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LEGO Friends Dolphin Cruiser Yacht 41015 review



Summer has finally arrived in Legoland, and what better way to enjoy the warm summer heat than by going on a cruise? Lego’s ever-popular Lego Friends line has released a couple of beach-themed and summer-themed builds throughout the years. However, they have yet to bring out a ship build. But this is about to change thanks to the Lego 41015, also known as the Dolphin Cruiser. The 41015 is quite literally, the flagship set of the whole Lego Friends set. It was highly anticipated when it was first released in 2013.


The build contains 600+ pieces with three minidolls. It’s a fairly inexpensive set, costing around $70 when you get it from your nearest toy store.


The box for the build is a pretty big one, not to mention, wide. Lego Friends’ signature purple frame is present around the box, along with the indented side edge, found in nearly every Lego box. It also bears the same current illustration of the five main characters located in the upper right corner. The main highlight of the box art has got to be their depiction of the fully-assembled cruiser passing by the shore, and the five friends having fun by the beach. As you can already tell, this is most likely one of the European boxes that don’t contain too much text, as compared to their American counterparts. Not much information is found regarding this set, aside from the selected age range and the set number. There’s also a statement that informs the owner that the fully-assembled ship doesn’t float when placed on top of water. This could be a disappointment for several owners, especially first-time ones – But this is pretty much common sense if you’re a Lego owner.


Apart from the set number and the Lego Friends logo, there’s not much information found on the top side of the box, with the exception of the minidolls’ pictures. Their names aren’t even mentioned here – But one of the main five girls, Mia, has her picture featured measuring at a scale of 1:1. For those who aren’t familiar with the whole Lego Friends concept, don’t worry too much – The girls’ names are stated right in front of the box. We can guess that here lies the difference between the European Lego box and the American one – The European tends to focus more on photographs instead of words




The backside of the box has a photograph that features the top side of the ship, which you can remove to show off the interior. There’s plenty of small panels as well that showcase a couple of scenes which you can reenact or play out with the help of this set. There are several pictures that tell you plenty of details about the set itself, much like any other Lego Friends set. This includes the amount of bags, the number of parts that come with the mini dolls, and the accessories that they come with. We’re slightly wishing that other Lego sets would have this amount of information too. It sure looks like the five characters for Lego Friends are really having loads of fun while on vacation.



It seems like the pictures and information found at the back of the box were correct! There are five numbered brick bags that come with the 41015 as well as two instruction manuals. Also included are a tiny sticker sheet, and loose parts like the water slide, boat hulls, and flex tubes.


The first page of the instruction manual gives you a demonstration of a minidoll constructing a set one step at a time. We think this part of the manual is adorable. It’s a wonderful Friends version of the minifigure found in most Lego City-themed manuals doing the same thing. The pages all come in a pastel purple color, and clear part call-outs. Each page has also been marked with an odd page number, with a shadow of a heart and butterfly.


At the end of the second manual, you will now know where to find all of the summer-themed builds around Heartlake City. We think this information is pretty neat, and would like to see something this detailed in other Lego builds. There are lots of nice photographs as well, and pictures of the completed Dolphin Cruiser. There are also summer sets that you can purchase from your nearest Lego store or toy store. Lego has clearly placed so much effort when it comes to this build, and know exactly what their female audience wants.


The Lego 41015 comes with lots of notable pieces. Some of these pieces have medium azure shades, including the skis. The skis were previously exclusive to the Lego Friends advent calendar in this color, before this build came along. There are also hair accessories in dark purple tones – These only show up in the Pet Salon set. Other pieces come in shades not normally found in the average Lego set, including 1 x 2 tiles in magenta, 1 x 2 tiles in lavender, and 1 x 1 tiles in orange. There are a bunch of new molds here too, such as a curved slope measuring 1 x 2 x 2. There’s another 1 x 2 plate that has a clip found in the middle of one side.


The build has its own array of printed pieces too, including the ice cream cone, which made its debut in the Heartlake City Pool build with its accompanying Ice Cream Stand polybag. Another printed piece for this build is the pink life preserver tile, as well as the orange juice box brick measuring 1 x 1. The orange juice brick has made its appearance in several other Lego Friends builds. And lastly, there’s the smartphone accessory. With these accessories, you might think that the technology used in Lego Friends builds is more advanced as compared to the ones in Lego City.


There are three minidolls that come with the 41015 – Two girls and a boy. The two girls are two of the five main characters in the Lego Friends line, namely, the aforementioned Mia and a new character, Maya. Maya wears a cherry blossom-print shirt, and has long black hair which suggests that she is of Asian descent, but we can’t be too sure. Maya sports the same hairstyle that Stephanie, another Lego Friends character, currently has. Maya also has the same legs as Isabella, yet one more character in the series.

The boy minidoll is called Andrew, and it’s actually quite refreshing to see a boy minidoll included in a Lego Friends build since they’re so rare. He contributes gender diversity in Heartlake City. Andrew is wearing a surfer-themed hairpiece, as well as a blue shirt that has a tiny sailboat on it. All three minifigures do not contain back printing.


There are two dolphin companions included in this build too (it’s not called the Dolphin Cruiser for nothing). There are two dolphins included in the set, in light blue and sand blue. These two were meant to be rounder and smaller than the dolphins from the Paradisa set. The two dolphins also have two anti-studs located on their tails and stomachs, so you can freely pose them as if they’re leaping out of the water or lying on a high surface. You can also stick them on a pole. The fins have a uniquely-designed shape, so you can take one of the minidolls and attach them together. You can plug the blowholes on top of their heads with bows, as well as other accessories.

The first bag contains the Mia and Andrew minidolls, one of the dolphins, and portions made for building the jetski and the boat’s base. The second bag contains the other dolphin, the bricks for the ship’s interior, and the Maya minidoll.


The ship’s beds and sofa are already molded to the ground by at least 2 x 2 rounded plates, so it’s much easier for you to place them in and take them out if you want. The third bag mostly contains bricks, needed to finish off the lower side of the deck. Plenty of white and tan bricks are used in the build – Almost as if this build isn’t even a part of the Lego Friends set.


We start off the build using the jetski. The build in itself is both simple and fast, but it looks really nice in the end. There are clips found on the sides of the jetski.


The fourth bag has all of the pieces you need to complete the second story of the boat. Once you have managed to place together all of the parts, the Dolphin Cruiser begins to look like an actual ship. The fifth bag has the bricks needed for the upper deck. The bricks here all come in pastel hues like blue and lavender.


After it’s been built, you might notice that the Dolphin Cruiser doesn’t look overly feminine and has an impressive look to it. The general design makes it look more luxurious, not to mention, modern.

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