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LEGO Creator Fire Brigade Review (Lego 10197)


The Lego 10197 Fire Brigade is a must have addition to your Lego Town. This set complements its fellow Lego Modular Buildings Series partners Lego 10232, Lego 10218, and Lego 10211 in both size and building experience. The set includes a vintage 1930’s fire station complete with an authentic fire truck, a fire dog, and a removable building roof. Once completed this set stands 14″ high and 10″ wide giving even the infamous Lego 10218 a run for its money in terms of its size and expanse.


The winning feature of this set is the buildings’ extremely detailed second floor. Unlike Lego 10211 and Lego 10218 where most of the details were limited to the ground floor and the upper floors were fairly empty, Lego 10197 boasts a second floor filled with exciting builds; you get to build fun little mini-structures like a ping pong table, a stove, a sink, a couch, and a refrigerator. A fun fact about this set is that it was the first set in the Modular Building series that came packed with a vehicle, followed by Lego 10232.

Key Features of Lego creator Fire Brigade 10197

  • This set includes an authentic 30’s fire truck all set for two mini-figs to ride. Also included in the set is a fire pole that mini-figs can slide down
  • The set has 4 mini-figs; three firefighters and one woman
  • The first floor has a box for equipment, a part of the fireman's pole, and a rack for fire helmets
  • The rooftop has a bell tower and a large barrel. The roof is removable so you can peek inside the fire station or move stuff around easily



  • This set is huge; it has over 2000 pieces which means you can spend a day or two putting this behemoth structure together
  • The details on this set are amazing from the two tones in the tree leaves outside the building to the golden helmets used as ornaments on the front of the building, Lego has outdone itself on creating an extremely realistic structure
  • The set isn’t made to be playable but you can have all the fun you want especially with the fire truck
  • For the value you are getting, this set isn’t really priced that high



  • Since this was the first set that housed a vehicle, the fire truck is a pretty simple build and doesn’t have any exciting features or functions
  • For a structure that is as big as this Fire Brigade, the number of mini-figures included is fairly small

Final Words:

The Lego 10197 Fire Brigade is a one of a kind building experience; from the structurally sound and aesthetically appropriate first floor to the immensely detailed second floor, time truly flies when you are putting this structure together. And the finished building is a sight to behold. If you want to add a beautiful Fire Brigade to your Lego Town or simply want an exciting new building project, buy the Lego 10197 Fire Brigade today.

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