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LEGO Disney Princess Ariel's Undersea Palace 41063



Go right ahead and create some beautiful tunes with The Little Mermaid and her undersea friends! Dive in and get set to go in an underwater adventure, thanks to Ariel, her sister Alana, and her faithful companions Flounder and Sebastian the crab. You can help Ariel and Alana get set for an upcoming performance inside their dressing room, which contains a sofa and a vanity table. Then put on a breathtaking concert with the gang using a piano, a microphone, and a pair of maracas. Take a closer look at Ariel’s collection of pieces and bits from the human world inside her secret grotto, and take a splash across the waves with Flounder and a new dolphin friend.


Next, Ariel is set to enjoy some really tasty treats with her friends, and once the day is over, slide her through a trap door, make her go down the slide, and straight into a clamshell bed to finally escape to dreamland. The possibilities of a good adventure are endless. But first, you have to construct Ariel’s Undersea Palace first. Next up, it’s time to start playing! The set includes minifigures of Ariel, her sister Alana, Flounder the fish, Sebastian the crab, and a dolphin.


There’s also a palace that includes a secret grotto, a trapdoor with its own slide, a dressing room, as well as a clam shell that closes and opens. There’s also a clam shell bed. Accessories include a trident (most likely owned by King Triton), a piano, a microphone, a hairbrush, a map, a magnifying glass, a hairbrush, a cake, a lollipop, corals, a pair of glasses, a sea grass, decorative stickers, and shells. Don’t forget to help give Ariel, Alana, and Sebastian a show-stopping performance. And make sure the two ladies look absolutely gorgeous when you give them a makeover in the dressing room.


You can open up the trapdoor and have all four characters go down the slide. And of course, these four are always ready to go on plenty of adventures together. The Lego 41063 Ariel’s Undersea Palace build measures over 23 centimeters high (9 inches), 25 centimeters wide (9 inches), and twelve centimeters (4 inches) deep. The secret grotto build measures over 2 inches high (5 centimeters), 1 inch wide (4 centimeters), and 1 inch deep (3 centimeters).


The box looks mighty similar to the rest of the Lego Disney Princess builds. The box has its accompanying curved edges), and costs a total of around $40. The 41063 pretty much has a $10 price hike. The box also shows the set with its characters playing around it. An interesting detail here is that when you look at the top side of the box, only Ariel herself is available as the scale reference. When it comes to larger sets, Lego has the tendency to showcase the other characters, on all sides of the box – And that includes the top side. This is a very strange detail indeed.


Meanwhile, the backside of the box shows us the inside of the set, as well as a couple of additional views. There are also brand new details found in the box, which could probably shock a couple of Disney Princess fans. At the bottom right corner of the box, you will notice that Merida (from Disney’s Brave) is no longer included in the lineup. Elsa from Frozen is the new addition, and she’s willingly showing off her ice powers. Meanwhile, the rest of the characters in the princess lineup are just standing there.


The 1 x 4 x 4 cool yellow brick tiles with its accompanying pointed window is also an exclusive part of this particular build. There’s four of these tiles in the 41063, and you can find them throughout the entire set. Meanwhile, the 1 x 14 brick in yellow only makes its appearance in one other set. This is a transparent white brick with glitter dome piece, which you can find in one other set as well. The yellowish green and bright purple bricks are also new. It’s always so wonderful to be able receive a transparent purple cone covered in glitter. The picture located at the left side of the box is the additional pieces. Another exclusive brick is the long, cool yellow arch. The trapdoor makes its debut appearance inside a ‘girly’ Lego set, in pure white. The bright red and white swirl tile measuring 1 x 1 is also a rare piece of brick.


Alana wears a bright purple crown, and has a bright purple tail. Meanwhile, her torso is exclusive to this build only. The big, warm gold sea shell parts were also introduced here initially, and they have also made an appearance in the Lego Elves build. Alana doesn’t really look similar to her Disney counterpart. Her hair has to be tied up in a low bun and not loose and wavy, as her minifigure shows. Also, her color scheme is more of a combination of violet and lilac instead of a bright purple. And her eyes in the official Disney artworks are green and not blue. The accessories that she comes with are a constructed lollipop.


Flounder, Ariel’s fish companion, is back – And he looks cuter in this build compared to his previous iteration. Like his Disney version, he has a bright yellow color, bright blue fins, and green eyes. His mould is also similar to his animated counterpart – It even matches his chubbiness. Fans even praised the accuracy of his design.


The two sides of the build are attached with the help of a cool yellow archway. Roofing is also given to the left side – And it comes in a combination of three colors, namely warm gold, brick yellow, and reddish violet. The center area of the build has its own set of chairs and tables. The bright yellow-green seaweed that the center portion sits on builds the connection in the middle of the two areas. There’s also bright purple seaweed surrounding the dining and kitchen area gives it a nice touch. There’s a goblet found on the table – Which is weird, since technically, this is an underwater set. So what do Alana and Ariel drink? Water?


Meanwhile, right behind the table is a bar area, which includes a cake, yet another goblet, and, interestingly, a ketchup bottle. There’s nothing found in the bar. The bedroom portion makes use of the gigantic curved transparent pieces, where you also paste the stickers on. Much like the additional bits of seaweed for the build, this is a lovely addition in itself. The interior lacks detail, which is sad – It’s literally just a lamp stand and a bed. The lamp is comprised of a see-through yellow cylinder, a warm telescope, and a bright purple flower. So how come there aren’t two beds in this build? Where does Alana (or Ariel) sleep? On the ground? It’s still interesting how Lego only features one bed in most of their house build, despite the amount of figures.


There’s a tiny yellow arch that also makes its debut in this set. This piece remains exclusive in the build for the remainder of the year. Sebastian the crab also has an exclusive molding. The microphone, with its top gold half, is also another exclusive accessory in the 41063. The heart pieces show up in transparent blocks. This is probably the second color that they have been produced in. Like the Sebastian mold and the microphone accessories, these blocks are also exclusive. The yellow-green shaker is yet one more exclusive piece in the 41063, but there’s only one of them included.


Lego has pretty much done the same with the white sea shell parts in warm gold. They were also introduced in this build, but they have made an appearance in the Lego elves.

Sebastian makes his debut in this build – And it’s about time too. He’s filled to the brim with details, and even has tiny feet. A lot of people like the fact that he can hold items – It’s just unfortunate that he usually topples over whenever you get him to do so, unless he is attached to a stud. His main accessory is a bright yellow green shaker. However, he’s not balanced whenever he gets to hold an accessory or whatever else. There’s little doubt that Sebastian is the best part of the set.


The finished look of the palace doesn’t look that bad either – However, the color changes surrounding the model don’t blend too well either – Especially at the back. The palace looks just as big as Cinderella’s castle build, though, which is perhaps a good advantage.

The music stand located on the top left side makes up an entire room. The keyboard is a wonderful piece of equipment too, and gives the build additional character. Same goes with the microphone holder and the music sheet stand. The smaller seashell and transparent blue hearts located at the front side of the build are of the same purpose too.

These features look wonderful most of the time the Ariel and Alana figures land down on the bed. In front of the trapdoor is an open line which looks unfinished.

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