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LEGO Creator Grand Emporium 10211 Review (lego 10211)


The Lego 10211 Grand Emporium is an impressive addition to the Lego Modular Buildings Series. The 15" high and 10" wide grand structure is full of intricate details, fun little surprises, and lots of mini-figures. The Grand Emporium is basically a replica of a three story departmental store that stands on a busy street; the first floor houses the clothing department complete with changing rooms, spare trousers, perfumes, a cash counter, and more, the second floor is the houseware department that has glassware and plates. The last floor is the toy department that houses a toy house but also has an impressive chandelier on top. To round off this amazing structure the roof boasts both a billboard and a skylight.

The best thing about this structure is the little details that make putting this together all the more fun. The set of revolving doors on the ground floor are an exciting example, and so is the window cleaner on the second floor, the locker room, and the brick-built escalator. Another admirable feature of Lego 10211 is that apart from the department store itself you also get to build and enjoy the street it is built on; there is an ice cream stand right outside the store and many mini-figs busy carrying their shopping bags on the street.

Key Features of Lego creator Grand Emporium 10211

  • The Grand Emporium has a highly realistic design made of 1000+ pieces packed in more than twenty numbered packs
  • The set includes seven mini-figures in addition to two mannequins and a number of other accessories
  • The set also includes three huge manuals much like the Lego 10197 that help you put this behemoth model together



  • This model is huge, which means more hours of fun building experience. Just like Lego 10197 it may take up to a whole day or two to complete this structure
  • The expert level ranking of this model provides a nice little challenge and also promotes shared construction. This model can easily be a fun project for the family just like Lego 10234
  • The set doesn’t offer a lot of playability but its design gives you room to customize many parts of the building and move some mini-figs around the expanse
  • There are some interesting techniques required to build this set like putting together the escalator and the four columns around the building. These techniques add to the fun of building this structure



  • Compared to the massive structure of the building some areas look a little empty especially if you compare it to other models in the same series like the Pet Shop
  • This set has a lot of parts, while that is actually a plus, the downside is that this set doesn’t come with a part holding tray to help sort them like it did with its predecessors

Final Words:

The Lego 10211 Grand Emporium promises hours of building and playing fun and makes for an impressive addition to your Lego Town. The price range may be a little high but the product is well worth the investment. Don’t miss out on adding this to your collection and get your hands on Lego 10211 today. 

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