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LEGO Disney Castle 71040 Review


When it comes to Legos, you never really know what’s going to pop up next. When the Disney Castle from Lego popped up, we were super happy …who would have ever thought our two favorite childhood memories (Disney and Lego) would be combined? Today, we are going to give you a full review on Lego 71040 and find out if the Lego building instructions are really as complicated as they look. We actually came across the LEGO 71040 set when we were looking through LEGO coupons.
The first, we will show you the front and the box of the box , the picture bellow is the front

lego 71040 box

And here is the back of the box

lego 71040 box

This set contains 4080 pieces, and that includes five really cool looking mini-figures. At first glance, it reminded me of The Lego 41062 set, which is Elisa’s Sparking Castle. The picture bellow show some of the bag content in the box

lego 71040 bags

Here’s a picture of the five figures:
lego 71040 minifigures

 lego 71040 minifigures
As you see, you have Tinkerbell, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Mini-Mouse and the good old Mickey Mouse. Just looking at these five figures takes us right back to our childhood, so building this is going to be pretty nostalgic.

The official Lego set name is Disney Castle, but in reality, it is the recreation of the beautiful Cinderella Castle that’s at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

Take a look at the instruction book:
 lego 71040 instruction
The instruction book looks pretty thick, doesn’t it? We have personally put together many different LEGO sets, including the Lego Friends Sets and Lego Town and this has to be amongst one of the biggest instruction manuals we have ever seen for a Lego set. Really cannot get over how big the instruction manual is – it’s quite overwhelming, but since it’s Cinderella’s Castle, we will enjoy putting it together …even if the instruction manual is a big beast.

Inside the manual, there are some pretty nice details. We personally liked how there were some Disney character signatures inside it. There are also two pages that outline the attributes and history of the Cinderella Castle in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. This is followed by a nice looking double-page spread that highlights some of the other sets. As for the rest of the book …well that is all dedicated to steps on how to put this bad boy together – yes, 758 total steps in all in order to complete the entire construction process. Looks like it’s time to grab a big cup of coffee and get started!

Now, it is time to start putting this beautiful piece of work together. So that you can see the progress, we will be breaking down the construction process for you.

The Building Process

Like most Lego sets that you would put together, it starts out with the base. The base is appears to be a strong Technic frame that is reinforced with bigger plates. Between the bricks used, there is a color differentiation, which makes it easy if you don’t have a whole lot of experience putting Lego sets together – with the color differentiation, you’re not going to get lost.

LEGO Disney Castle 71040 building

It may take an hour of work in order to complete the base and no, it’s not the most exciting part of the construction process, but it is pretty important, because without the base, you don’t really have much. Personally, throughout the entire building process, we never got bored, because in the end, we knew we would have a beautiful castle.

Personally, putting the mosaic floor together was quite pleasing. If you haven’t put together a LEGO set for quite some time, the process of putting it together might be a pretty big surprise as you have to rotate the blocks for the Mosaic floor by 45 degrees in order to get them to snap together. On the same note, there’s some basic Studs-not-On-Top, or SNOT for short, techniques that are being introduced in the next building phase of the castle. Again, if you’re an experienced adult Lego builder, this is probably nothing new, but it’s likely to be a surprise for the less experienced builders.

As you are putting together the ground floor of the castle, you’ll find some “off-the-grid” curves. There’s a combination of arches and hinged pillars that are well done and it combines with some clever brickwork going around the front …this was definitely an interesting experience.

Doesn’t the arch look pretty cool?
lego 71040 building

During this time, we’re two hours into putting this thing together and we’re quite pleased with ourselves, because it’s all starting to flow together like it’s supposed to.

Before you move forward and start working on the external walls, you will get the opportunity to build some pretty neat details, like the grandfather clock, which we enjoyed putting together. You’ll also get to construct the nice little lanterns that are sitting by the front gates.

In this picture, on the lower right, you will find the grandfather clock:

lego 71040 clock

In this picture right here, you can see the neat looking lanterns:

lego 71040 lanterns


The process of putting together the outside wall is pretty simple – it’s certainly nothing to be afraid of. The angled connection that is attaching the towers is pretty clever.

Putting together the windows at the top of the round towers was fun – it involves some angled building and during this time, you will need to pay special attention to the instructions (you should always pay attention to the instructions).

lego 71040 complete building

By the time you’ve reached this point, you have probably been building for about four hours. Yes, putting this castle together is a lengthy process, but take it from us, it is well worth it. When we finally put together the lower section of this model, we felt a nice sense of achievement. It looks amazing and is really starting to come together with the clock on the roof, just as we remembered it.
lego 71040 set

Here’s a picture of the clock at the top of the tower …
LEGO Disney Castle 71040 set

After this is all put together, for the next couple of hours, you’ll be focusing on the castle’s central keep. In comparison to the lower section, this part has less off-the-grid elements. These elements weren’t as interesting to build as the previous steps.

lego 71040 price

Look in the lower left hand of the picture (where the orange pumpkin is). That is the kitchen. We think it may have been inspired by “The Little Mermaid,” because of the look of it. The kitchen has some pretty cool touches, but it doesn’t contain enough to link it to the actual film. It would have been more noticeable if they included a little red crab to go in there, setting the scene where Sebastian escapes from the chef.

