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LEGO Disney Frozen Arendelle Castle Celebration 41068 Disney Toy Review



Since its release in 2013, Disney’s blockbuster film Frozen has won the hearts of both children and adults across the globe. It is the current highest-grossing animated film of all time, the highest-grossing film of 2013, and the ninth highest-grossing film of all time. Directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, features the voices of Kristen Bell (as Princess Anna of Arendelle), Idina Menzel (as Queen Elsa of Arendelle), Josh Gad (as Olaf), Jonathan Groff (as Kristoff), and Santino Fontana (as Prince Hans). The film is about a princess who sets out on a journey together with an iceman and an animated snowman to search for her estranged sister, who isolates herself from their hometown of Arendelle after her ice powers go out of control. The film is inspired by the fairytale The Snow Queen, written by Hans Christian Andersen. The film has two sequels: The animated short Frozen Fever (released in 2015), and an official sequel coming out in 2019.


Lego’s own set of Frozen-inspired builds aren’t too bad either – In fact, these were the bestselling builds of 2015. In 2016, Lego managed to release two additional Frozen-themed sets, one of them being the Lego 41068 – Arendelle Castle Celebration.


The Lego 41068 falls under the Disney Princess line, as with all of the other Frozen-related builds. These are actually both amazing offerings for those who are still in the grip of Frozen fever and just can’t seem to ‘let it go’ (get it?).


The 41068 has over 477 pieces in total. The completed build measures over 27 centimeters high, 22 centimeters wide, and 13 centimeters deep. There are two minifigures included here.


Arendelle Castle Celebration was actually based after the aforementioned animated short Frozen Fever, and not from the original film. The short takes place just a couple of months after the original Frozen film, in which Queen Elsa plans to throw a surprise birthday celebration for her younger sister Anna, but gets struck with a nasty cold. This creates all sorts of chaotic scenarios thanks to Elsa’s ice powers, and her determination to make her sister’s party a huge success.

What’s ironic about the whole situation is that Elsa famously sings the line ‘the cold never bothered me anyway’ in the original film’s signature song. The Frozen Fever short was actually shown in theaters right before the 2015 live-action Cinderella movie, and is just an excellent short to watch overall if you or your children enjoyed the first film and want something to watch before the sequel comes out.


The first part of the 41068 is the sticker sheet. The sheet itself is a tad bit mangled, which is a shame – Lego needs to do something about this to prevent future sticker sheets from suffering the same situation, like placing it in between two pieces of cardboard for safety. These stickers come in a see-through decal type, and come in an excellent quality as compared to the standard paper sticker sheets. They also look nicer when you place them against the tiles.

The sheet contains over twenty-two stickers in total. This gears towards to higher side of things, but they’re so much more easier to place on the build. A lot of the stickers actually go on the tiles, and mostly come in a rectangular shape. Sticking them on isn’t too much of a chore, despite the high number of stickers included in the set. Children who want to place the stickers on the finished build should ask the help of an adult first.


It’s not a surprise to see which two minifigures come with the 41068 – The two main characters, Anna and Elsa themselves. Both of them wear gorgeous new clothes that suit the beautiful spring weather. Their dresses also have a lovely floral theme to them.


The Anna minifigure resembles her film counterpart. She dons a highly attractive dress in a baby blue color, with daisies printed right by the hem of her dress. Her torso also comes with a nice detail. Apart from the dress, she also wears a green vest without the cap sleeves, as well as a black and yellow top with flowers on it.

The expression on her face is the same as the one found in her minifigure counterpart from the Lego 41062 Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle build – With the exception of a brand new hairstyle that comes in a gorgeous set of braids all tied into one huge bun.

Meanwhile, her sister Elsa wears a rather interesting-looking dress that doesn’t even look like the one that she wears in the short. The overall design is pretty much the same – And even though it looks lovely on her, the color doesn’t match its on-screen counterpart. What’s seen in the build is a brilliant lime green gown that’s also decorated by colorful flower petals all over her dress and her chest area.

Elsa also dons a cape that’s filled with flower designs. You can actually flip the cape around, and it looks so much better when the flowers are shown outside instead of inside. Elsa also carries a huge staff (which, honestly, does resemble Loki’s Chitauri staff from the Lego Marvel series). This is a bit weird since she never carries a staff in both the short and the original film.

There were a couple of fans who had complaints about Elsa’s hair, saying that it was a tad bit too bright and blonde and not silvery enough, like in the film. Her hairpiece is just amazing, but it was indeed disappointing that Lego never gets her hair color right. Aside from the staff, Elsa is also equipped with a blue flame piece with tiny glittery specks on it. These are meant to represent her ice powers.

Olaf, the film’s comedy relief, is the third character that comes with the 41068. He is joined by three tiny Snowgies. His look is the same as the one in the Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle build. His face has a sharp printing, and sports an orange Unikitty horn for a nose.


The build officially begins with an assembly of small tables, all of which carry a huge double-decker birthday cake. This is meant to be Anna’s cake, obviously. The cake comes in bright colors, and looks the same as the one seen in the short. The table is also equipped with two crystal-clear goblets, as well as a cupcake platter. The two stools come with floral patterns on it, which you can put on courtesy of the stickers.

In the short, Elsa plans to give her sister as many presents as possible. There’s a gift box accessory with a stickered lid, and it’s got a ribbon solely for Anna.


One of the first things you’ll notice about Anna and Elsa’s hometown of Arendelle Castle is that there’s a huge amount of elements used for the roof, and most of them come in a gorgeous aqua shade. When seen from afar, the three pointy roofs mixed together with the opened windows give off the classic fairy tale vibe seen in most castles.

Meanwhile, the ground floor is filled with all sorts of fun and exciting birthday party details. You can also find a slide connected to one side of the castle itself. How cute!

Arendelle Castle contains the same elements found in Elsa’s Ice Castle, and this isn’t surprising at all – It’s a full façade with an exposed back that gives it the look and feel of a fancy Disney dollhouse. This is probably Lego’s own little way of trying to save piece counts, in order to keep the pricing of their builds low and affordable. However, the façade looks amazing as a display piece – Because technically, you’ll only be seeing the completed build from the front side.

As mentioned, the floor is littered with all sorts of birthday party decorations. There are balloons, an ice-covered entrance to the main door, which is also decorated with gorgeous zigzag-stickered Lego tiles.


Also found here are dozens of flowers surrounding the castle, especially on the window sills and the left border. This is a nice and subtle Springtime design look that stands out among all of the other spring-themed elements of the build.

And speaking of winter and spring, there are also several frozen fountains decorating the entrance of the castle itself. These decorations stand out amongst the rest. These come with two amazing translucent pieces that carry a beautiful gradient scheme to it, and are also decorated with sparkles and glitters.


The Lego 41068 is the biggest Frozen-themed Lego build so far. It’s a beautiful and highly impressive expansion into the whole Disney Princess theme, since it combines together the film’s most popular characters in different clothes with a good display model – It’s just a shame that the whole thing is bogged down by a rather expensive price. This build is so much more pricier than the Elsa Sparkling Ice Castle build, but still struggles to bring at least twice the value. However, the build still manages to get plenty of things right.

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