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LEGO Creator Expert 10251 Brick Bank Building Kit Review


Lego 10251 – Take Banking to a Whole New Level with this Model


The release schedule of this particular model has often changed while it was still in production – But the one thing that hasn’t changed here is the annual arrival of Lego’s signature Modular Building sets. In fact, the release of Modular Building sets like this one are highly anticipated for both Lego fans and collectors from across the globe.

The newest addition to Lego’s line of Modular Building sets is the Lego 10251, also known as the Brick Bank set. It’s the fourth corner building of the entire series.


When the set was unveiled to the public last October, not only was the general reaction overly positive, but they also anticipated two things: The set design, as well as the reduced price of the Brick Bank. For something this large, it only costed $119, which is much more affordable as compared to models from the same set – In particular, the Detective Office set and the Parisian Restaurant set. Meanwhile, in the UK, this set sells for £169.99. There’s actually a bit of a difference between the version sold in the US and the one in UK shops, as the UK shops have more pieces – 2380 to be specific. We could only hope that the set in itself is of good quality, even though we think the Lego 10246 and Lego 10253 are better sets, in our opinion. The set was officially released in stores on New Year’s Day.


One thing we have noticed about Lego’s newer sets is that the boxes are now getting progressively smaller and smaller, even with big ones such as this. The Creator Expert line of buildings is not an exception here, since it’s actually smaller than plenty of other previously-released models, including the Lego 10211 (the Grand Emporium set), the Lego 10255, or even the Lego 10218 (Pet Shop set). But if we take a look at the box, we can still see the whole Brick Bank in its entirety. The box’s inset reveals that the bank comes with three floors, with a picture of the bank manager minifigure above it. As we can see, the manager is busy opening a vault that probably contains gold bars, or tons of cash. One thing worth remembering here is that the Brick Bank just so happens to be the first model released since Lego changed their Creator Expert logo, with the new one appearing on the upper right corner of the box.


Behind the box, you can see even more details regarding the Lego 10251 model, as well as several types of everyday situations you can show off using the model and the minifigure set. Much like plenty of other Modular Building sets, there’s a good amount of detail found in both the Brick Bank’s interior and exterior designs. In fact, the box even showcases a complete street scene, letting avid collectors compare the sizes of the previous three models by placing them side by side along with the Brick Bank.


Found inside the box are twenty numbered bags containing the pieces needed for building. Another thing encased in plastic wrap is the Lego Instructions manual. A major difference between the Brick Bank and some of Lego’s other set is the lack of a sticker set. Each design that you can find in the set itself has already been printed beforehand, and even contains a couple of brand new designs, along with classic favorites.


Since the Modular Building sets tend to focus more on the building itself, the minifigures only serve as an additional form of design – Although they still are considered to be an integral part in finishing the build and bringing the set to life. The Brick Bank set has five minifigures in total, all of them taking a whole variety of roles. You can assign these tasks by yourself, even though some figures already come equipped with a specified working attire. But judging from their jovial expressions, they seem to be happy and content with whatever type of task you assign them with.


It’s so much fun constructing a Modular Building set, as compared to nearly other Lego sets 2016, so we expect the Brick Bank to live up to its expectations. The build begins with the floor tiling, which is connected to the building’s outside pavement. The color of the pavement matches the one found in previous Modular Building sets, incorporating blue-gray kerbstones, together with dark paving slabs in the same hue. The floor design found inside the bank look pretty complex, and utilizes one of the builds many new elements – Including the 2x3 shield piece, commonly found in Lego’s own Nexo Knights builds. The floor designs are beautiful and create a highly intricate pattern that looks amazing when completed – Same can be said for the floor found in the launderette. The combination of dark tan, light tan, and white bricks are stunning, even though lining them up can be downright tricky thanks to their size (each brick measures 1x1). We suggest that you just use the edge of the brick separator that comes with the build, to make sure that they are all lined up symmetrically.


The foot of the rear wall is next in line, together with some slight internal divisions. This deals with your usual piling up of Lego bricks – However, these bricks are split up a tad bit thanks to the construction of furniture accessories, as well as a handful of window boxes. The gigantic door made especially for the bank’s vault is also constructed here, attached specifically on the lower half of the staircase – Much like the ones found in the previously-released 10218 Pet Shop build and the Lego 10697.


It is during this point that the Brick Bank starts giving off a similar feel to all Modular Buildings, with one exception – The addition of a security screen situated between the bank staff and the customers. This is something very unique to all Modular Builds. Headlight bricks have been utilized to a great effect, and we absolutely adore the see-through door elements found in between bows measuring 1x2. And not only does this mark the very first appearance of this type of building strategy in an actual Lego building set, but the structure looks astounding when fully assembled. The assembly also utilizes the last couple of pieces coming from the initial set of bags. Construction of the whole Brick Bank roughly takes at least 1 and 1/2 hours.


The two walls that face right onto the street might look simple, but they’re the most challenging pieces to assemble in the full set, especially when you compare them to the walls at the back of the bank. These walls are filled with plenty of detail, and wisely use a couple of the new pieces that came with the set. Perhaps the most useful one would be the 1x2x2 brick, with four studs on each of its sides. There are 24 studs in total. By placing these together with the geometry of a headlight brick, you can build nicely-textured brickworks located at every corner of the Brick Bank – The first one for an official Lego build.


Even though this portion of the model shows how someone could build highly interesting features to enhance the look of a otherwise dull façade, the launderette just looks amazing – Thanks to its blue and white proliferates, as well as the beautiful combination of pastel yellow and orange, which give life to the awning.


During the Brick Bank’s launch in October, everyone thought that the structure of the building’s washing machines look pretty dull – But as soon as you build them up, you will realize that they are the exact opposite of that. The bank makes fun of the concept of ‘money laundering’ by taking things a little bit too literally – The launderette and the bank are linked to each other, so you get the bank vault found on one side of the building, with four washing machines found on the other side. There are lots of intricate techniques that plenty of Lego creators utilize to be able to build this function. Things get a little more complicated for this crazy build thanks to a cash register accessory also found inside the bank.


While constructing this particular build, so many things have captured our attention – The first one being the ordinary color scheme. Plenty of Modular Buildings usually comprise of various shades, which are all tightly compressed together in a small area, while bigger areas of the wall only sport just one shade. But this build does the exact opposite – Not much color is present, making it stand out from the other Modular Building sets. But this is the reason why a lot of collectors love the build so much, since the Lego 10251 does not have to resort to vibrant designs to build amazing surfaces. Instead, they contain lots of interesting textures, including stonework or detailed features of bricks.

The Lego 10251 Brick Bank is excellent, despite it not being as large as some of the other Modular Buildings out there. It makes up for it in detail, and is filled with loads of spectacular architectural features that you’ll enjoy.

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