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LEGO Creator Expert ASSEMBLY Square 10255 Building Kit Review


The Lego 10255 Readies you for Something Grand


Modular Buildings have been considered a highlight for plenty of Lego fans and collectors for across the world – One of the most anticipated events in the Lego calendar each year. And it’s not exactly hard to see why – Modular Buildings provide amazing structures, spectacular building techniques, along with a varied set of different pieces, both representing the main aspect of Lego-based products and its fundamental principles since the company’s inception in 1949.

This year marks a full decade of the Modular Buildings theme, and Lego has decided to celebrate this grand milestone with the release of the 10255 Assembly Square build. This is a set that has 4002 pieces in total, and is, as of 2017, the biggest Modular Building set so far. It’s also one of the most impressive builds, thanks to its overwhelmingly positive reaction from both fans and collectors after its first unveiling last October from Lego news sites.


The front side of the box is far too big as compared to other Modular Building sets. It shows the completed build against a cheerful sunny backdrop. The Creator Expert logo can be found at the upper right hand corner of the box. Lego has created an icon made especially for the 10th anniversary of the Modular Building set packaging, and it shows up on both the backside and frontside of the box, along with the instruction booklet.


Behind the box, you can see a chock-full of details about the build, which you can freely explore and display to your heart’s content. As you will soon learn, you can remove the floor to show off the Square’s rather expansive interior. Compared to other Modular Building sets such as the lego 10252, Lego 10251 Brick Bank and the Lego 10246 Detective’s Office, the Lego 10255 Assembly Square is a tad bit smaller and it’s pretty obvious that this particular set contains more substance than the three sets that came before it.


A peek inside the box shows that the set contains 34 bags, split all across six numbers. There’s also a baseplate measuring 32 x 32, another baseplate measuring 16 x 32, a third 8 x 16 baseplate, and lastly, a huge 300-page instruction booklet. Upon reading the booklet, we were quite surprised to learn that it was not stored inside the usual plastic bag as Lego mostly does for their other sets, although the pages were not crumpled and came in perfect condition.


After completion, we thought the Assembly Square looks nothing short of phenomenal. It shows off a beautiful and colorful model, filled to the brim with realistic features and details. If you’re an avid Lego collector, you’ll know that the Assembly Square is slightly different as compared to other Modular Buildings, since the build itself is split all over three main structures, even though two of them are joined together by a singular wall. The three structures represent various building types as well as the many colors that the build uses for rendering. We also loved the unique structure of the build itself.


As you might expect, the back of the model isn’t really that detailed especially when you compare it to the front, but it doesn’t scrimp out on the details and looks very reasonable as a whole structure. There’s a wonderful color combination of sand green, sand blue, and tan walls, that complement the green base of the floor. In 2015, Lego creator fans of the Assembly Square went up in arms when Lego suddenly retired the former green baseplate, in exchange of another baseplate with a brighter, somewhat pastel green hue – But they grew to love the whole build anyway, since the new baseplate appealed to most of the newer clients. You can also find stud examples in the build, measuring 32 x 32 and 16 x 32. This gives the Lego 10255 a bigger footprint than its predecessors from the Modular Building set.


A recurring accessory found in most Modular Building Lego sets 2017 is the white lamp post, and the Assembly Square has two of them, situated on both ends of the pavement. Tiles measuring 2 x 2 comprise the whole pedestrian area, and are accented by smaller plates that measure 1 x 1. Other attachments include some brand new corner tiles measuring 2 x 2, all having an angled surface and coming in four different colors. When placed together, you can create some amazing color patterns and shapes. The far left side of the Square is occupied by the Bijoux Café build, its design vaguely reminding us of the Café Corner build from Lego 10182 and the Lego 10253. Bijoux Café’s own awnings is comprised of yellow and white strips, as a sign hangs high above the door. A small coffee cup can be found on top of the table accessories.


But since its first launching, the Assembly Square’s café section has undergone through plenty of changes. The current release has a more refined look. We also liked the teeth’s alternating colors which create the awning’s valance. Another great thing about the Lego 10255 is that the tables found both inside and outside Bijoux Café are just as impressive, boasting curved seats. There are only three pieces for the table, but these are highly detailed. Apart from the two white lampposts mentioned earlier, the entire build is also flanked by two potted plants. You can also open up the doors of the three separate builds to take a look at the beautiful interiors inside.

Despite the obvious shortage of both tables and chairs, Bijoux Café still looks like a cozy place for your minifigures to relax and chill out in. A pair of golden lampshades can be found on the walls of the café, alongside the wooden floors and a wonderfully-decorative counter design.

The café has a traditional cash register, and the coffee machine isn’t looking too modernized either. This just confirms that the Assembly Square really does belong to the Modular Building sets, since it carries plenty of rustic designs. So many tiny accessories are found inside the café, like cups, and 1 x 1 plates printed with tiny slices of pie. The same plates also made an appearance in the Lego 41126 (Heartlake Riding Club build) released in 2016.

Once they’re done sipping that cup of joe, you can get your minifigures to exit through the back door. This then leads us to a small outdoor area that includes a climbing plant, paired up with a narrow walkway allowing them to head on back to the Assembly Square. The café’s walkways come in a darkened gray lattice with plenty of plants growing above it. One more door can be found underneath the walkway covering, and if you open this up, this reveals a flight of stairs. Another door on the left side will lead you to the next shop – The florist.


The florist might be the smallest building, but it contains lots of details, especially when you look at it in the front. There is a pair of flowers attached above the door, which is accentuated with a flower-shaped doorknob. A rack of plants can be found outside the shop, while its pink awnings compliment the flower shop’s white walls. Meanwhile, the upper side of the flower shop has green walls. Its windows are pretty huge while the roof has been dominated by the two plants, both which form a curved shape. We were highly impressed by this detail, but slightly concerned that it takes up plenty of space. But as it turns out, this was not the case – In fact, the finishing result looks really amazing, as well as the detail beneath the shop, build using several hammer accessories found on the side of the building.


However, there’s a bit of a problem here – The side view of the flower shop isn’t that much appealing. Similar to Bijoux Café, there are weird shades of color that cannot be hidden easily, especially since this shop does not connect to the other buildings found in Assembly Square. Good thing the colors come in huge blocks, so they don’t look too out of place – But even so, it would’ve been nice to see something covering up the area found in the first floor.


Not much detail can be found on the back of the shop either, but we did like the row of alternating transparent and green windows that look similar to the ones found in the Lego 10251 Brick Bank as well as the Lego 71040. You can even open up the window located on the ground floor, which gives scheming minifigures the opportunity to commit more robberies. The wall area found above the window can actually be removed so you can gain more access to the interior.

In general, the Lego 10255 is a tremendous build. We can never choose a single favorite establishment here, but the Assembly Square itself will be one of our favorites in the Modular Building sets. It’s just as detailed as the other buildings in the set, and contains a rather impressive array of brand new pieces, together with interesting building features.

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