lego 71040 review


Out of all the different interior spaces, we really took to the nice looking Beauty and the Beast hallway. Take a look at the picture below – the hallway is located in the center, where the little rose in a glass is.  We feel that the rose in the jar was a nice little touch and you just can’t go wrong with Lumiere – it’s a nice little model.
LEGO Disney Castle 71040 review

Other rooms, which you can see in the picture below (and above), include a tower room that features the Magic Mirror (a really nice piece), the attic and a smaller area that has a spinning wheel. Overall, looking at the interior once it is put together, we are proud of ourselves – this is an interesting interior. Once the set is complete, the rooms have some good play features, which we believe is a nice little touch for children that wouldn’t be involved in the build itself. So basically, once you put it together for them, they can play with the interior, like they would a normal dollhouse.
LEGO Disney Castle 71040 review

The angled balcony was very interesting to put together – the technique was unique. It’s a mixture of regular bricks, Technic, and brackets in order to form a nice octagon shape.
Here we are on step 380:
LEGO Disney Castle 71040 price

After, let’s just say six hours (we lost track of time), we have completed the central keep. This includes the Mansard-style roof and the ornate window.

buy lego 71040

When you’re putting the tall central tower together, you’ll be faced with two different construction phases that feature some fine detailing and one piece of a clever upside-down building for the base of the side tower located near the pinnacle.

In the picture above (and below), to the right, do you see the golden spire at the top of the tower? This was pretty interesting to put together. It involved a sideways building using dark bricks and gold 1x1 round plates – it fit together nicely.

lego 71040 shop

In all, putting this together was a lot of fun – yes, there were some parts that were a headache to figure out, but once it took shape, we realized just how nice it was going to get – looking at the ending results, the complex techniques were well worth it. Personally, we were surprised to see some of the complex techniques in the official set, but no complaints here.  There were times when something looked odd and we could have swore it wasn’t going to work out, but then once something else was built onto it at a later stage, it became clear.

LEGO Disney Castle 71040 discount
While this was an enjoyable building experience, it was nothing like the Lego 60051 set, which didn’t require a whole lot of time, not like this one. This one right here was put together in different settings – it took a couple of days because of the “real world” work that needed put together. However, adding all of the hours up, in total, it probably took a little over 8 hours to put the model together.
 LEGO Disney Castle 71040 sets
If you need some inspiration, take a look at the final model right here:
 lego 71040
In the above picture, you can see the beautiful mosaic tile that we mentioned in the beginning of this review – do you see how neat the tile looks? As for the lighting, that is something that we cannot get over – it’s beautiful and is what really make the Disney castle stand out from the crowd. It’s not like the Lego 60095 set, which was simple and didn’t contain much.

As you see, the final model, once it is put together is purely stunning and it is huge. It is 47cm wide and stands 75cm high. Once you have the model put together, you’ll want to put it on display, there’s no denying that fact, but just make sure you have an open space that is big enough to put it.

When we put together Lego sets, there are some small things that have a tendency to give us a headache, and this one certainly wasn’t headache free. One of the minor things that really got to me was some of the “behind the scenes” elements that are on display – some of the Technic bricks could have been covered up. There’s also a panel that has three shields that spin – we feel they could have been in a fixed position. However, that is going a bit far and nitpicking on something that in all actuality has been beautifully designed.

We are aware that some Disney fans have wondered about the color choices in the central keep and from what we have researched, it’s true. The real castle in Florida contains an off-white shade, and not a white and tan version that we have here. However, if they were to make it an all-white build, the detail inside would have disappeared into the background and wouldn’t have stood out as much as it does right now.  We believe the tan color is the perfect solution as it brings more attention to the detail and makes it easy to see everything easily, even if you’re looking at it from a distance.


A Closer Look at the Miniature Figures

As we previously stated, this set right here includes five minifigs – you can see them in the picture below, standing there, greeting you into the castle. We feel that they are good additions to this set. There are probably some that would have preferred seeing different Disney Princesses in the set, but we feel they did a good job with including these five figures.

LEGO Disney Castle 71040

We were so busy focusing on the five Disney figures that we forgot all about the two little guards that are responsible for watching over the castle. Here’s a picture of the two little guys:

LEGO Disney Castle 71040 figures

The Parts

When we tell you that this castle contained A LOT of parts, believe us. Just by taking these parts alone, there’s more than enough to start your very own LEGO collection  - just add some wheels and basic bricks and you’ll be on your way to having everything you need. However, we wouldn’t want to see this beautiful castle go to waste like that.

While working through the different parts, two of my favorites were the rose, which we showed you in the picture above, and a really cute minuature book with the writing “Once Upon a Time” on it – the book has hinges, so it can open and close. We didn’t manage to get a picture of it, but it’s really cute.


71040 Cinderella’s Castle was a nice LEGO set and we had a lot of fun putting it together – we still have it put together on display for our guests to admire. Yes, the building process is long, but it really is worth every minute and shouldn’t be a problem if this is one of your hobbies. Regardless of your experience, you’re going to learn some new building techniques and tricks.

The resemblance to the original Disney Castle is pretty amazing and gives us a close up of the icon of Walt Disney World. If you like Disney, or just like castles in general, and enjoy building a big set, much like the Lego City, then this one is a must have.

We’re going to leave you off with a couple of pictures to look at:

LEGO Disney Castle 71040 

lego 71040

Don't forget to leave comment here with your idea and if you also build this lego 71040 set. Thanks you!



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