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LEGO Elves 41078 Skyra's Mysterious Sky Castle Building Kit Review



After seeing the Lego 41078 – Skyra’s Mysterious Sky Castle build for the very first time, fans were very much delighted and made plans to acquire it as soon as it was released in stores. Even though the 41078 is yet another addition in a long line of Lego Elves builds, it still includes the most important piece found in plenty of Lego Elves sets: The elemental keys. In particular, the Lego 41078 contains Naida’s water key. And not only that, the build also contains all four time blades – This is one of the reasons why the build stands out amongst the rest of the other Lego Elves sets.


So many fans have mentioned that the completed build looks gorgeous in the front side, but could use a bit of improvement at the back. One of the things that people enjoyed about the build was the integration of the various elements that came with the build, despite it looking less than perfect when completed. The air element, in particular, was particularly lacking a bit.


Meanwhile, the set of minifigures that came with the build were comprised of the lovely Skyra (obviously – this build was named after her after all), her pet Pegasus, Naida, and Emily.


During the time of its release, the Lego 41078 served as the penultimate set coming from the Lego Elves theme. It’s got over 808 pieces, and is priced at $79.99 (at least nine cents with every piece). Plenty of people have viewed this particular set with dozens of expectations, at least for a very short while, and have greatly admired the build’s beauty. Without any doubt, this set is just gorgeous thanks to its portal theme, the golden-winged Pegasus character, the mysterious characters, as well as the brilliant color palette.


The 41078’s box contains all of the elements you would normally find in the typical Lego Elves box – Namely, its blue leafy backdrop as well as a photograph of all the main characters in the series, which line up from the right side of the box, going all the way to the front. The boxes for this particular Lego set are just amazing, not to mention, very pretty to look at. Skyra’s Castle, in particular, stands in front of a gorgeous mountain range background, which has a painted lava flow.


Meanwhile, the backside of the box contains the standard Lego Elves map located beneath the feature photos.


Just one simple glance at the box’s design is probably enough to reel you in and convince you to purchase this set and start building it. The portal looks absolutely stunning, the castle itself is highly imposing, and switching the box over to its backside, you’ll be able to get a look and general feel of the dozens of playable features that come with the set itself. There are loads of mysterious sliding staircases surrounding the completed build, while the portal’s aperture can both be opened and closed – Presumably as a way to bring Emily and her friends home. There’s also a sliding water wall, along with a table that’s meant for the elves to have snacks with their friends before they jump straight into that portal. Maybe travelling through portal automatically makes you feel hungry.

After you have opened up the giant box, you will see that it’s filled to the brim with over seven numbered baggies. Also included is an instruction booklet and a sticker sheet, both encased in cardboard and plastic. The instruction book is a bit of a heavy one – And so much bigger than expected. This makes the entire build feel even more luxe than before.


A quick glance at the 41078’s bricks reveal that there aren’t any exclusive pieces found inside this set. However, you can still find some parts that are exclusive to Lego Elves builds, including the colored elemental keys.


The unique pieces found in the build are purple columns that surround the castle, giving it plenty of structure, not to mention a sense of royalty thanks to its rich purple color. There are ten of these columns in the set, and fans of the Lego Elves series are actually hoping that they make an appearance in other future builds from the same theme, because they truly are beautiful.


Another unique element here is the golden Pegasus wing. These pretty much look the same as the ones in the Lego 41077 Aira’s Pegasus Sleigh build, except they come in a silver color. There are plenty of ways you can use these wings for, aside from riding on horseback.


Aside from that, there are over 800 pieces found inside this build, all of which come in various shades – In both regular and ‘girly’ colors. The main color of the castle is the average Lego brick yellow. Other shades include bright reddish violet, bright yellowish green, lavender, and medium lilac accents scattered across the main build. There are loads of translucent pieces found here as well.

The set includes three minidolls – Namely Emily Jones, Naida, and Skyra, the lead star of the build. Skyra is perhaps the only minidoll in the build that’s completely unique to this set. Skyra’s figure looks gorgeous. She wears a white gown with golden accents on them. Her hairpiece comes in a shade of lavender that’s styled gorgeously in such a way that it suits the complexity of the cape that she wears. And speaking of which, the cape comes in a two-piece deal. It is composed of a white upper piece that fans around her head, while she also wears a long purple cape that is comprised of some sort of brand new and stretchy fabric. The material used for the capes are very nice and soft. Skyra’s accessories include a bejeweled staff in a golden hue.

Naida and Emily’s minidolls aren’t exclusive to the 41078 – Both of them are sporting the typical Year 1 gear, but they also have capes on. Emily’s accessory is a map.

The creatures that come with the build are an owl, and Skyra’a pet Pegasus. This Pegasus, appropriately named Golden Glow, is absolutely lovely. The winged horse’s body is truly unique in this build. Golden Glow has a golden tail and a golden mane, hence the name. The owl, meanwhile, is exclusive to the 41078.


Despite its lavish appearance, the Lego 41078 is easy and quick to assemble. The castle is pieced together after building small segments, and each one of these segments sports an elemental theme. The first part of the build is the Earth portion. This seems to look like a tiny vestibule which also serves as the main entrance to the portal itself, despite the fact that it isn’t attached to anything. The next part to construct is the central portion, which is mostly composed of flowers. It seems to be related to the Earth portion of the castle.

The second segment you have to build up is the Fire portion. This is actually the kitchen part of the castle, complete with a flaming stove with delicious cookies inside. There’s also a staircase found here, which looks similar to the one found in the Skyra’s Mysterious Staircase build. This staircase contains a play feature – You can also move the staircase to a certain position, although a couple of fans did find the whole thing annoying. The same feature could be found in the Lego 41054 Rapunzel Creativity Tower build. You can attach the bottom stair to the ground and prevent it from moving, with the help of a red 1 x 1 plate located beneath it. This holds the staircase and locks it into place. Right above the lava kitchen is a Throne room, letting Skyra get some much needed rest and relaxation.

The third segment is the Water section. This is naturally a spa room, and its main playable feature is a cascading wall of water. Found above the spa is the study room, where you can find a desk that holds a quill, as well as several letters. The owl creature is meant to carry the elves’ letters to their respective recipients.

All four segments are connected to each other and are all hinged as well, giving off loads of various looks. Constructing the castle in different parts really does help break up the entire build. This also makes the various parts of the castle accessible, in case you have a small child who wants to use the castle as a dollhouse.

The build all in all was totally underwhelming. Considering the sheer size and beauty of the box itself, so many expected it to be a bit larger, and probably more whimsical, like a Disney castle build. The little details are very enjoyable – But the fact that there’s a room dedicated to the four elements was just spectacular and ties together the entire first year of the Lego Elves theme nicely. But thanks to the way the portal is built, the backside of the castle is practically unusable as a play space, thanks to the ugly mechanics.

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