego bricks are highly distinct – With some of the bricks even having a metallic sheen to them, and a small shine star each time they get used in the list of piece callouts. There are loads of sub-builds available, including the one found in the box, as well as the one in the left side of the page.

The 10243 has plenty of brick bags included, as one would expect from a build as big as this one. Four of them are labelled ‘1’, while the remaining five are labelled ‘2’. The ‘1’ bags contain three smaller baggies inside of them, while all of the ‘2’ bags have four smaller baggies. The baggies don’t have labels in them.

There are two bags for ‘3’ and two additional ones for ‘4’. Each of them contain four tinier bags, much like 1 and 2. So in total, there are eighteen bags inside the set – A fair amount, given the sheer size of the build. The labels are only up to number four.

The two baseplates for the build are obviously not included inside the bags. Plate number one measures 8 x 16 studs, while the second baseplate is 32 x 32.


There are five minifigures in the set: An artist, a male minifigure, a female minifigure, a chef, and a waiter. The first three minifigures all come with back printing, while the final two do not. The back printing doesn’t look too special – Nothing really amazing about it, with the exception of the male minifigure, as his outfit had a golden metallic sheen to it.

No stickers included in the build, which could be a relief for some. There are ten printed pieces instead, which includes the restaurant menu and the signage. The menu also bears a golden metallic sheen to it, adding a bit of fanciness to your restaurant.

There are two scooter accessories that have a flip-up and down handle bar, along with a kickstand. Two studs can be found on each of the scooters, that allows it to hold excess cargo.


The initial steps of the build all involve the builder lying down on top of the sidewalk, along with the entrance area. There’s a particular detail here that a lot of people seem to like – The word ‘chez’ is spelled out through a series of tan plates, and this comprises a huge portion of the dining area.


When you reach the 21st step, which also happens to be the end part of the bags with the ‘1’ label, you should have already constructed the foundation set as well as added a few details to your restaurant. At the left side, you will be able to find both the interior and exterior parts of the dining areas. The dark red lamps, alongside the light blue tables, do add a bit of pop to the wonderful earthy hues that were utilized in these certain areas. At the right side of the build, there’s a bus stop bench, the bottom half of the stairs that leads to the patio, and lastly, the detailed kitchen with food.


There’s a whole assortment of bricks included that could be counted as additional pieces, unless you run out. Lego has also been quite fond of giving out additional rings in builds as much as possible. There’s a temperature gauge located at the right side of the ring.

A beautiful wine display shelf accessory is found in the build’s interior dining area. It does help give life to the atmosphere, and sets the mood too.

During the 57th step, the brick bags must be half empty. This also marks the end of the first instruction booklet, which involves building the actual restaurant. All that is left is the foliage and the terrace portion.

There’s a shot of the first module coming from the left. Also included is the hanging painting and a tiny side window that gives you a glimpse into what’s going on in the kitchen.


A couple of wonderful details are also included at the backside of the restaurant. Plenty of them are already self-explanatory, but luckily, there are several users who have managed to point out a couple of things that didn’t seem too obvious at first – The blue and green trash bins which include bits of “food”. The blue trash bin has an orange and yellow cheese slope, while the green one has two sausages, two cherries, and two bones. The lid of both bins has a locking hinge system that does provide a huge degree of movement.

Having a fully-functioning restaurant inside the city of Paris is always a wonderful idea. Before this build, Lego only released tiny café builds like the Lego 6376. This brings out the Parisian Restaurant build’s playability, since the residents now have a place where they can eat dozens of food. Even as a standalone build, the 10243 deserves a very high playability, since there are tons of features, furniture, appliances and details that you can move around with.


The completed build is beautiful in itself. There are grays, olive greens, whites, and blues that flow nicely, giving it a varied look with loads of contrast that can attract the eyes.

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