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LEGO Friends 41095 Emma's House Review



Lego 41095 is also known as Emma’s House – A part of the Lego Friends Series, target towards female builders. Emma is one of the main characters of the series, and this particular build deals with her and her family.


The front side of the box showcases the aforementioned house. Much like the other Lego Friends builds, it takes place inside the white picket-fenced suburbs of Heartlake City. The set box also includes some rather familiar purple flanges located on its sides, and the ribbon wave located on top. This just proves that the set does belong to the sub theme, and not the base theme of the build.


Found on the box is Emma, along with her dad Luis and her mom, Charlotte. Some people were actually surprised at how big the box is, but it’s packed with loads of content, and not just air.


Located inside the box are three instruction booklets, as well as a sticker sheet. Both of them are nicely packed with the aid of cardboard backing. There’s also seven bags of plastic bricks with numbers on them. There are 6 x 16 plates in a tan color, and 16 x 16 plates in Bright Green. Both of them are found loosely inside the box. The 3x tanned, 1x bright green, and 2x white baseplates measuring 16 x 6 as well as vine pieces are found in their own unnumbered baggies.

The front side of the three instruction booklets all contain a similar image as the build’s box. There’s also the inset that showcases the interior as well as the three individual mini-doll images. The sticker sheets carry a metallic sheen to them, and all of them seemingly have a mirror sticker on each. There have been mixed reviews regarding these types of stickers, since they’re so difficult to peel off.

The instructions themselves, meanwhile, are easy to follow. The parts are listed for each step.

Every instruction booklet features a different back cover. The back of the first one showcases an adorable shot of Emma, who tells us how we can win another Lego Friends set through a raffle. The second one shows the online apps for the Lego Friends set, as well as the corresponding online activities. And finally, the third one features an image of the brand new Lego Elves theme, which was still unavailable during the time this set was released.


There’s a decent amount of bricks that came with this box. The contents of the first bag are filled with lavender. There’s also a good selection of tiles, an azure bike, and a door in magenta. There’s also two of the three mini-dolls. Lavender is a pretty common color when it comes to this particular build. However, the 41095 marks the first time that we see lavender-colored bricks, apart from those log bricks that measure 1 x 2. The first bag of bricks includes lavender ones that measure 1 x 1, 1 x 2, 1 x 4, 1 x 2 x 5, and 1 x 8. There’s a whole lot of variety here, which is good.


One more unique brick in this build is the 1 x 6 magenta-colored brick. The build begins with the front entrance. Everything is obviously still bare during this stage – Nothing found on the inside of the house, as well as the garden.

Even though there’s a wonderful selection of parts found in this build, there were still a handful of things that did stand out – Such as the lime parrot character, who makes its second appearance in this build (its first appearance was in the Lego 41024 Parrot’s Perch build), the red bowl, and the bright green apple build. There’s nothing here that stands out or is clearly new or exclusive in this build, however.


A thing that people like about the front porch build was the fact that there were a bunch of stepping stones that led up to the build’s front door. The parrot’s perch even swivels, allowing you to send this cute character spinning around, if you want to do so. Emma’s house also contains a modernized flat-screen TV, despite the fact that the rest of her furniture carries a rather retro feel to it.


More lavender and magenta bricks are found in the third build. There’s also some nice retro-type windows that can add more character to your build. These parts comprise of the second half of the house’s ground floor. In particular, the box-framed windows look very nice. It’s also great how this fridge has been constructed right inside the house’s own frame.


This build is really filled with loads of furnishing pieces and plenty of accessories. The parts found inside the fourth bag are slightly eclectic, however, they do come together nicely to create a cute kitchen and dining area in the home, as well as the remainder of the garden.


There’s also an easel accessory which looks wonderfully done. The retro theme continues in the kitchen and the living room area. A lot of people like the medium azure standing lamp, which was created with the help of the new bluebell piece first seen in the Disney Princess Lego builds. There’s actually a clear error spotted in one of the instruction booklet, with the lamp’s stand showing up in a picture for step 26, then making a second appearance in the parts for step 27.


The ground floor should be done at this point. The fifth bag contains a third helping of magenta and lavender bricks. There are several large lavender-colored panels inside the bag, making it three panels in total. Panels are much more preferred here than bricks, however, there’s still several bricks included in the build despite the presence of panels. It’s not really surprising to see that the fifth bag of bricks contains the material for building the bathroom.


There are some nicely-boxed windows during this portion too, even though the tinier 4 x 3 windows do give off privacy for those who like to use the bathroom. The bathroom is found on the entrance.

The sixth bag is filled with lavender and magenta bricks, as you would have guessed. The amount of lavender bricks for this particular bag is quite impressive. The same bag also houses Charlotte, Emma’s mom. It also contains the material needed for Emma’s bedroom. Charlotte wears a nice hairpiece, which we can discuss later on.


Emma’s bedroom is a large one – Comprised of a small balcony with its set of sliding doors. There’s this assumption that Emma’s room is a small one, since it contains a single bed, and there’s a camera on top of the bed too. According to the box’s images, the remaining parts of the house that are left to build are the attic and a rooftop terrace. This begs the question: Where do her parents sleep?


If you take a look at the contents of the seventh bag, then you might think that this comes from a different build – It does not. The color schemes for the bricks are vastly different from the sea of lavenders and magentas. An odd addition here is the inclusion of rounded neon orange plates that measure 1 x 1. This makes plenty of sense when you’re planning to construct the barbecue for the house’s rooftop terrace.

The last step here is to position the vines in an arch passing across the gap in the fence. This finishes the house build.


And now we’re going to take a look at the minifigures: The first one is our heroine, Emma. She wears a medium lavender top in lavender, which is decorated with flowers. Emma has previously worn this bright light blue skirt in the Lego 30112 Flower Stand polybag build, as well as the Lego 41058 Heartlake Shopping Mall build. Her friend and fellow Lego Friends build, Mia, has worn a similar-looking skirt in the Lego 41015 Dolphin Cruiser build. Another character, Olivia, also has the same skirt in the Lego 41003 Newborn Foal build.

Emma’s mom, Charlotte, wears a magenta-colored skirt with a sandy green belted top. It’s not hard to see where Emma inherited her amazing sense of style. Even though the skirt looks the same as the one that Anna, Olivia’s mom, wears in the Lego 3315 Olivia’s House build, as well as Mrs. Steven’s own skirt from the Lego 41005 Heartlake High build, it’s the first time that we are seeing the skirt in a magenta hue, and with a different accompanying shoe print. Charlotte’s hair looks fabulous, as mentioned earlier. It’s got a rather glossy and hardened style to it. This type of hairstyle has been seen before in a light bluish gray hue, and a lighter bright yellow for Lego’s own Collectible Minifigures set. But this is the first time that we have seen it in brown.

Luis, Emma’s dad, wears a new face, a hairpiece, and torso. His pants looks similar to Matthew’s own in the Lego 41036 Jungle Bridge Rescue, as well as the ones in the Lego 41040 Advent Calendar build.

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