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LEGO Creator Expert 10247 Ferris Wheel Building Kit Review



When the very first images for the Lego 10247 Ferris Wheel build came about, it generated plenty of interest and positive comments, with a lot of people even making plans to purchase it on the first day of its release.


The 10247’s box displays the completed build in all of its giant glory. It is set against the skyline that comes with other theme park ride-themed builds, like the carousel. The right side of the box includes important details and a picture of the minifigures that come with the build. According to the box, the build measures 60 centimeters x 38 centimeters.


There’s another shot of the ride, as well as several more closeup shots located at the back side of the box. A lot of people in particular really enjoy the picture located at the end side of the panel, which shows the minifigures enjoying themselves while riding the completed build.


The 10247 comes with 2464 parts, all packaged in bags labelled 1 to 4. There’s an additional unlabeled bag that houses giant plates, as well as beams. An instruction manual is also included. It’s got 138 pages and is completely bound and printed on excellent quality of paper. And good news – There’s no sticker sheet included.

When it comes to parts, there are loads of old parts that are recolored. Perhaps the only new design found in the first portion of the build is an inverted curve, measuring 1 x 3 x 2, which comes with part 6110019. There’s loads of six-stemmed flower pieces that have shown up in previous Lego Elves builds, as well as a couple of printed pieces including a tile measuring 2 x 2. This piece has probably showed up in a previous build – If you want to know which one, then you have to go search for its element number.


If you’re more of a minifigure collector, then you might be relieved to know that you no longer have to purchase a creator set solely for the minifigures – Even though they’re a highly important part of any major Lego build. Jamie Berard, a designer for Lego, always makes sure to place in a bit of personality into the minifigures that he makes – And the ones in the Lego 10247 are no exception.


There are ten figures included here – Four children, and six adults. Of the six adults, there are three male minifigures: A ride operator, a dad, and an elderly man. The elderly man, which is assumed to be a grandparent, looks slightly overdressed for a trip to a theme park. However, he’s still got a very nice torso, having been used in builds such as the Monster Fighters series and other creator sets. The ride operator’s jacket has been appearing on other minifigures since 2011. It has also shown up on plenty of other City and Creator Lego builds.


Meanwhile, there are also three female minifigures: An elderly woman, a mother, and an ice cream vendor. The vendor’s torso has managed to get good reviews from people who have purchased this set. Not only that, this marks the first time that she has made her debut in a Lego build. Her legs come in a rare shade of azure blue, and this particular shade has only shown up in one build: The Minecraft Ender Dragon set. A lot of people also liked her ice cream scoop build.

The mother’s torso was only used one time prior to this set: In a similar Juniors set. Don’t try to remove that little dot on her face – Because that’s a beauty mark, and not a speck of dirt.


The set of minifigures finishes with the four children – All of them bearing freckled faces. The black-haired boy wearing a blue jacket torso looks nice in particular, the same with the right-handed girl’s legs, which come in a rare shade of medium lavender. So much effort has been placed into making this set of minifigures, and it resulted in characters filled with plenty of details.


The construction of the Ferris Wheel begins using a Technic framework which is mounted on top of five bright green plates measuring 16 x 16 and two additional ones measuring 8 x 16. The parts are then covered by more heaps of plates and slopes in the same shade.


There’s a type of Technic mechanism that could handle the lowering and rising of the loading platforms, and this has to be placed right in the middle of all these plates. All of the platforms are now placed in their respective positions, together with the mechanisms used to operate them all and to drive the Ferris Wheel.


The platforms can be lowered when you place the yellow lever in a forward position – And it does the opposite when you put it on backwards.


The second bag gives you the parts that you need for the details around the wheel’s base, which includes the ice cream stand, the platforms surrounding the base, and the walkways. There’s a covered booth in the ride operator along with what looks to be a computerized system that is meant to control the ride. Two new types of inverted curves are utilized on the roof. There are also bricks measuring 1 x 1 located at the bottom, which sport the same hue as the one in the gondolas. The A-frames have been built mainly from its medium blue parts, together with the drive wheels.

Two new types of blossom trees have sparked from plenty of interest from the public after they were first seen in the official photographs. These are made using the 1 x 1 brick (also known as a ‘dalek’ brick) and five new six-stem flower stalks. After construction, you will have a beautiful circular tree that gives off the impression of leaves and packed bunches of flowers.

The third bag contains the parts needed to assemble the Ferris Wheel itself. These hubs have utilized a couple of clever pieces of geometry from the Lego Technic builds, to build twelve spokes. Admittedly, the Lego 10247 isn’t the easiest build out there. Not only are the two sides similar to each other, but the same goes for the rims and the spokes. This isn’t really surprising – But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to construct plenty of the subassemblies again and again, over twelve up to 24 times. Good thing they only consist of a number of pieces, so it’s not really that tedious. The end result is worthy, though – The wheel will not fall apart and remain as sturdy as ever using normal handling.

Learning more about the geometry of the construction was very interesting. Two of the spokes located on each side of the wheel must have a tiny spacer right in the end, which includes the grey minifigure neck bracket. This gives a little bit more length to the wheel, and this is probably enough to make sure that everything fits together nicely without any form of slack located in the slopes. The model now becomes apparent after everything is fitted to the A-frame.

The last step involves the construction of the twelve gondolas. This portion could also test a builder’s patience: The three-part door assembly, as well as the identical pair located at the back has to be made a total of 45 times. The drive wheel is driven through universal joints, and secured tightly against the wheel’s rom, through an elastic band that can also help prevent breakage.

The main action of lowering and rising up the platforms beneath the gondolas was hard to capture, but you will notice that the two gondolas placed right next to each other will allow the minifigures to alight. A medium PF motor, as well as a battery box aren’t given out, but they’re still hard to fit in, and make the model completely fun. Pure carefulness should be taken to make sure that the platforms, while they are being lowered down, must be done before you can switch on the motors. If not, the wheel will produce a terrible noise as the gondolas scrape down on the base.

The minifigures are excellent, and the characteristics that each one of them has are nicely brought to life. The build in itself measures 60 centimeters tall. It’s much bigger than you would expect. So much thought has been given into the wheel’s design, as well as the mechanism, especially in regards to lowering and raising up the platforms. The build is also fun to look at and play with, especially when the wheel is turning. In general, the model is very eye-catching, and will surely capture the attention of both Lego fans and ordinary folk.

There are some cons: Twelve minifigures is a bit too much for a build of this size. The color scheme of the build was also heavily criticized after they were first seen in the teaser images, and the hues do look slightly subdued. The green ones don’t stand out from the base, in particular.

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