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LEGO Friends 41101 Heartlake Grand Hotel Building Kit Review



Each week, we enjoy checking out the Lego news, because you never really know what you’re going to find – it seems as if something new is always popping up. Our favorites include the Lego city sets and Lego Star Wars Sets, but from time to time, we push thes to the side and try something new. Not too long ago, we stumbled across the 41101 Lego set and liked it so much that we decided to give it a try. This is nothing like the Lego 71040 (the Disney castle), but it’s still exciting ….

Inside the Box:

The box art shows the finished model. When you flip the back of the box over, you’ll find a cool play function that isn’t obvious from the front of the box.

Here’s a picture of the box:



Here’s a picture of the stuff from inside the box:



The 41101 Heartlake Gran Hotel is based in the Friends Brick community, and it is a super huge and cute Lego set. This set brings 1552 pieces, and even though it is designed for kids from 8 to 12 years old, everyone can have fun with it. This Lego set features a beige, purple, lavender and golden three-story grand hotel. This hotel is totally amazing and huge, it features a lot of things, and there is no better way to start this review than by talking about these features. The order of these features will be from first floor towards third floor:

The first feature of this hotel is the entrance – a little stair with a red carpet on it that gets to a glass revolving door. This revolving door is great because it does revolve! After entering the hotel, you will find a great chandelier hanging from the roof, and it looks like it is made of emeralds. Then you will get to a luxurious hotel lobby where you will see just at the right of it the reception with a check-in area. In this check-in area you can find two keys hanging from the wall, three watches showing worldwide hours, a computer with the program where the receptionist can see which rooms are available, a newspaper and a postcard. At the left of the entrance you will find the café. In the column that is in front of the café there is a menu where you can choose what do you want to eat or drink. The café itself looks like a self-service area because there is no one managing it – you just go and choose whatever you want.


You will find in the café a dispenser, a drinks machine, a piece of cheese, a croissant, a pretzel and other items. Just beside the café you can find the mini bar which features four chairs and the table with some items. You can put in front of the entrance door the jazz section. It features an incredible grand piano and a saxophone on its side, and a little stage with a microphone. You can put a mini-doll to play the piano or the saxophone, and another mini-doll singing. Behind the check-in area you can find something you may not be able to recognize from the outside: an elevator! This grand hotel has an elevator that goes up and down from the top floor to the bottom one. The only bad thing about the elevator is that there is no door in any of the three levels of the hotel that separates the level from the elevator. You can put Nate – the bellboy – wherever you want to: at the entrance of the lobby or in front of the elevator with its luggage car. There are some furniture that can be put outside the hotel lobby as if it were a patio area. You will find a fountain there, a table with four chairs, two fences, and a snack car.

Here’s a picture of some of the stuff:


Now, let’s go to the second floor. The second floor features two rooms: the bigger one which is right next to the elevator, and a smaller one. At the left part of the hotel you will find the smaller room with a single bed on it, a television above the bed – on the right wall – and a painting on the left wall. You can access the balcony of this room which is separated by a glass wall. In the middle of the second level you will find a bathroom which seems to be shared between both rooms. There is a shower, a toilet and a robe hanging outside the bathroom. Finally, you can see the bigger room at the right part of the level – just beside the elevator. This room has a double bed, a chair, and in the corner a table with a lot of make-up items such as a hairbrush, a perfume and a lipstick. There is another glass door that leads to the balcony. The only thing that can be improved in this level is that there is no door: no bathroom door and no door separating both rooms.

The third level features a swimming pool where you can put the mini-dolls. There is a section that looks like a juice bar. You have as well a big umbrella and a sun lounger where the mini-dolls can get relaxed. There is also a speaker that seems to be hanging from the elevator column. You will see as well a higher level with a DJ booth where you can put a mini-doll to mix some music. Above all this, you can see a red flag with a golden pole. This flag gives a more luxurious and elegant touch to the Heartlake Grand Hotel.

The 41101 Lego set brings 5 mini-dolls – two of them work at the hotel, and three are going to the hotel to have fun: Andrea, Stephanie, Susan, Nate and Olivia. Andrea is the mini-doll with the black hair, white blouse and beige skirt. Stephanie is the blond mini-doll with green bikini top and a magenta skirt. Susan is the mini-doll with brown hair. She is Andrea’s aunt, and she is the one who runs the hotel. She wears a red uniform with golden stripes – golden details printed in a very good quality – and red shoes. Nate is the bellboy, and just like Susan, he wears a red uniform with golden stripes, red hat and black shoes. An amazing feature Nate has is that you can take off his hat and put a black hair piece on its head. Olivia is the brown-haired mini-doll with the pink blouse with a small red heart printed on it, and a purple skirt.

Other feature the 41101 set brings is a black taxi. This taxi has some purple stripes. The wheels of the taxi can turn, so it is not an unmovable item, you can play with it. In this taxi you can put four mini-dolls – the four girls, or the three girls and Nate. Something everybody loves about this taxi is that it has an opening trunk – you can put a suitcase of the girls inside it. Because doors do not open, if you want to put the mini-dolls inside the taxi you have to pull the roof of the taxi off. Actually the taxi without roof looks amazing because it looks like a convertible truck you can use to go to the beach or to have some fun while traveling around.

Here’s a picture of the taxi:


The last features of this set are the pets. The 41101 Lego set brings a dog and a cat – a white poodle and a grey cat. You can put them wherever you want – on the suits of the mini-dolls, in the lobby, in the patio area or in the third level near the pool.

Lego Building Instructions

This Lego set brings 2 books: a small one with Lego instructions about how to build the peripheral model, and a 263-pages huge book that explain with a lot of details how to build the other cool features the Heartlake Grand Hotel brings. The 41101 also brings a lot of stickers you can put on all the three levels.

Here’s a picture of the instruction booklets:


The 41101 price can be considered a little bit expensive, but there is no doubt that its price is more than reasonable and affordable if you think on all the features this set has.

An amazing factor everyone loves about this set is that you can play with the order of the rooms. Instead of putting the bigger room beside the elevator, you can put the smaller one there and the bigger room at the left, or you can put the bigger room in the second level beside the elevator, the smaller room above it – in the third level – and create a fourth level with one of the parts of the original third level. If you do that you can put the pool or the juice bar on the second floor beside one of the suites. The only problems about this is that the elevator function now would be a little bit different- it could have a new fourth level that the elevator will not reach – and that aesthetically is does not seem as balanced as the original order of the levels. But, the idea here is to have fun and to let your imagination fly, so you can put the rooms in whatever order you want to.

There is no doubt that everyone will get to love this set, whether it is a kid who plays with it, a teenager or an adult Lego lover. This set is super amazing, super complete and super huge. You will spend tons of hours having fun while building, re-building and playing with it. There are several Friends Bricks Lego sets, so you can create a whole big city with a lot of places to go to. You can make these friends have their vacation of their life and enjoy a great time at the Heartlake Grand Hotel Lego set. If you’re looking for something a bit more different, we recommend the Lego 75054, Lego 60095 and Lego 76023 sets.

With that, we’re going to leave you with the following picture:



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