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LEGO Friends Adventure Camp Tree House 41122 Review



Beginning March 2016, Lego has released a whole slew of brand new builds from the Lego Friends series, including the Lego 41122 Lego Friends Adventure Camp Tree House build. In here, the main characters from the Lego Friends series are being transformed into bona-fide superheroes.


We enjoyed building the Lego 3065 Olivia’s Treehouse set, which was released in 2012. But this time, the treehouse featured in this build is a tad bit larger than the one found in past Lego Friends builds. This set is only a small part of the Lego Friends Adventure Camp sub-theme, which also includes the following: The Lego 41120 Adventure Camp Archery build, the Lego 41121 Adventure Camp Rafting, the Lego 853556 Lego Mini-doll Campsite Set, and lastly, the Lego 30398 Adventure Camp Bridge build.


The Lego 41122 is the biggest one out of all the current builds. it’s got a total of 700+ parts, as well as a price point of $69.99.


Found inside the box is a single instruction book, along with a tiny sticker sheet. The set includes three kinds of mini-dolls. Two of them are characters from the Lego Friends series, Emma and Stephanie, as well as Joy, the camping instructor. The three ladies all don comfy and practical outfits, since they’re all set to take part in several activities held around the camp.


Emma is clad in a sleeveless magenta hooded top and blue shorts with yellow sneakers. Meanwhile, Stephanie wears a purple skirt, paired up with a khaki shirt.

Joy, the camping instructor, wears a really lovely outfit – Perhaps the best one out of all three. She’s got on a purple zip-up top worn on top of a yellow shirt, and cropped khaki-colored pants. This is partnered with pink and purple trainers. Joy’s blonde hair also comes in a new shade of yellow, which looks similar to the Rapunzel hair element.

Accessories include three pink helmets made for the mini-dolls to wear in case they have to participate in extreme sports activities.

You can also find two cute animal characters in the 41122 – A pet eagle named Elvis, and a cute little fox. The fox carries the same mold as Flamy, another fox character from the Lego Elves series. The fox in 41122 could also be used in non-Lego Friends builds, so Flamy gets to have a new pal.


The build begins when you start constructing the base of the camp house. The base is split in two plates measuring 8 x 16, which both come with hinges and can even be clipped together. The walls come in a reddish-brown hue, that gives off the impression that it’s a log cabin. Meanwhile, you can also find accents of lavender and medium flesh tones. The fence pieces and pillars, both in lavender, throw in a wonderful contrast to the muted natural colors of the build.


Found inside are giant arch pieces in the same reddish-brown color. These are utilized to support the floor, or the next level of the build. They were designed to look like timber beams, which is a wonderful feature that befits the building’s lodge style.


Since this is a Lego Friends set after all, there are plenty of furnishing details found inside the treehouse. This includes a lamp made from a medium-sized azure bowl, a book about birds and eagles, a magenta-colored couch, a tiny kitchen area that has a fridge, a sink, a stove, and a map. It seems like the girls like dining at the decking area, which has a picnic table nearby.

There’s another set of stairs that goes up to the second floor of the build. The mini-dolls can utilize the purple slide to go downstairs, if they wish to do so. We don’t really like the fact that Lego used slides in their recent Friends builds (like the Lego Frozen Arendelle Castle Celebration build) since they do tend to become outlandish – Especially in a completely realistic setting, such as a campsite and a treehouse. But they seem to have an additional playable feature that kids have enjoyed.

There’s a tree that grows out from the second level of the build. This comes with the same red-brown arches and dark brown arches, as well as slopes that surround a stack of bricks measuring 2 x 2. These are all highly robust and sturdy, so the completed build could most likely withstand so much playability without splitting into little brick pieces. The same level also includes the girls’ sleeping area, with simple beds as well as a basic hinged roof. If you happen to run out of those 1 x 2 flame-yellow or orange cheese slopes, then the Lego 41122 is the perfect build for you, since it contains over 42 of these pieces, with most of them being used to decorate the roof section.

You can reach the third level when you climb right up a flexible vine accessory, which comes in a new green shade. There’s an observation platform located beneath the shade of the tree’s own boughs, which also serves as Elvis the eagle’s resting spot. You can also find a nice tire swing in the same area. At first, we were a bit skeptical regarding this segment since we weren’t so sure that it was one of the build’s playable aspects. Good thing we were proven wrong – You can place a mini-doll in there and have them use the swing to their heart’s content.

Going back to the first floor of the build, you will find a tiny platform if you want to access the slide. There’s also a ladder that goes up to the wobbly bridge challenge. We really do enjoy how everything is all joined together, and that the access just goes from one spot to another, since this makes the whole thing so much easier for you to create a storyline featuring the build, and gives the set a bit of coherence in it.

Right across the medium azure stream, located far away from the camping site, is a waterfall surrounded by a rocky outcrop. There’s a light blue-grey BURP which is slightly hidden with transparent light blue and green bricks. Both shades are meant to tone down the amount of grey here. You can also find strategically-placed flowers around the build, giving it a nice detail.

One of the things we like about the waterfall is that it’s not just comprised of a huge 1 x 2 x 5 brick, as is most often the case with plenty of builds with the same concept, but it still carries a good height. In fact, it’s even got an MOC level of detail to the whole thing. It’s also pretty neat that the same rocky area contains a cave that just passes right through it. Once again, you – Or anyone with a vivid imagination, really – Could create yet another imaginative storyline thanks to the segment. Maybe the girls can search for some hidden treasure here.

The top side of the crag can be reached through two methods – By crossing the bridge, or by climbing up a rocky wall, which contains a mixture of hand and foot-holds that the mini-dolls can use. If you can reach the top and finish the obstacle course in the fastest time, then you can win a trophy.



This set is completely enjoyable and we couldn’t find anything wrong with it. All of the characters wear really cute outfits, and Lego has finally chosen the right animals to be included in the build. However, we were slightly disappointed that a brown bear character wasn’t able to make an appearance here, but it’s a good thing that he is present in the other Lego Friends camping sets. There are loads of other playable features found here, and it’ll surely keep your kids busy for hours on end, inventing brand new stories for the three main characters.


One of the better features in the build is the durability of the completed set. It’s pretty much self-contained – There aren’t any complex mini-builds, and everything is all joined together in a very secure and solid way. We love all of the subthemes in the Lego Friends camping series, and we are definitely excited to obtain the rest of the builds, so we can create an even larger scene here. Maybe Lego can add in even more green and azure bricks and plates, so that it creates a bigger meadow and riverside area too.

Even though the Lego 41122 isn’t one of our most-coveted sets even after seeing the photos of the build, we think that this is still one of the biggest contenders for Lego’s best set of 2016, especially in regards to its playability and great design. We most likely would have loved this set as kids, and we really do like it as adults. You really can’t go wrong with most of these builds, no matter if you purchase it for the parts, or for playtime. You can get the 41122 in the Lego Friends section of the official Lego Website.

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